Procedures for Shelving Newspaper Overflow

We have set up 6 sections of shelves #17 to #21 in the back of the reading room against the wall. This way you do not have to check the top of cabinets to see where we've put the latest reel of film for newspapers that have run out of space in the drawer. Those newspapers that are replaced by microfilm and have no room in the microfilm drawer will be placed on these shelves. We are shelving them by title. A list has been typed up and is available at the front desk with the newspapers that are on these shelves. In the drawers you will see a tag directing you to the shelves. There are also some collections that are being shelved on the other side of the room against the window. The section is #29 & #31. These collections are not in any drawers.

So, if you are re-shelving any reels of film, pay close attention to the titles so that you do not just put them in a drawer where you see a space, but that you check the dates to see if these reels need to be placed on the overflow shelves. If new microfilm has been received, and that title is already on the list of overflow titles, then you do not even have to go to the drawer, just go to the overflow shelf. Please do not just put the film on the shelf, make sure it is shelved correctly by title. If it is a new title and there is no room in the drawer, please make a tag (I have samples to follow) and put that in the drawer directing patrons to go to the overflow shelving for the film.

Thank you for your cooperation

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