NB Collection Services Department RUL Attendance Guidelines

These guidelines are to help staff understand how the University's Time policies will be applied in the work environment. They will answer some of the most commonly asked questions. If there are any questions or situations that have not been answered by this document please let your site administrator know so that they may help you understand the University's Time Policies and update these guidelines as needed in a changing work environment.

Work Schedules:

Everyone has a specified work schedule. Unionized employees work 35 hours per week. APS (non-exempt) work 37 ½ hours per week. If for any reason you need to adjust your permanent schedule, you must request the adjustment through the site administrator. Work schedules and adjustments are dependent upon departmental needs.

Time Sheets:

The biweekly time sheets must reflect your actual work schedule, i.e. actual arrival, lunch, and departure times. They must be kept indefinitely in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The time sheets are to be given to the site administrator every two weeks on payday. This information is then transferred to the permanent Staff Absence Record.

The permanent Staff Absence Records are completed monthly by the site administrator and initialed by the staff member. At the end of each fiscal year, the Staff Absence Records are submitted to the RUL Human Resources Department.

Time Off:

Vacation, Administrative Leave**, and Personal Holidays:

Site administrators need 1-2 days notice for the use of personal time and 1-2 weeks notice for vacations of one or more weeks. Each employee must allow for coverage and/or backup for their major responsibilities, information desk coverage, and students who assist them. All requests will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.

Sick Time:

According to the University's Time Policy, sick time can only be used when a staff member is unable to work due to an illness. Therefore, sick time cannot be used for Doctor's appointments.

Sick Leave:

If a staff member is unable to come to work because emergency attendance is needed for a member of the immediate family, that time is to be taken as sick leave (SL). No more than 5 sick leave days can be taken each fiscal year.

Compensatory Time:

Compensatory time is only awarded to staff members who are requested by the department to work hours exceeding their regular work week. Unionized employees are entitled to compensatory time at a 1 ½ hourly rate exceeding their 35 hour week and a monetary compensation at a 1 ½ hourly rate exceeding 40 hours per week. APS (non-exempt) employees are entitled to compensatory time at a 1 ½ hourly rate exceeding their 37 ½ hour week.

Special Circumstances:

Library Wide and Departmental Functions:

All library wide and departmental functions are considered to be excused time. If you choose not to participate you are still working under your regular work schedule. These functions include office/library wide lunches, picnics, and parties. Training sessions, including continuing education, are also considered excused time. Participation in these training sessions are dependent upon departmental needs and must be cleared with the site administrator at least 1-2 days in advance. Compensatory time is not awarded for training sessions that exceed the normal work day. Employees must make adjustment, as necessary, with the approval of the site administrator.

Inclement Weather:

The University has an inclement weather policy. If the University, Library or Department closes for inclement weather, that time is excused. Any other absences are to be charged to personal time.


Emergencies are considered to be unforseen and unplanned events resulting in the inability of a staff member to work and will be charged as sick, sick leave, vacation, administrative leave or personal holidays depending upon the nature of the emergency.

Other Circumstances:

Circumstances that are not addressed in these guidelines must be discussed with the site administrator before any action is taken.

**Administrative Leave is to be taken in no less than ½ day increments. (ex: ½, 1, 1 ½, etc.)

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