Emergency Manual

Brief Explanation of Emergency Procedures Manual [PDF]

Section 01: Lock Down Procedures
Departments Lock Down Procedures
Active Shooter Resources

Section 02: REHS
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: Emergency Action Plan & Annexes
Fire Extinguisher Use Guidelines
Emergency Evacuation of Physically Handicapped Individuals

Section 03: Telephone Lists
RUL Emergency & Non-Emergency Numbers [PDF]

Section 04: Suspicious Packages
Suspicious Device or Substance
Suspected Anthrax Package [PDF]
FBI Advisory: Suspicious Mail or Packages [PDF]

Section 05: Bomb Threats
Bomb Threat Procedures [PDF]
Telephone Procedures - Bomb Threat Checklist [PDF]

Section 06: Fire
Emergency Procedures for Fire [PDF]

Section 07: Weather
Weather Conditions/Policy and Procedures

Section 08: Medical Emergencies
Medical Emergency Procedures [PDF]
REHS Accident Report Website/Report an Accident - Internet based application
Sample Occupational Health Treatment Form [PDF]
Injury Report Form for Students or Public [PDF]

Section 09: Incident Report (non-medical situations)
Guidelines for Using and Filling Out Incident Reports
Incident Report [MSWord]

Section 10: Police Emergency
Police Emergency Procedures [PDF]
Suspicious Person Description Sheet [PDF]

Section 11: Power Failures
Power Failure Procedures [PDF]
Communicating in the Event of a Power Failure [PDF]

Section 12: Water Damage
Leaks & Water Damage [PDF]
Water Damage Diagram [PDF]

Section 13: Student Demonstrations
Student Demonstration Procedures [PDF]

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