Minutes of March 9, 2000 meeting

  1. Unicorn/System Issues.

    Send desk logins and reserve desk hours to Karen if you haven't already done so. New overrides are scheduled to take effect 3/14/00 (*implemented earlier, on 3/13*), call Systems or a member of ASC if you need them. As reported on the list serv, one day last month the 1st recall email notices were not run. Remove Reserve Reports and RRS procedures for processing RESV-LIB requests will be discussed at the system wide reserve staff meeting 3/22/00. "Claim returns" no longer a significant problem.

    Except for Robeson and ILS-Alex, staff reported they are unable to automatically print Request Reports one request per page. It appears related to the printer or word processing program used, not page length settings.

    Misc.: We're beginning to see blurry barcodes on older, worn RUconnection cards and staff are replacing them with barcode labels. Suggestion that we develop an alternative way for users to get their PINS, for example by entering their choice of PIN as the original PIN online; a security/validation check would still be needed.

  2. User Dataload.

    Judy reviewed major policy and information documents relating to the user dataload, library user records, and registering new users: Primary Borrower's Chart, Guest Borrower's Chart, User Record Mapping in Unicorn, RUconnection Cards. Distributed two additional handouts: draft of "RUL Borrowers, Eligibility for Remote Access and UnCover SUMO, by profile/status, " and "Registering New Users."

    Karen and Judy are working with Admin Computing to revise three areas of recording mapping. (1) to make privileges expires date is more in line with dates used by RUconnection, (2) display Apt. #s in Line 2, and City,state,zip appear on one line, and (3) load Rutgers email addresses automatically. These changes are projected for Fall, 2000. Publicity and user education will be needed when we start to automatically send notices via email; we would like to introduce this change at the same time the University begins using email for all official communications.

    Procedures for registering a user with an RU-ONLINE record were reviewed. Barcodes are automatically assigned by the RUconnection Office but are not part of the dataload, from Admin Computing. Therefore, when registering RU-ONLINE users we validate them by asking for SSN, and then *must* enter their barcodes in the User ID field in Workflows. Also enter demographic Status, confirm their addresses, ask for email, and give them their PIN. Follow these same basic steps at circulation desks, electronically via Ask a Librarian, and over the phone.

    Not all primary borrowers have RU-ONLINE records, or can access licensed databases remotely via the libraries proxy server. The "Status" field is used to validate for remote access, therefore it's important we enter Status correctly when registering users (for example Rowan/Camden County students, UMDNJ fac/stf and students). The user database will soon be used to validate another subset of primary borrowers-- current Rutgers faculty, staff, and graduate students eligible for subsidized document delivery in UnCover.

    Source and format of "Privileges Expires" and "Last Attend" dates were reviewed. We do not change privileges expires dates manually but may in future. At the present time, purges are based on privileges expires dates.

  3. Manual circulation form draft.

    Glenn presented a revised manual circulation form; title of item replaces call number. We agreed to start using it. New "pads" will be ordered and distributed centrally by Janie.

  4. Place Holds, "no override" test results.

    Bill reported on the results of his testing the elimination of the override when placing Holds on available items. ASC unanimously recommended this change be implemented in the production system. Judy will announce when available.

  5. Missing Books, procedures review.

    Access Services guidelines are in place for reporting books missing; producing, distributing and searching monthly and cumulative Missing Book Reports; and sending items to TSB to withdraw. Access services staff at local libraries will work with selectors to involve them in review of Missing Book reports.

  6. Updates, information sharing.
    • Revised RRS contact list was distributed, will be posted to Staff Web pages soon.
    • Judy is reviewing currently scheduled access services Unicorn Reports and distribution lists.
    • Barry reported on results of the NB billing group's study of gap time between when academic holds are placed and removed, 73 days average. The group concluded this is very close to a semester, and do not recommend any revision to our current 40 day barr procedures. 40 days lists are shorter than before, except for end of term list. We're into the 2nd year of using the system and it appears most users have learned to regularly renew their books.
    • Four vacancies at Alex, 2 associates (listed) and 2 assistants (not yet listed). Treadwell mentioned increased use of cell phones in the library.
    • Mary G. reported Chemistry might get compact shelving, Jeanne Boyle visited the library, electronic reserves processing is easier than before, exterminator working on termites, a room # will be assigned to the library.
    • Judy O. described how Robeson is still finding holds for other pickup libraries when cleaning off their Hold Shelf, Elaine is back part-time, renovation plans proceeding.
    • Maggie reminded us Dana is still short one staff member in reserve, and noted Dana is running out of space for journals.
    • Glenn reported on situation with work study students– not lasting the semester, and fewer returning. Other libraries described similar experiences. Students at Kilmer may be staying because the library is close to dorms and an easier commute. When students leave midsemester, the work study program does not send replacements.
    • Pat announced that the Alcohol Studies Database is now online.
    • Bill noted that a problem with RRS macros was resolved, Anne Butman can be contacted. Alex is considering inserting a slip into returned books they send back to ILS-Alex. NB RRS requested items with weird (off-campus) pickup sites are routed to Bill for processing. Staff are sending ahead RRS items for blocked users. Suggested Alex's Excel version of the monthly RRS stats sheet be placed on a "t" drives. And a suggestion from Shirley P.-- is it possible to eliminate "expiry date" on our place holds screens since it is an unnecessary option.
    • Jane requested circulation staff conscientiously enter the due date on the ILL band, this date must be observed to maintain reciprocal borrowing relationship with other research libraries. Requested that library staff not barr or place academic holds on users because of 40 day overdue ILLs. Beta testing of RLG's ILL-Manager software is ongoing at the ILS Alexander office. NB, Newark, and Camden ILS offices are conducting a current monograph trial.
    • Physics fax machine was not working and a new one has been ordered.
    • Media Services is hiring new staff.
    • General comments from all staff about TimeTrac, though not many filled out the email survey.

We ended with a tour of the Dana Library.

Next meeting: April 13th, Center for Alcohol Studies, Smithers Hall, Conference Room

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