Minutes of Thursday, December 13, 2001 meeting

1) Housekeeping.

The spring semester meeting schedule was distributed. Since we usually travel in the spring, if your library wants to host a meeting, please contact Judy to schedule. The Jan. 2002 meeting was canceled; various system-wide staff meetings are taking place during intersession.

The contact lists were circulated for revisions and will be updated on the Staff Resources web page.

"Electronic Security Device In Use" labels for posting on libraries 3M security gates were distributed; Judy has extras if you need them. Jeff provided this FDA web site for background information, answers to questions about labeling for electronic anti-theft systems: http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/comp/guidance/1170.html

2) Ask A Librarian.

Routing of "replied to" Library Notices.

There was not an overwhelming consensus about whether to recommend that Systems staff start forwarding replied-to Notices to the AAL PIN list. While the majority of these are routine, we occasionally learn from the replies and are reluctant to lose exposure to the answers. It's important to have a view of the answers to know if a replied-to Notice has been picked up or answered already, since it's not as easy to assign responsibility for them, as it is the PIN form. It was also noted that Bob, Tracey, and Jane would probably have to join the PIN list because they handle replied-to Notices. Judy will forward these issues to Natalie and report back.

Protocols and Referrals.

3) Unicorn & Systems.

Results of testing U2001. Highlights.

Reports are fine. It appears the "untransit" wizard will not allow us to clear transit between two other libraries. Bookings OK, a new review feature allows staff to make changes, a major improvement. Can extend privileges in Modify User, change a PIN with the override without being blocked, see a date created in the user record glossary, and modify a Profile on user record with transactions. A "Requests" tab in the user record (as implied by documentation) not found. Display and edit transaction data worked just the same. Recall due date not displaying, possibly the test system is out of sync with production. Display2 User is GONE. "Partial payment" wasn't identified as such. Charge/discharge OK. Creating item records OK. Creating new user and Renew OK. Some testers are still working, however, access services has no "drop dead" issues and we are OK with the planned Jan.1-2 installation of U2001.

Related testing issues.

Review of Winter Intersession recalls/term loans.

We agreed to keep all items on our Hold Shelves from now until January 29th. Revised dates have been publicized with signs and web site News.

SIRSI consultant.

We will most likely use our time for user-initiated holds and long overdue materials.

Other. Rutgers Online Directory.

During the course of the meeting there was lots of discussion about problems advising users how to update email addresses in the Rutgers Online Directory and remove email addresses no longer being used. A standard response for AAL and text for a possible bookmark are underway.

4) First Quarter Statistics.

Reserve circulation, regular circulation, and RRS lending statistics (from Unicorn reports) for July- Sept., were distributed. Please report errors Manual reserve circulations from Douglass appear high. Checkouts during processing might explain SERC's nonreserve circulations.

5) Updates, Announcements, Information Sharing.

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