Minutes of Thursday, February 8, 2001 meeting

Jennifer Muller, NB Media Services, a new member of Access Services Committee, was introduced.

Meetings, Contacts.

Due to a conflict with an access services symposium at Columbia University, the March 8th ASC meeting was re-scheduled for March 15th (its location in the Conference Room, Technical and Automated Services Bldg., Busch Campus, has been confirmed). The group meets at Dana on April 12th, a van will be reserved and Glenn volunteered to drive. Copies of existing and new contact lists were circulated for corrections and updates.

User database.

The most recent user data file received from Administrative Computing Services brought us up to date with the Registrar. A few Rowan/Camden County user records were lost; possibly at point of input as data loads don't delete records. Occasionally guests (Friends) decline to give us SSNs, and Judy will ask the Communications Officer to accept referrals of these users. Barcodes beginning '25145' are now included in the patron extract for the proxy server.

Systems Update.

Karen, Bob, Judy, Bill, and a trainer from Sirsi, held a one-day discussion about how to redesign the Rutgers Request Service to incorporate user-initiated holds on books. There are many user and staff benefits but much is dependent upon how much Systems Dept. time will be available to work on this. User-initiated holds would be limited to: (1) users with pickup locations that are also libraries in IRIS (we will need to continue to accept requests and place recall s for users with off-campus pickup locations), (2) items with holdable locations (we would need to continue to process requests for journal articles, on order and pending books, and reference books). User-initiated holds launch a system level hold on all copies, and the first one available satisfies the hold. Our same-library and same-campus rules would have to be re-examined. To avoid paging we would need to remove holds and message the patron. The order in which copies are chosen to satisfy a hold and recall will change. A whole new interface in IRIS would need to be developed. Good news is, the number of holds we create and the number of requests we update would be greatly reduced.

Tracey is forwarding copies of actual recall notices at the beginning of some replied-to Notices that are forwarded to Ask a Librarian. To avoid confusion and for consistency, staff asked that she provide copies of recall notices only to individual Team members who request them. Recall notices are kept on the server for 2 mos.

In-transit lists will be produced soon; they will be placed on library servers. Judy will work on Fall semester cumulative Missing Book lists.

Dean, Bill, Judy O., and Judy G. volunteered to help Karen test email notification (to users with email addresses on file) whenever holds or requests are updated in Workflows.

Public Services Infrastructure proposal.

Latest version of equipment spreadsheet was circulated. Site visits have been scheduled to discuss location of scanner, port & electricity needs, furniture, and workflow. Equipment and changes in workflow will be phased in, beginning with the Copy Center where scanning software will be tested and procedures written, followed by sites currently scanning (Chang, LSM, Robeson), and then new sites (Dana, Kilmer, Douglass, Alex Access Services).

Copyright & Reserves.

Review "Frequently Asked Questions-Copyright and Reserves-A Guide for Staff." Because we need to display current semester's records only on reserve, remove reserve reports will be run for all libraries on a regular basis in future.

Announcements, Information sharing.

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