Minutes of Thursday, November 15, 2001 meeting

1) Systems Issues.


Copies of testing assignments, release notes, and corrections were distributed. Instructions to launch test WorkFlows were emailed. With the exception of new Holds management (which we won't implement right away) there are no major changes to our modules in this release. Please alert Chris and Judy to any problems right away. We will officially sign off on U2001 at our next meeting, Dec. 13th, and it will be installed Jan. 2nd.

-Closed Hours.

The group agreed to make all libraries "closed" in Unicorn Dec.22-Jan.1, 2002, and not configure library specific closed days. Books will not fall due during this period. If any reserve item is checked out on the system during this time it will be due the first day open, after the range of closed days (Jan.2).

-Removal of summer reserve records.

Summer remove reserve reports have run, Judy will alert reserve staff where to find results on TSB's t: drive. We will use "created before August 15th" for the cut-off date for removing temp, brief records created for summer reserves. Standard cut-off dates will be projected for each semester and added to the access services/systems calendar. Today (Nov. 15) is the deadline for faculty to submit spring reserve lists, and the date we create the spr02 eres directory on the Libraries Web server.

-E-mail notification.

Holds available pickup notices starting going out November 1st. Patrons have expressed appreciation and staff have noticed hold shelves appear to be more current because users are picking up materials. Email notification for canceled, unfilled, and filled article RU and ILL Requests will start soon. Samples were distributed. A header, the user's name, the original request, and Message from the Library (Reply) are reproduced in the body of the email message.

-Addresses and the Dataload.

Discussed experiences with users who have multiple (student and staff) email addresses in the Rutgers Online Directory. RUCS draws one for our dataload, and we are limited to one email address in Unicorn. Which record are we getting so we can advise patrons to update the appropriate email address? Consider: (1) we load student records first, then employee records so there's the potential for override, (2) not all employee records are loaded however (type 4s, casual employees, are excluded for example) and we may receive only the student email, (3) you can always call Systems to confirm which record is loading. Discussed our role in explaining RUCS' instructions for updating the Rutgers Online Directory. Also, Apt. #s are still being reported as a problem; Chris asked we send him specific examples.

-Intransit Reports.

Dean is working with Chris on new in-transit reports, and will use a report template previously not available.

-Term loan "time to renew" email reminder.

We agreed to send an email reminder to borrowers with term loans this semester. It will go out after the term loan due date changes. Text will be revised slightly. Discussed whether it was necessary to list borrowers' "checkouts" following the reminder, and decided we will include the lists again this year. Judy will ask Bob if we can configure the "renew all checkouts" feature in Webcat Self Services for patrons.

-Checking out items with associated pieces.

Briefly discussed this feature in Unicorn. If the "number of pieces" field in an item's record is set to a number high than 1, when someone checks it out or checks it in, the message "Item has associated materials," "number of pieces: #", and the override prompt all display. Issues: who/when would the "number of pieces" be entered in the item record (presumably during cataloging), what about training students who charge and discharge items to look for associated materials and to use the override, how to deal with legacy collections at some libraries of associated materials shelved separately from the main, barcoded item.

2) Media.

A meeting to review Bookings implementation resulted in a general recommendation that the "Access Services Committee should consider how media issues should be managed." Following are systems and policy issues relating to bookings, circulation, and requesting of media raised by ASC in this first, preliminary discussion.

Do media circulation policies need to be standardized across all libraries and collections? including who's eligible, loan periods, type of media eligible. Should all forms of media be eligible for delivery? To what locations, for in-library use or checkout? Where are Media reserve collections? Are media materials sent to other campuses for media reserve collections, or are duplicates purchased?

Differences between Requests and Bookings (including the bookings web form) currently make use of "request this item" for media problematic. For example, all libraries and off-campus sites are used in the pickup menu for Requests; limited pickup sites used for Bookings. Primary borrowers are eligible for Requests; faculty/grads only eligible to book and preview videos in Bookings. Requests require valid borrowers card to check out materials; booked videos may be picked up by anyone. Requests operate on first-come, first-serve basis; Bookings use first-come, first-serve for preview requests unless the item is booked, and take reservations for future use. Noncirculating materials are sent to primary borrowers on other campuses for in-library use in Requests; videos only are sent to faculty/grads on other campuses and within NB for checkout (no special arrangements made or equipment guaranteed for in- library use/preview). How much flexibility will the new Unicorn Holds management give us to manage these different policies, should they all be reviewed?

Can the "request this item" button be changed in WebCat to "book this item" based on item format? probably not. Acknowledged that there are benefits to making requests off the IRIS bib record. What's the difference between requesting and booking anyway? We should not expect users to distinguish between requesting media (for immediate use/preview) and booking media (for a date in future). Currently we're using the bookings request web form and Unicorn Bookings module for both, and it is operational. NB Media Center has experienced an increase in number of videos booked; Robeson has experienced a decrease in number of videos sent to Camden.

3) Ask a Librarian. (Natalie has already sent email reminders about many of these issues).

The access services team changed Nov. 1. Video and bookings questions can be referred to Jan. Bob and Tracey pickup RRS questions; Jane M. and ILL staff pick up ILL questions Reviewed split days, reminder to take time from the AAL question itself (not on server) to determine cut off. On replied-to email Notices, use the time Systems staff forwards it to AAL. Do we need to change the subject header to include "AAL" when replying to forwarded Notices? Putting name in CAPS in subject header when referring a question doesn't always work if the header also contains a filtered term or phrase (Dean suggested negating your name in filter). Formally request that Notices forwarded from Systems ONLY get sent to the PIN Team. Formally request that a separate list be created for ILL questions. Judy will arrange to share standard replies composed by Bill McNelis and Stacey DeMatteo.

4) Processing returned notices: revised procedures.

Reviewed draft text of how to process returned notices. Concluded there are circumstances when we will forward a returned email notice by email. Judy will incorporate changes, including text of "how to update your address" that will be emailed and mailed along with forwarded notices.

5) Interlibrary Loan.

6) Announcements and Information Sharing.

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