Microform Machine Troubleshooting

If a patron is having difficulty with a machine please refer to the corresponding machine number below for information on how to fix an error on that particular type of machine.

Minolta RP 606Z and 605Z: machine #s A50, A54, 58, 59, 60, 61

Canon Scanner 800 (w/ computer): machine #s 9, 10, 55, 56, 57

Canon Scanner 400: machine #s A51, A52, A53

Opaque Viewer: machine #19

Minolta RP 606Z: machine #s A50, A54, 58, 59, 60, 61



Machine wont turn on

The side door that opens to access printer/toner must be closed all the way.

Paper jam* <(blinking P on panel)



machine #s A50 and 59 use size 8 x 14 paper

machine #s A54, 58, 60, and 61 use size 8 x 11 paper

Make sure metal spring tab/clip has been place above newly loaded paper in printer.

Cant load film/fiche**



machine #s 58 and 60 read both film and fiche

machine #s A50, A54, and 59 read only film

machine # 61 reads only fiche

Machine must be turned on in order to load film or fiche.

Load button does not work

Try loading film manually.

Blinking L1 on panel

Lens is not adjusted properly.

Blinking C on panel

Indicates a problem we cannot fix.

N or P on control panel is lit up


Canon Scanner 800 (w/ computer): machine #s 9, 10, 55, 56, 57



P0 in display

Remove paper jam.

P1 in display

Remove paper jam.

P2 in display

Remove paper jam (2 sheets).

L1 in display

Add paper to printer.

L2 in display

Toner cartridge needs to be changed or it is not installed correctly.

L4 in display

Make sure printer cover is closed.

L5 in display

Halogen lamp has either burned out or it is not installed correctly.

L7 in display

Copy card is not present or copy card has run out of money.

L8 in display

Wrong paper size is in printer tray.

L9 in display

Printer needs to be turned on.

Screen brightness is uneven or too dark.

Check lens to make sure it is clean and securely installed.

Focus and Zoom functions dont work.

Take out lens and put back in to make sure it is securely installed.

Machine wont turn on.

If the power button on front of machine doesnt work try the main power button that is located underneath table to left in front of printer.

Cant load fiche.

The microfilm loading mechanism needs to be pushed all the way towards the back of the machine in order to be able to pull out the fiche reading mechanism.

More to come w/ addition of new machines


Canon Scanner 400: machine #s A51, A52, A53



Bad print-outs or it wont print.

Make sure printer cartridge has been installed correctly.



Opaque Viewer: machine # 19

Bad focus.

Push focus knob in/out and turn manually to adjust focus.



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