Minutes of March 14, 2002 meeting

Public Services Council requested that summaries of the Access Services Committee's meetings be posted to the rul_everyone list. Questions about the meeting summaries can be submitted to Judy Gardner at jgardner@rci

1) Unicorn issues, Systems updates.

2) Primary Borrowers Chart, UMDNJ borrowers.

The primary and guest borrower charts have a new layout, and the primary chart has been updated. Instructions for registering guest and primary borrowers accompany the charts. Changes to the primary borrowers chart include a new slot for nonmatriculated students, instructions for two email addresses under research assistants, and breakdown of the three UMDNJ borrower categories: RWJMS, School of Public Health, and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. UMDNJ faculty may now qualify as VALE guest borrowers; a signed form from their home UMDNJ library is required. Cross-registered NJIT students receive 2-yr. expiration dates; we will investigate a method for expiring these students on a regular basis and rely on the data loads to update the expiration date current cross-registered students. The new primary borrowers chart will be posted on the web and copies distributed to each library and member of ASC.

3) Change of User Addresses- draft #2

We reviewed the revised document, "Change of User Addresses- Staff FAQs and Standard Replies," for answering AAL questions and when working with patrons at the circulation desk. The document will be posted on the staff resources web page.

4) Misc. items.

5) Ask a Librarian Access Team. The following issues were discussed.

Tools to help answer questions (not just FAQs), more sharing of standard replies, and better communication of changes when teams turnover are needed. Workload and volume are increasingly an issue, even with the split day. The number of questions coming in and time it takes to answer are hard to handle given other things to do. Even when relieved of desk duty, AAL is often on top of regular work and means extra hours. Although preferred by many patrons, AAL is not always the most efficient way to solve a problem or answer a question. It can be more difficult and time consuming for staff to resolve a patron's problem electronically than by a simple conversation at a circulation desk. Can we stop responding to statement questions like "I'll return it tomorrow," or is it necessary for the question to be counted? Are there other routine questions/answers that can be filtered? In addition to written documentation and site monitoring, other types of training would be helpful. Face to face, big group training sessions would be useful. Short meetings when the team changes to review responsibilities, how to handle multi-part questions and questions answered twice, changes in policy and procedures, etc. would be useful. Tips on mechanics to make work easier also needed-- using different email systems, KeyBoard Express, how to organize work, use of filters, etc. Discussion to be continued . ..

6) Updates and Information Sharing.

NEXT MEETING: We meet again Thursday, May 9th, 9:30 a.m., NRUTGERS, Alexander Library.
The April 11th meeting is CANCELED.

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