Minutes of Thursday, May 10, 2001 meeting

Antoinette Peteet, new ASC member, was welcomed.

1) Scanner Update. (Donna Cryan)

Scanners and PCs for scanners have arrived and will be installed at libraries shortly. They will be configured with W2000 and software for electronic reserves scanning. Donna is coordinating installation with the vendors and Systems Dept. and will keep staff informed of the schedule. There will be changes in software and workflow for electronic reserves; Copy Center staff is drafting documentation. On-site training at each library covering W2000, file management, and scanning will take place after installation. Staff PCs come later. Ariel 3.0 has not yet been released; in the meantime we must keep Ariel 2.2 functioning at its present locations.

The Copy Center continues to take rollover requests for fal01, please review instructions and be sure to include old course/old professor/new course/new professor with your requests.

2) U2000 Testing Results.

In addition to very helpful written email reports, staff reported verbally on results of U2000 testing. Renewals OK. Charge/Discharge OK. Billing OK, new billing history welcome but still can't print information in glossaries. Reserves "session settings" wizard OK; in Test could only remove all, not individual, reserves. Check Item Status wizard will be very useful. Transit wizards offer better information and work OK. Clone User didn't carry information over the first time. Basic reports ran OK. Other anomalies may be due to Property settings. There were no "drop dead" issues and access services testers signed off on U2000. The IRIS contingency plan and online forms are available; no sites planning to use Standalone during down time.

We will ask Systems to add the new U2000 circulation and reserve wizards to all our logons. ASC asked for a comprehensive list of current access services logons for cleanup purposes.

3) "Guidelines for Waiving Recall Fines"

Revised draft accepted with one wording change. Examples of situations when recalls fines will not be waived will be added, e.g.-- on vacation, took item out for professor, paid replacement fee (clarify). Importance of accurate, standard notes was emphasized. We can start to use sample notes now.

4) CRIMJ records<

104 CRIMJ items remain shadowed in IRIS with transactions, Charges or Bills. We need to recommend a plan to deal with these items so they can be removed from the system and CRIMJ eliminated as a library. We will first review a list of the records/transactions to get a sense of their scope and range, and determine if some can be deleted right away.

5) Procedures for checking out "in-library use only" ILL items.

Brian reviewed basic procedures for checking out interlibrary loan materials:

***It is extremely important that "in library use only" items do not leave the libraries. Failure to adhere to this restriction, imposed by the lending library not RUL ILS, has resulted in suspension of RUL's borrowing privileges at important lending libraries.***

Suggestion to use the Reserve system to check out "in library use only" ILL materials will be investigated.

6) Goals review.

2000/01 Goals:

Report RRS statistics online. [DONE]
Test and explore user-initiated Holds in WebCat. [Explored with Sirsi consultant and recommended implementation.]
Remove long overdue books from the system. [Ongoing]
Create standard policies and procedures for Damaged Books, Lost-Paid and Lost-Replaced books. [Ongoing]
Train access supervisors to run basic Reports; collect statistics with the system. [DONE]

Other accomplishment: tested and implemented two new Unicorn Releases, held meetings on Camden and Newark campuses, started using Remove Reserve Reports, transferred off-campus RRS shipping responsibilities from ILS to RRS staff at libraries, adapted Guidelines for Waiving Recall Fines, received Reinvest in Rutgers funds for electronic reserves and document delivery equipment.

2001/02 Goals:

-Implement user-initiated Holds.
-Remove long overdue books from the system.
-Create standard policies and procedures for Damaged Books, Lost-Paid and Lost-Replaced books.
-Train additional access services staff to run basic Reports.
-Load email addresses with RU-ONLINE records and introduce automatic email Notices.
-Redesign Research assistant card procedu
-Implement automatic email notification when RU and ILL requests are filled/unfilled.
-Expand the Audio Reserve pilot project.
-Begin media circulation and implement delivery of media to libraries for faculty pickup.
-Distribute electronic reserve scanning and file management responsibilities.
-Implement RRS and ILL document delivery to the user's desktop using Ariel 3.1.

7) Announcements and Information Sharing.

-Summer Session student records are due to load from the Registrar the week of 5/13/01.

-Remove Reserve reports will be run before U2000 is loaded, probably May 15&16, and for all libraries. Lists will be produced and available to reserve staff.

-7 staff from Rutgers attended and participated in the UUGI (Unicorn Users Group International) meeting in Huntsville.

-Jane Mihalick is scheduled to return June 1st. Steve Perrota and Bonnie Spaventa have been filling in at ILS, thanks to cross-department staff sharing with Cataloging Dept. Don Wilson has also been working additional hours in ILS.

-The Resources Sharing System (RRS) licensed by the NJ State Library for use by the NJ Library Network is scheduled for installation at Robeson and Dana. It is currently installed at ILS/LSM and ILS/ALEX.

-Alcohol Studies is gearing up for their summer programs.

-Chemistry is experiencing end-of-term book returns

-Reserve staff are now using Acquisition's online monograph order form to order books for reserves. Online and paper reserve request forms are being updated with a note asking instructors to prioritize requests. Our 15 min. grace period for overdue reserve items was somehow lost in Unicorn; we need to check reserve fines after the upgrade to U2000 is complete, to be sure they are set correctly.

-RRS has slowed down, staff are using reports to clean up records and are revising documentation. Please make sure you have RRS backups scheduled during the summer months.

-Question about the guidelines used to distribute paper notices returned with bad addresses; will confirm with Systems.

-D21 meetings taking place at Douglass to prepare for renovation; LSM is getting a new roof. Collections management team will make site tours.

-A cumulative "In transit Report" will be run before the upgrade.

-IJS renovating and will get additional display cases.

-ILS backlog is back to normal.

-Roof still leaking at Chang.

-Media Services has started to use the Bookings module; will be circulating media soon.

-New air conditioner probably needed for Kilmer. Have a new, functional microform machine.

-Survey of students using the audio reserve during the pilot complete; meeting scheduled to discuss the future of audio reserves.

-New staff member has joined the A Team.

8) Meetings.

The JUNE 14th meeting has been CANCELED.

Meeting Schedule, Fall Term 2001.
All meetings are on the second Thursday of the month, 9:30-11:30 am, in the NRUTGERS Conference Room, 3rd floor Alexander Library, CAC: July 12, August 9, September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13.

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