Services provided by the Current Periodicals & Microforms Desk

The primary responsibility of the Desk staff is to assist library users of the Current Periodicals and Microforms Collections. This includes the use of systems and machines for these collections. We should not duplicate service offered at other library service points. In many instances we will be directing users to other service points. Our objectives are:

Service Policy: Scope and limits of staff responsibility at the Current Periodicals & Microforms Desk.

Library users ask all manner of questions. If you are unable to answer a question or request refer to a supervisor or send the patron to Reference. We expect you to be able to use IRIS to determine whether and issue of a journal has been received and to understand holdings information on IRIS. In NO case however, should any staff member say that Rutgers does not have a title. If you cannot tell where an item is located at Rutgers, referral to Reference is essential. If the Reference Desk is closed, provide the patron with Reference Desk hours.

We provide general information, limited to the following areas:

Hours - for all libraries and all Alexander Library Departments.
Directions - within Alexander Library and to all Rutgers facilities.
Distribution of any library guides which may be useful.

Questions beyond these areas should be referred. If you are unsure of where to refer the user, send them to the Information Desk in the main lobby to help find what they need.

Examples of appropriate questions to be answered at the Current Periodicals & Microforms Desk are:

Where are your journals?
Is there a copier on this floor?
Do you have a copy of the Star Ledger from 1980?
Where can I get change?
Where is reel 52 of Early American Newspapers?

Examples of questions which CPM Desk staff should not answer are:

Where is a regular encyclopedia?
I'm writing a paper on capital punishment and I need some sources. Can you help me?

Manner of Service Provision

As a Current Periodicals & Microforms Desk assistant you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner whenever you are on duty.

Appropriate conduct:

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