Minutes of December 13, 2000 meeting

Discussion Summary

Tracey Meyer, new Information Specialist in Systems, was introduced. She has joined the circ_sub list and will be working on hours, patron loads, and other access services related systems functions.

  1. Unicorn, U99.4.2, Reports training, Sirsi trainer, Systems issues.

    Thanks to everyone who tested. Enhancements noted by testers include: confusing field error messages are eliminated, item search & display Properties are more fulsome and don't go away, due date defaults to the expiration date when charging to a user with expired privileges, barcode carryover on charge reserve are based on Properties, field names are now pull-down menus on edit request.

    U99.4.2 will be installed on the evening of Dec. 26th and instructions for updating the client will be distributed by Systems. When installation is complete on Dec. 27th all staff will need to update the client, set and save new Properties & Defaults on their wizards, and create a new toolbar. Keyboard Express macros will also probably need to be revised. Access services staff who work Dec. 26-29 will gain experience and be ready to advise other staff who return from the break on Jan. 2.

    Karen made another plea about PINs. We are still seeing references to the last four digits of SSN on Ask a Librarian, 8 digit PINs, PINs containing the override. Please remember to put your cursor in the PIN field, press END, and backspace to the beginning before entering a temporary PIN. And please don't use 1234.

    Karen asked if we were ready to start requiring "rutgers.edu" email addresses. Consensus was that we would start when they were delivered with our user data file but not before. University policy on using email for official notification is evolving, there is no formal group studying the issue as far as we know. Staff think users are expressing a preference for nonRutgers email so when the switch is made it's important to provide them with forwarding instructions.

    Dean Meister, Ann Snowman, Glenn Sandberg, and Jane Mihalick retain reports permissions and are licensed to ask Systems for time slots to run reports in Unicorn. They will act as a resource for other access services staff who have reports they would like run. The training was valuable for all participants.

    A Sirsi trainer is coming to Rutgers in January and access services has one day (Wed., Jan. 24), which we will use to work on moving our book delivery and recall service from a user-initiated Request and staff-mediated Hold process to a user-initiated Hold process. Judy, Bob, Karen, and RRS staff will work with the trainer.

  2. Infrastructure proposal for ereserve, RRS.

    Comments about equipment allocations: LSM with lots of volume doesn't get new equipment, automatic feed scanner preferred at Chang, Annex needs a new scanner and PC, all SERC's scanning should move to LSM. Everyone thought posting documents to the web server from library scanning locations would streamline the process considerably. Staffs also thought site visits before installation and after installation for training are extremely important. Guidelines for scanner use will be issued. The type and number of scanners recommended for purchase has changed in order to meet budget; a revised equipment list will be made available.

  3. Request form for uncataloged government documents.

    Reviewed draft of an RRS form to use to request uncataloged government documents and other materials not listed in IRIS. Judy will incorporate suggestions and arrange to post it on the access services staff resources web page under Forms.

  4. ILL article delivery to libraries in New Brunswick, misc. ILL issues.

    ILS in New Brunswick will eliminate use of bellybands on photocopies sent to New Brunswick libraries for pickup beginning Jan. 1. Plain envelopes with clasps will be used; patron's name, pickup library, and "ILL" stamped in red will appear across the top of each envelope. If you can manage to retrieve envelopes from users, please send them back to ILS-Alex. Campus envelopes will still be used for ILL articles mailed to offices.

    After Jan. 1, the only ILL items with bellybands will be LOANS and therefore must be returned to ILS. Please remember to follow the due dates on the bellybands. Jane and Bill are working on a special bellyband for off-campus delivery. ILS-Alex and Shipping and Receiving are studying ways to consolidate and transfer some packing tasks to further streamline shipping. Revised lists of Reserve staff and RRS contacts were requested.

  5. Updates.

    • Plastic bags with RUL logo will be acquired and kept at circulation desks, for staff to give to users checking out books on rainy days. This is a widespread PR practice at public libraries and some academics.
    • A statement about cell phone use was approved by the Public Services Council and will be incorporated into PSAM #6: "The Rutgers University Libraries require library users to set mobile phones and pagers on nonaudible signals. The use of these devices disturbs those engaged in quiet reading and other scholarly pursuits." Signs will be investigated.
    • A courtesy email reminder notice will be sent to faculty, staff and graduate students who have term loans and an email address on file with the library, text will be shared when the notice is ready to go out. A similar, end-of-term reminder for undergraduates in the spring was suggested.
    • A DRAFT academic calendar was distributed with important access services dates noted: term loan due dates, winter intersession recall due dates, address (1,2) switch dates, faculty reserve deadline dates, removal of eres files dates, and patron purge date. Additional suggestions for reserve desk hours change dates, diploma holds dates, regular place hold deadlines, and regular August re-indexing down time will be incorporated.
    • Discussed proposal from Acquisitions to notify patrons who request on-order titles outside of their SELF SERVICES file. While we thought this was OK for really longstanding, old orders, we do not think the user's record of their request should be closed out immediately or routinely. These records are used for tracking and we think should continue to be updated with status information, consistent with requests made for all other types of materials listed in IRIS.
  6. Announcements, Information Sharing.

    • Elaine is out of the hospital after back surgery and will return spring break. Staff are doing "quiet" patrols at Robeson. Everyone noted demand for group study space, especially around exams.
    • RRS staff will update requests for ejournal articles available online with an Unfilled status (after verifying it's available full text). A new reply macro may be needed; the URL may also be included.
    • NB circulation group is reviewing standards, and what services are available when reference is not staffed.
    • NB billing group is drafting guidelines for when to waive recall fines. Kilmer has noticed a drop in numbers of students at reserve desk checking out photocopies since ereserves. Refunding of photocopy cards is coming to an end this month, and will only be done at Copy Centers next year.
    • Music Library is working with the department to explore digital audio reserve possibilities, working on copyright guidelines for the CD burner.
    • LSM will be open later hours during break as a result of negotiations with RWJMS.

NEXT MEETING: January 11, 2001, Administration Conference Room, Alexander Library

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