Double Barcoding

1. Place the original barcode in the top center of the inside back cover of the bound volume. Place the matching 'DUPL' barcode (barcode with line drawn through it) in the space on the inventory sheet.

NOTE: the NON-DUPLICATE and DUPLICATE paired barcodes for each discrete volume MUST have identical barcode numbers.

2. Record proper volume, number, year, index and/or supplement information from spine into the "V./yr. etc." space on the inventory sheet

Important things to be aware of while Double Barcoding

Some volumes may already be barcoded even if you don't see one on the back cover. They may be on the top center of the backside of the last printed page. Please double check!

When you run into volumes that have already been barcoded, compare that barcode to the item line that appears in the print-out, if they match you would write that barcode in the space.

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