Minutes of February 10, 2000 meeting

  1. IRIS Update.

    Karen reviewed upgrade and authorities work in January, how the database backup was loaded and work done 1/13-1/16 restored.

    ASC suggestions for future, extended system downtimes:
    • having available a snapshot of the database before it goes down would be helpful (that we could read only, no interaction).
    • more advance publicity, and further in advance of downtime, is needed.
    • the best time during the academic year to begin an extended system downtime, from ASC perspective, is the last week of summer session and extending into August intersession.
    • have ILL paper forms available at reference desks, fax them to ILL offices for processing. ILL staff will then key in ILL Requests on users behalf when the system is available. Do NOT offer a similar, paper backup service for RRS requests.

    We are seeing an excessive number of "claims returned" for items returned during downtime. Most books are then found on the shelves. Staff asked if discharges 1/13-1/16 were lost. Karen explained how all transactions are written to a log and that these were restored. She will reexamine history files and restored logs and if there are discrepancies, provide lists of items for stacks checks.

    Karen reminded us about Bob Warwick's email message regarding proliferation of records with "REQUIRED FIELD" titles and cautioned us that opening the Add Brief Title wizard appears to immediately create a record (this has been reported to Sirsi, a serious bug). Even if you cancel or close the wizard, a record is created.

  2. Requesting Logins and Revision of Login Configuration Options in the Workflows/Wizards Environment.

    Karen reviewed instructions for requesting new or changing Workflows logins for staff and students. According to the auditors, we can not allow supervisors to create and manage logins at local libraries as originally planned. Logins must be issued by the System Administrator. Instructions will also appear in the Feb. 20 Agenda and are available on the web:
    Karen distributed a generic desk login form for every library. She asked staff to review current permissions (checked), then circle in red what you want to be available in your generic desk login (without an override), and return the forms to her. Karen distributed a second handout with comprehensive lists of commands, wizards, and situations for each override level.

  3. Overrides.

    We set three new overrides and decided to start using them Mon., March 13, 2000. Call Systems or a member of ASC for the overrides.

  4. Reserves.

    A system wide Reserve Staff/Ereserve Working Group meeting was suggested. [ and subsequently scheduled for Wed., March 22, 9:30 a.m., Pane Room, Alexander Library].

    Remove Reserve Reports can be used to sever the reserve link in the public catalog; they change items from "on reserve" to "not on reserve" based on a specified expiration date (range or specific). Staff must still remove the item's brief record and the reserve control record. Karen is working with SERC, Chemistry, and Robeson on setting up Remove Reserve Reports. Roger suggested we consider running Remove Reserve Reports for all libraries on the same date (same number of days past the end of the semester) every semester, and coordinate with removal of electronic reserve files from the web server. He will discuss this further with the NB reserve group. We agreed this would be a good thing to coordinate systemwide.

    The Add Brief Title's shelving scheme is defaulted by the system to AUTO. Previously we chose ASIS when creating brief item records for reserves. We now have two sorting/interfiling schemes for brief reserve item records, which makes them difficult to locate when searching by call number. Robeson discovered the problem and has asked that all their reserve brief item records to be changed to the AUTO shelving scheme.

    Karen has written to Sirsi and the Sirsi circulation listserv about the loss of carryover functionality (instructor ID and course ID) in Create Reserve, which we relied on when adding numerous items to the same course in one working session. We need to submit this as a formal enhancement request to Sirsi. The new Create Reserve wizard has gadgets to search for course and instructor and, when located, automatically carry over the ID numbers.

    We agreed that electronic files on reserve for fall semester can be removed from the web server tomorrow, Friday, February 11, 2000.

    We reviewed screen prints illustrating changes suggested by Bob Warwick to item record displays (books, personal copies, and electronic files) in the Reserve Desk module. By eliminating information across the top, reserve record displays will be consistent with record displays in the Catalog. Hot links to call numbers will be eliminated and copy information will appear at the bottom of the bib record. Changes were unanimously supported, and we will ask Systems to implement. This should cut down on the number of students clicking on ELECTRONIC RESERVE to link to the document.

    Reserve topics for the meeting in March: new Ereserve procedures (copying URLs to 856 fields , use of multiple URLs, creating brief records for electronic files submitted by professors), the online Reserve Request form, best practices for reserve wizards.

  5. Misc. items and information sharing.

    • Jan Reinhardt was welcomed as a new member of the group.
    • The Calling Chain was routed for updating.
    • ASC recommended that Shipping & Receiving resume daily mail deliveries to SERC. Dean suggested delivery take place during the RRS run.
    • Agreed it's time to delete News about the reserve processing backlog from the RUL webpage.
    • Karen has implemented a system configuration in the test database that allows us to place Holds without issuing an override. Bill McNelis will test and report back.
    • Noted the long time it takes to place Holds for users with lots of checkouts (reserve desks, ILS).
    • Suggestion to try using the Item Use wizard for display of circulation information.
    • Penny announced the NB Collection Maintenance functional group has created a Powerpoint training document on LC call numbers, available on Alex's t drive.
    • Judy O. reported Robeson is seeing lots of books coming from other libraries with Holds for individuals for pickup at another library. These items should be sent back to the library where the "hold is available" for discharge/cleanup.
    • Dean noted there are big changes to serials check-in with the new upgrade and serial wizards.
    • Nicky reported ILS has resumed requesting items from Law-N and CrimJ since they have moved into their new building. Please remember to send all CrimJ items returned at your libraries to ILS-Alex.
    • Barry noted that it's good to have the flying barcode gone from Charging, but that it is still in Discharge. This results in a tendency to discharge just charged out books. Karen suggested we turn this into a formal enhancement request for Sirsi.
    • Barry has issued common PINs on RA cards, so professors can have access to the circulation record and charges on their RA cards; he is working now with a professor with RA lost books.
    • Bill and NB RRS & Reserve functional groups have proposed a revision to instructions for processing RRS requests for Reserves, for reveiw. All new students working on RRS at Alex, so if you receive items not processed correctly, please let Bill know so he can follow up.
    • Dana is down a reserve staff member, Maggie helping Shawn out with reserves (a new area).
    • Paper copies of text of local RRS Replies created by NB RRS functional group have been sent via library mail and should arrive at libraries soon.
    • RRS articles are routinely being sent to Robeson and Dana via Ariel now, from libraries with equipment. Please send any logs you've been keeping during the trial to Judy.
    • Treadwell reviewed changes is responsibility at Alex: Nita will be moving to Douglass, Bill is now the night shift supervisor but still doing RRS, Wilma and Eva have moved into reserves, Shirley is going to LSM, Rose is working with student employees and TimeTrac. Overdue notices returned to Alex with bad addresses were first searched in the stacks and many items found. Alex's Reserve staff has composed some student training documents.
    • Dana's reference area has been rearranged; inherited some law school furniture; Kathleen Johnson has retired; reference staff revising guides.
    • LSM looking forward to 2 new staff hired
    • Pat reported Requests at Alcohol have picked up; still receiving books without charges & holds; new serials processing a major change.

NEXT MEETING: March 9th, 9:30 a.m., Dana Library, Newark. Followed by a tour. A 14-passenger van has been reserved at the Motor Pool in NB and Glenn has volunteered to drive. Detailed arrangements will be worked out prior to the meeting.

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