Minutes of November 16, 2000 meeting

Discussion Summary

  1. Reports Training Update.

    Participants completed two sessions and will meet again Dec. 6 for a brown bag reunion/seminar/wrap up. Trainees should have completed all assignments, and will bring at least one new report they designed and ran to share with the group.

  2. Release 99.4.2 - testing and implementation.

    Karen briefed ASC on What's Hot about U99.4.2 and "Instructions for Accessing the Test U99.4.2 WorkFlows Client" (copies distributed). ASC will use "Unicorn New Release Testing, Checklist for Circulation and Reserves" as a basis for testing. Areas were assigned as follows:

    • Create and Edit User Records: Glenn
    • Charge: Sothy, Pat
    • Discharge: Sothy, Pat
    • Create/Delete Brief Bib Records for Circulation: Bill, Jane
    • Renew: Judy O., Elaine
    • Display and Edit Transaction Data for an Individual Item or User: Terry, Carolyn
    • Holds and Recalls: Bill
    • Billing: Penny
    • Reserves: Roger, Dean (including 856s and proposed photocopy call number)
    • User Functions: Jan, Jane
    • Sound files: ? ASC would like to explore their use at circ desk PCs

    Override is "circ" and logins are libstaff logins in test WorkFlows; the URL for test WebCat is: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/uhtbin/webcat

    Descriptions of bugs and examples should be emailed to Karen with a "cc" to Judy by Dec. 5. Testing must be completed by Dec. 5th; testers who encounter no problems should still email an "OK" to Karen and Judy by Dec. 5th.

    At the next ASC meeting, testers will recommend Properties settings for each wizard they tested, and bring an updated checklist with wizards in place of commands and new features that needed testing.

  3. Public services infrastructure funding - draft proposal.

    Copies of "Draft of a Proposal to Improve Library Infrastructure for Electronic Reserves and Rutgers Request Service Using a Windows 2000 Network" were distributed and will be a discussion item on the agenda for the December ASC meeting. The Electronic Reserves Working Group is also reviewing the draft.

  4. Misc. items.

    • Four new borrowing application forms have been added to the RUL Staff Resources, Access Services pages under Forms: Guest Researcher, Research Assistant, Surrogate Borrower, and Visiting Scholar.

    • Linda has almost completed all Excel training for the online RRS statistics form.

      Discussed reported problems with staff still giving information about a nonexistent relationship between SSNs and PINs, not erasing old PINs completely when assigning new temporary PINs, and neglecting to inform users about the 24 wait until PINs are recognized by the proxy server for remote access. Text and instructions on brochures and webpages will be reviewed and improved. An enhancement request to display carrots in place of masked PINs will be submitted. Reminder, when assigning a PIN-- put your cursor in the PIN field, press the "End" key, backspace to erase to the beginning of the field, and then enter 4 digits.

  5. Reserve materials and blocked users.

    ASC agreed with policy statement submitted by Glenn and will check out reserve materials to blocked users. Text, revised with addition of last sentence, follows:

    When checking out Reserve materials at the circulation desk, Access Services staff may occasionally encounter a situation in which the user wishing to check out Reserve materials has a status of BLOCKED. In this situation, staff should enter the appropriate override and proceed to check out the Reserve materials to the BLOCKED user. While it is the policy of New Brunswick Access Services not to deny access to Reserve materials to BLOCKED users, Access Services staff will investigate the reason for the BLOCKED status and inform the user of the consequences of not settling outstanding fines. BARRED users do not have access to Reserve materials.

  6. RRS to remote sites.

    Charging materials to users before shipping them to remote sites (and law libraries) means there is a period of time when materials are charged to the user and not in their possession. After an item is returned to a remote site a time lag exists before it is discharged at a library; this has resulted in disputes about timely return of overdue and recalled materials. Jane and Bill will work on a belly band to send on all items shipped to remote sites.

  7. Reserve Issues.

    NB Reserve functional group has discussed changing the call number protocol for photocopies of articles from X-LIB to something like PHOTOCOPY LIB. Camden favors, ASC supported, and it will be tested in U99.4.2.

    Dean has developed a new report that will alert staff to outstanding reserve charges at day's end. Shelves and file cabinets could then be checked and items discharged if found, before overdue notices are produced and sent to users the following day. Testing is taking place.

    Another reserve report is being developed to identify all reserve items with a reserve control record set to NEVER. This would produce a list of a library's permanent reserve collection, for review and weeding.

    Copy Center started posting spring electronic reserve materials to the web server on November 15, so send your spring reserves forward for processing. Multiple 856s need to be used more.

  8. Announcements and Information Sharing.

    • Nancy Stahl is new librarian at Art Library. The library's service entrance works now.
    • NB circulation functional group is monitoring and sampling email notifications; compiling strategies for problem users; looking at the recall bookmark. LSM has been dealing with security issues. Glenn raised question of reducing maximum fine for recalls. Discussed items not picked up, and possibility of reinstating a note on "Your Request has Been Placed" screen instructing users to check Self Services.
    • ILS staff will need to adjust renewal due dates during closed holiday days. Newark campus cards do not have barcodes.
    • RUconnection cards are fading away.
    • RRS and ILS are increasing at Chemistry; current periodical shelves were cleared of canceled titles and shifted; recovered book "lost" from SERC 3 years ago. Chemistry Dept.'s vending photocopy machine located in the library does not accept new bills.
    • Robeson is getting a new librarian, responsible for Rowan/Camden County liaison.
    • Music Library has acquired a CD burner and is making copies of historical performances on LPs; hoping to use existing catalog records to add to IRIS.
    • Nicole Warren started on Chang on Oct. 1st. Interviews for new Chang librarian ongoing.
    • Penny is dividing her time between Alex and Douglass. Kayo Denda is new women's studies librarian at Douglass; Kathleen Kammerer resigned; Nita and Roger are working weekends. Collection Development group is working on online stats and a manual.
    • Incoming RRS items are not being charged to Camden. In-transit lists are behind, will resume regular schedule when new staff position is filled in Systems.
    • One of the circulation computers is down at Physics.
    • RRS is increasing at Alcohol; work study students are not staying.
    • ILS Alex has started to use the state ILL system (Resource Sharing System, RSS) for borrowing, continuing to beta test ILL Manager, thinking of ways to eliminate paper, continuing with current imprint project.
    • It's crunch time for requests, busiest time of the semester.
    • Mailing addresses/departments for Acquisitions to send new monographs is still needed.
    • ILS Lending labels have been distributed.

NEXT MEETING: December 14th, Alexander Library

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