Minutes of June 8, 2000 meeting

  1. Linda York, Janie's permanent replacement, was introduced. Linda's email is: lyork@math.rutgers.edu

  2. Returned Recall Notices.

    Campus Post Office has cleaned out student mailboxes and Notices not picked up by students were returned to TAS. We decided to annotate the library records of users with returned, unresolved Recall Notices. The following note: "Recall Notice dated "m/d/yr" returned from user's PO box at end of term," will be added and Notice forwarded to Address 2 if it is available. Returned Recall Notices were divided among the 3 campus libraries, and returned Regular Overdue notices will be recycled. Karen suggested we being printing final recall notices on yellow paper, and we unanimously agreed: Overdue Notices-white, Recall Notices-blue, Final Recall Notices-yellow.

  3. Meeting in Camden.

    ASC will meet at Robeson Library in Camden on Thurs., August 10, 2000. A van will be reserved.

  4. ASC Goals 99/00 and 00/01.

    Updated ASC's membership list, mission, and goals.

    1999/00 Goals:

    • Place documentation and policies on web page, including forms. [Ongoing]
    • Assess user needs and increase user education efforts, especially use of Self Services. [Ongoing, new Self Services and Recall bookmarks created.]
    • Send RRS journal articles via Ariel. [DONE, among 3 campuses, libraries with Ariel]
    • Explore and implement existing/new features of Unicorn: inventory capabilities, in-transit procedures (Trap Holds), guest/temporary check out for full implementation of Ruconnection as library cards, increased use of Reports for analysis and statistics, new system releases and Reserve wizards, procedures for dealing with Old Holds and long overdue items. [Evaluated and decided not to implement Trap Holds, Ring scanner acquired for inventory projects, Unicorn 99.4 and Reserve wizards implemented, procedures for identifying and processing overdue Recalls implemented.]
    • Clean up the 029 Report and pre-IRIS individual library holds, send expired users with overdue transactions to Student Financial Services on a regular basis. [029 reviewed and credits cleaned up, selected delinquent accounts forwarded]
    • Expand electronic reserve services. [DONE]
    Other Accomplishments: Use of Reports to Remove Reserves, Revised procedures for processing Requests for RESV-LIB users, Composed IRIS Contingency Plan.

    2000/01 Goals:
    • Report RRS statistics online.
    • Test and explore user-initiated Holds in WebCat.
    • Remove long overdue books from the system.
    • Create standard policies and procedures for Damaged Books, Lost-Paid and Lost-Replaced books.
    • Train access supervisors to run basic Reports; collect statistics with the system.

  5. Revise Draft, PSAMemo #4, Resource Sharing: ILL and RRS.

    Suggested changes to the RRS portion of revised policy memo, which will be reviewed by PSC next.

  6. UUGI Report.

    Judy and Karen reported briefly on UUGI. Product enhancements announced are also available on Sirsi's web page.

    Karen will send instructions for access services' login and rotating passwords needed for access to Sirsi's page to the list-serv. Password(s) OVRDUE and DUEOVR

    Judy reported on a meeting with Sirsi, Indiana Univ., Penn State, and Rutgers to discuss requests and holds in large academic, multi-library settings. Each institution's situation is unique. Bob and Judy came away from the meeting thinking that it is time for us to look again at user-initiated holds in our WebCat. Sirsi has already implemented some enhancements since we last looked at Holds, and agreed at the meeting to draft an enhancement proposal to relate pickup library to owning library (crucial to implementation of our current RRS policies). Implementing user-initiated holds for books would greatly simplify and eliminate some local and A Team workload. Despite the prospect of losing some current RRS policies in force, and many unanswered questions about implementation, ASC definitely thinks user-initiated holds are worth additional study and investigation. Added to our 2000/01 goals.

  7. Missing Books. Review of procedures for annual cumulated lists.

    Following established RUL policy, on July 1, 2000, Systems will run cumulated Missing Book Reports of books reported missing up to June 30, 1999 (charged to MISS-LIB user and/or edited with a MISSING status). Items on lists will be searched one last time at libraries; items found will be discharged. Lists will be forwarded to Tracey Meyer, Database Management, TAS, to withdraw items not found. Access services staff will share copies of cumulated Missing Book lists with local collection development coordinators or selectors. Dean agreed to review the format of a prototype before lists are produced for all libraries.

  8. Systems Items: IN-LIBRARY and Named Stations.

    Judy noted that on June 19th, IN-LIBRARY will no longer be a selection in the home location and current location pull-down menus in WorkFlows. An announcement will be sent to the faculty and staff list-servs. PowerPoint and text documents explaining the change will be available for staff to review. Access services staff anticipate adjustments may be needed to wizard properties, keyboard express macros, and some local procedures.

    Karen announced that as part of a general upgrade of WorkFlows, Systems staff would like to eliminate the use of Named Stations at each library. Every library would use PCGUI-EDIT, the only time staff would be a Named Station is when they are logging in as another library. Logins remain the same, everyone would use PCGUI-EDIT when configuring. We do not use Named Stations for cash reports and ASC agreed with Systems' recommendation.

  9. Misc., announcements, information sharing.
    • Suggested we review the staff distribution list for publications. One person at each library should get multiple copies, every member of ASC should get a sample.
    • Douglass staff are working on summer cleanup projects, RRS Holds and 029.
    • New students at Systems, Tom and Raj, will be helping with Sirsi and PC questions.
    • A new staff member hired in NB, 7 to go.
    • Bill is a member of the TimeTrack Training & Documentation Committee. The group has formed two subgroups (training & documentation), and plans to offer training in July for primary and backups in each library. The NB RRS functional group will work on the RRS photocopy paper request form. Peter Anderson and Joanna Karwowska are working some at Alex this summer.
    • Robeson is weeding and shelf reading, Judy O. will be on vacation through June.
    • Nicky Spruill's last day was last week. Number of incoming ILL requests did not decrease during intersession.
    • Barry has 1 summer work study student. Reminder when registering Guest borrowers to always enter an Address 1 and 2, never leave one blank. When researching bad addresses, we do not convert paper notices to email notices.
    • Chang is conducting summer projects, will trying scanning for ereserves with Ariel, new librarian's arrival postponed until Aug. 1st.
    • No work study students at Chemistry, Mary has 3 new vouchers and is shifting and relabeling periodicals.
    • Sothy's projects include entering barcodes on old journals, working with oversized & folio volumes. Discussed case of alum with overdue recall fines who threatened not to "donate," and how to best communicate borrowing responsibilities to guest borrowers.
    • Pat reported the reference collection is getting cataloged at Alcohol Studies, sending materials to the bindery.
    • Dana is getting wired, RUNet 2000 workers in the building.

Next Meeting: July 13, 2000, 9:30 a.m., N.Rutgers Conference Room, Alexander Library, CAC

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