Minutes of January 11, 2001 meeting

Discussion Summary

  1. WorkFlows, System Issues.
    • Review of 99.4.2 upgrade implementation. It was a quick and smooth upgrade. Systems discovered some staff PCs had old versions of WorkFlows; RRS keyboard express macros have been revised and distributed to libraries' t drives; everyone should be reviewing and updating their wizard preferences.

    • Reserve Desk hours. Tracey is updating reserve desk hours now. Some libraries are asking for system shutdown 15 minutes before their reserve desks close and we would like to decide on a systemwide standard. Roger will review with NB reserve staff, Judy will check with Robeson and Dana.

    • Reserve Control Records removed by Reports. Roger worked with Karen to run Reports to remove fall semester's reserve control records; use of uniform expiration dates made Reports possible. NB libraries and Robeson participated. Lists were produced to assist with cleanup and stack maintenance. Karen ran reports that removed over 400 brief records for electronic reserve items with old URLS (fal99, spr00, and sum00 in the 856 field). Next we would like to remove photocopy and personal copy brief records by Report, and staff will need to consistently (1) use the Add Brief Record icon, (2) use format: TEMP, (3) use class scheme: AUTO, to make this possible.

    • Sirsi trainer visit, RRS revamp. Judy, Bill, Karen, and Bob will meet with the Sirsi trainer on Wed., 1/24/01 to work on a redesign of RRS.

      Log-ins. Question about the phrase "have to have training" before a WorkFlows log-in will be issued. Supervisors are responsible for providing appropriate training to students, there are no ongoing formal training sessions. Remember, log-ins do not expire automatically, you must inform Systems when a student worker with a log-in is no longer employed.

  2. Misc.
    • Off-campus bellyband draft. A draft was distributed for comments by the next meeting. We will use bellybands with items we send to off-campus sites. Soon packing and shipping responsibilities will transfer from ILL to Shipping & Receiving staff. RRS staff at local libraries in NB will then use the bellybands and send materials in campus mail to the "Shipping & Receiving Dept" (not ILL) where they will be processed for Comet, UPS, or U.S. mail delivery. RRS staff will continue to send items for the law libraries direct (in campus mail).

    • Audio reserve trial. The Music Library, Music Dept., and Systems Department are collaborating on an audio reserve pilot for spring semester. One course will be piloted. The Reserve Desk module of IRIS will be used and files will be ftp-ed to the libraries web server in Systems. Audio selections will be "streamed" and can not be copied or downloaded. Students will be told specifically where they can listen (at PCs with sound cards in the Music Dept. lab and campus computer labs) and to bring their own headsets. The Libraries' public access terminals do not yet support sound. This is a trial and will not be publicized beyond the pilot course.

    • Term loans. Renew reminder email Notices were sent out. The User Database Maintenance Team is working on cleaning up email addresses from bounced mail. First overdue notices for term loans will be produced January 26th.

    • E-reserve rollover instructions. These are posted on the web and seem to be working for reserve staff and Copy Center OK.

    • Hold Shelf items during Winter Break. We agreed all Hold Shelf items, regular RRS as well as Recalls, should be held over Winter breaks until a week after classes start (January 25th this year) to give students away from campus an opportunity to pick them up when they return.

    • Notices. The first overdue Notice has instructions to the user to renew in IRIS using SELF SERVICES, Karen will check to see if a link to IRIS can be provided on Notices sent via email.

    • Claims Returns (CL) Procedures. We agreed to add the phrase "systemwide stack check initiated" to the first CL PubNote added to a user's record. Also, the claims returned person at the owning and return (if known) library will add NOS notes whenever a CL item is searched. We will continue to operate under the assumption that searches are taking place all Rutgers libraries in response to a request for a systemwide stack search on circ_sub, and that responses are made only if an item is located. A list of people with claims returned responsibilities at each library is needed. If a claims returned note is present in a user's record, we override for 1 month while the item is being searched.

    • Faculty responsibility for RA checkouts. Faculty who receive Notices for items charged to their RAs' cards need to contact their RAs to take action. Group IDs may help, but often faculty want to maintain their own personal, separate library record as well.

    • Recall fine. We will review the amount of the recall fine along with guidelines for waiving recalls and statistics on recall return rate.

    • Proxy, oddball barcodes. There are 227 userids beginning with '25145' in the database, all Newark law school patrons. Currently these users need to obtain a second, '29030' barcode from RUL for authentication via the proxy server. Judy will ask Dave Hoover to include '25145' barcodes in the extract for the proxy. Oddball user barcodes (for example, beginning '39030,' with alphabetic characters, with odd number digits, etc.) have been identified and will be given to the User Database Maintenance Team for cleanup. We decided that if the user has no transactions, we would change the barcode to the user's SNN. And if the user has transactions, we will change their status to Blocked and add a Note so that a new barcode can be assigned the next time they use the library.

  3. Announcements, Information Sharing.
    • Dana's ILL/RRS fax machine is dead; hopefully it will be replaced by book sale funds next week. The Admin fax machine serves as backup in the meantime. Stacks at Dana are scheduled to reopen on time. RRS requests for items in closed stacks call number ranges have been held and will now be processed. Carolyn Foote has been out.

    • Requests are down during this period at Chemistry. The library was closed between the holidays and no complaints were received. Some Chemistry periodicals are checked in at LSM now, after Jan. 16th all titles will be checked in at and come from LSM. Re-lamping in the facility has been completed.

    • Alcohol Studies will continue to check-in periodicals.

    • Exposed wiring discovered at Music and Facilities was alerted. Transfer of collection services staff from Douglass/Music has meant access services staff have taken on additional responsibilities, for example processing monographs received from Acquisitions.

    • When RRS keyboard express macros were changed as a result of the system upgrade, some of the macros were updated as well.

    • SMLR will continue to check-in periodicals.

    • ILL/Alex has eliminated paper tracking forms for article requests, will eliminate for book requests soon. Photocopies are processed for pickup at unit libraries in new envelopes now, if you can get them back please return to Alex/ILS.

    • New librarian, Sarah Harrington, at the Art Library starts in April.

    • New librarian, Donna Wertheimer, at Robeson is the liaison with Rowan/Camden County. Elaine is still out.

    • Access services is taking over some collection services work at Douglass and working reference on weekends. Roofing is complete. Eileen Steck and Kayo Denda are new librarians at Douglass.

    • Collection management functional group is working on reporting statistics online and revising water emergency guidelines.

    • Tracey Meyer is being trained on logins, user data, statistics, reports, notices, and will do the in-transit lists, which we haven't received for a while.

NEXT Meeting: ***note location*** Thursday, February 8, 2001, 9:30 a.m., School of Management and Labor Relations, Cook Campus

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