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What's Happening in DTS

Duplicate Subscriptions Evaluation

A project to evaluate duplicate subscriptions as candidates for cancellation and or conversion to online format has been completed. Well over 1800 subscriptions were considered and over 904 were cancelled and 447 were converted to online. A savings of over $300,000 was realized.

Electronic Resource acquisitions and assessments

DTS is moving to electronic……Everyone in the department is getting involved in electronic resources, either in their acquisition, management and or assessment. Licenses are being entered into our 360 EMRS for easy reference and usage data is being collected in the 360 Counter product for well over 300 databases. We are supplying data to selectors for evaluation of the resources. It is an exciting change and challenge for everyone.

Encumbered & Not Paid

At this time the cry from the Budget Office is "Show me the money!!" We interpret that to mean "please evaluate subscriptions that have been encumbered and not paid to determine how much of our allocations will be spent out this year and more importantly, approximately how much will not be spent". These residual funds can be used to prepay some of the following years subscriptions, pay unexpected expenses and much, much more. We are in the process of evaluating these thousand or more subscriptions and hope to be done at the end of May.

Weeding and then some

It must be spring because there is weeding being done everywhere. DTS is currently involved in many projects to transfer or weed large collections.

Some of these projects are:
Alexander Reference transfer and weed
Alexander to Kilmer Business transfer and weed
LSM Reference Weed
Douglass Transfer and Weed
Music Transfer and Weed


The amount of holdings work resulting from the weeding/transfer projects is very significant. Also, it is important to coordinate the projects and make sure we are applying the appropriate policies and decisions to the right project. Therefore a SWAT Team (for lack of a better word) was created , all members have expertise in holdings work . The team functions similarly to the Serials Team. Members are Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Jamie Maguire and Melody Tomaszewicz. An email address for this team will be created and announcement s will be sent shortly.

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