Minutes of Thursday, April 12, 2001 meeting

1) U2000: testing and implementation.

Bob Warwick reported that a unified key word index will be built for U2000. Permission for a longer implementation downtime was needed, delaying loading U2000 in test WorkFlows. It's now ready and Systems staff will be around soon to put test WorkFlows on individual staff PCs; we will then have two icons (production and test) on our desktops. Judy will distribute testing assignments to ASC members as soon as test WorkFlows is available. Staff should email Bob and Judy their results and findings.

We will sign-off on access services features of U2000 at our next meeting, May 10th. Bob reminded us to start thinking about which user IDs need the new wizards. We also need to consider implications of charging reserve materials with the general CheckOut wizard, and there's a possibility we will be able to view user and staff PINs again (but not admin PINs).

U2000 will be implemented in the production system May 23 and 24. Read-only IRIS, Standalone, and paper request forms will be available.

2) User Data File: email addresses and expiration dates.

Bob, Tracey, and Judy met with Administrative Computing Services (ACS) staff last week to discuss email addresses and expiration dates. ACS is ready to send us email addresses from the People database. Students and employees maintain their own People database records, so this gives us more flexibility advising users how to update an email address with the library. For example, they can use a commercial email provider, change email addresses over the summer, and delete their email address in the People database. We asked for a test file to work with over the summer and then will start loading email addresses in production beginning in September.

Advance publicity and user instructions are needed. Must also inform users who have given us an email address which is not registered in the People database. New instructions for dealing with bad addresses (returned email) will be needed for the User Database Maintenance Team. A draft "Email Address Announcement" was distributed for comments.

Text of our overdue and recall notices is OK to send via email. We will check with Computing Services before using email for any mass mailing.

We also plan to introduce a standard 2-year, rolling expiration date for all students and employees in the fall.

3) Review Items.

4) Announcements.

Linda York is leaving for a position at Rutgers in Camden; Marie Saraceni will be filling in. Cell phone signs are available for posting.

The group then toured the Center for Law & Justice building and new law library.

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