Minutes of April 13, 2000 meeting

  1. IRIS Contingency Plan.

    The group described access services available to users and functions staff can perform during 3 different IRIS downtime scenarios; Judy will compile as our IRIS Contingency Plan for review at the next meeting. Paper, backup forms will occasionally be used: the revised manual book charge form will be reproduced, ILS is revising the paper backup ILL form, and NB circulation functional group will work on a backup New User Registration form. Periodic reviews of Standalone procedures are also needed.

  2. Unicorn WorkFlows Outstanding Issues.

    We created a list of outstanding Unicorn issues, to review with Karen and develop as possible enhancement requests for Sirsi's new Web forum:

    • Remove item ID carryover in the Discharge wizard.
    • Restore the item and user ID carryover functionality in the Create Reserve wizard.
    • Design a method for users to authenticate themselves and set up their own PIN from within Self Services, without staff intervention.
    • Display the library where an item was charged out, as well as the library that owns an item, in the Checkouts folder, item glossaries on both User and Item display wizards.
    • Add the library where the item was charged out as a selection criteria on circulation Reports.
    • Add the library where the Hold is available as a selection criteria on Reports.
    • Replace the "item not charged" message which appears upon discharging Recalled items returned to a library other than the library where the item is on Hold, with a send in-transit message.
    • Add "Check Out to New User" next step helper on Charge Reserve screen. Add "Modify Another User" next step helper on Modify User wizard.
    • Carryover the Pickup library from the Request screen to the Place Hold wizard.
    • -Stop ineligible users (Guests, barred) from placing Requests.
    • Enable charge/discharge of items owned by other libraries without having to log off and back on as the other library.
    • After placing a Request presents the user with the request information, ask the user if it is correct, and then submit it.
    • Make the expiration dates an optional field on the Place Hold screen.
    • Display the waived status in billing histories of paid bills.

  3. Misc. User Issues.

    Lost IDs.
    We agreed to check out Reserve items to users who have lost their IDs if they have a current Unicorn user record. Users must verify themselves with their SSN; and we will advise them to get a replacement ID. For regular stacks books, we will advise users to get a replacement ID and return to the library to check items out. We will then hold items for users at the desk for a reasonable time, usually 24 hours. Staff should use their judgment implementing these guidelines under special circumstances and on weekends.

    Remote Access.
    Reviewed different levels of remote access to library resources and services:

    1. The RUL Web Page, including access to IRIS, RUL research and user guides, Ask a Librarian, and some public domain databases (for example, ERIC), is available to "the world."
    2. Any registered borrower (primary or guest) can, from a remote location with their barcode and PIN, access their Self Services file in IRIS, view their library record, and renew their books.
    3. Remote access to licensed databases is restricted by contract to current Rutgers students, faculty and staff, authenticated through the library's proxy server. The column on the Primary Borrower's labeled "Rem Acc" will be changed to something like "eligible for remote access via the library's proxy server."

    Profile/Stat combinations.
    The "profile name" field defines a user's borrowing privileges (book limit, load period). There are 6 Profiles: FACSTF, GRAD, GUEST, UGRAD, UMDF/S, and UMDSTU. RU-ONLIN E user records are assigned a profile name (FAC/STF, GRAD, UGRAD or UMDNJSTU) files, based on the user's enrollment and employment status, when data is loaded from university. Staff also assign profile names when registering new borrowers at circulation desks.

    The "stat" field is a demographic field that tells us more about the user. Stat is important because it can be used by the library's proxy server to authenticate users for remote access to licensed databases and will be used to authenticate users for UnCover subsidized article delivery in future. Staff at circulation desks assign the stat field when registering all new borrowers, including users with RU-ONLINE records.

    The "stat" of users with existing user records in 1997 migrated from Geac and have not been changed in Unicorn unless manually updated by staff. Users with a profile name/stat combination of FACSTF/GRAD were probably graduate students in Geac days and are now employees. Users with profile name/stat GRAD/FACSTF may have been employees in Geac days and are now graduate students, or these are errors. Whenever billing staff see GRAD in either the profile name or stat field, assume the individual has or has had student status, and go ahead and place an academic hold. About a year ago, Bob Warwick ran a report that listed all the profile name/stat combinations in the database.

    Honors students.
    Undergraduate honors students are assigned the profile name GRAD in Unicorn when their records load from university files IF the College Scholars Program Code (21355) is reflected in data submitted to the Registrar. Judy will contact honors program coordinators to remind them.

    Summer Session.
    Records for summer session students will be loaded from Administrative Computing Services files (last year we received summer session data in the first week of June). Non Rutgers students will be issued an RUconnection card if they request one at the RUconnection office. Otherwise, if they wish to borrow and (1) have an RU-ONLINE record and can be verified with SSN, or (2) have a paid term receipt, we will issue a plastic borrower card at circulation desks. The expiration date of summer session students will probably be around August 18 (set by Recreation Services). Rutgers students attending summer session should already have an RUconnection cards with 12/31/2005 expiration. Instructions for registering non-Rutgers summer session students will be added to the Primary Borrowers Chart.

    RUconnection cards.
    Fuzzy, smeared, unscannable barcodes are beginning to appear on RUconnection cards again. Judy will forward anecdotal reports to the RUconnection office, and urged staff to log specific details at circulation desks.

    Former students, employees.
    If we confirm at a circulation desk that an active borrower with 12/31/2005 expiration date is no longer a current student or employee, we will manually edit their expiration date to this year (6/30/yyyy or 12/31/yyyy). And remind them to apply for alumni, or retiree in the case of retired employees, privileges. These users are no longer part of university data files, the updated expiration date will not be overridden.

  4. Diploma Holds.

    October and January diploma holds are completed in NB, lists distributed to Camden and Newark. Barry will follow up with the Registrar's Office for the May graduates list and distribute for processing.

  5. Damaged Books.

    Staff reported difficulties keeping accurate inventory of damaged books and moving them to a final stage. Judy will convene a small group to discuss and recommend guidelines that might expedite the process.

  6. Other items and information sharing.
    • Marie Saraceni is temporary replacement in Janie's old position. She can be contacted for handouts, forms, etc. at marie_saraceni@hotmail.com or ext. 2-7505.
    • New RRS contact lists and Calling Chain were distributed.
    • LSM received the first online Reserve Request form from an instructor.
    • The Herbarium library is closed and HERB records will be removed from IRIS. Sage Theological Seminary Library now has a fully functional online catalog of its own, linked from RUL Web page, and RUL will no longer carry SAGE records in IRIS. A decision about 400-500 remaining Entomology (ENT) records is pending. CRIMJ records in IRIS are being studied and a decision expected soon.
    • Music videos are being recalled. Media circ policies and Unicorn tables need review.
    • Kathleen Kammerer is now at Alex, LAII, and the Student Coordinator. Ines Gessner is at LSM, SupII, and the shift supervisor. Vellaurit Rivera is at Alex, LAIII, and the RRS Coordinator.
    • LMS is embarking on a project to shift the reference collection and bound periodicals
    • Term Loan due date changes next week.
    • CrimJ books sent in-transit (to all libraries) are given the RESV-CAMDN location. Karen and Bob are investigating.
    • Kilmer has a new roof and cooling system.
    • RUNet 2000 workers a presence in library buildings now.
    • NB is negotiating for compact shelving from Newark-Law.
    • Small group Reports training for Access Services supervisors will be planned for summer.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 11, 2000, Admin Conference Room, Alexander Library

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