Instructions for Using the Sun One Online Calendar for Collection Services Staff

The Sun One Calendar Express Calendar service was retired.

1. Click on the link at the end of this sentence to go to the Sun One Calendar Express Login Page [].

2. Log in using your email username and password.

3. What you see at first is the weekly view of yourpersonal calendar.
*See notes on the end of this document for more info on this calendar.

4. Notice on the top left of this page will be four tabs,
" View | Calendars | Groups | Options"

5. Click on the "Calendars" tab.

6. In the new page that opens up you will see a list of the calendars that you are currently subscribed to. At this point you should only see your personal calendar, which will be called "[your username] ("your proper name")

a. Notice on the top of this page, underneath the " View | Calendars | Group | Options" tab, there is a "subscribe" button (it looks like a magnifying glass).

b. Click on the magnifying glass.

c. In the resulting page enter "aruggier:" into the search window.

d. You should see our department calendar listed in the resulting page

e. Click on the box next to the calendar ID and click the OK button.

f. You are now subscribed to the department calendar!

7. In the next screen you will see both your personal calendar and the department calendar listed next to each other. Click on the link for our department calendar, which is called "aruggier:personnel ( Collection Services Personnel Calendar)"

* This will bring you to the overview display of our department calendar. Above the calendar, to the right are the different view options (overview, day, week, month, year) for viewing the information in the calendar. By switching between different views, you can gain the perspective you feel most comfortable working with. You will notice that information will display differently depending on which view you have currently selected for the calendar. For example, an "All-Day" event in the daily and weekly view will display above the normal hourly breakdown of the day. In the monthly view, however, "All-Day" events are displayed alongside with other events.


Detailed online instructions for all calendar functions can be found on the web at this location.

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