Minutes of May 9, 2002 meeting

1) Unicorn Updates.

2) Access Services/Systems Calendar.

A revised 2001-2002 and new 2002-2003 Access Services/Systems academic calendar were distributed. Dates for reserve preview lists and the removal of control and brief records are incorporated and based on the reserve expiration dates recommended by NB's Reserve Functional Group. The calendars will be posted to the Staff Resources Web site under Access Services.

3) Ad hoc Committee on Student IDs.

The report of the university's Ad hoc Committee on Student IDs encourages major division and units to undertake a review of forms and practices to identify opportunities to eliminate requests for student identification numbers We will eliminate SSNs from Self Services (view library record, change PIN, renew books), Request This Item and the ILL forms. The change will take place this summer. Users will then logon to Self Services and submit forms with their library barcodes and PINs.

4) Ask a Librarian Access Services Team meeting.

Judy reviewed major recommendations coming out of the access services AAL teams joint meeting: merge the two 6- month teams into one year-round team June 1; continue to answer all access questions during assigned shifts; maintain Sun.-Thurs. half-day shifts; "cc" routine answers (PINS, ILL renewals, notices) to pinreply@www.libraries.rutgers.edu and not ask-liac; update standard answers and make them available on the Web; investigate technical feasibility of online registration and user view of PINs; schedule 1-2 meetings/year.

5) CS-users.

Jeff and Ann S. coordinated a test of CS-LSM and CS-ALEX staff user records in NB with Collection Support staff and TSB staff. The user records are now in production and will be used by access services staff at all NB libraries to charge damaged and other books that are sent to LSM's and Alex's collection support. TS-CAMDN and TS-DANA staff users are in the test system and could be moved to production if there is interest on the part of technical and access services staff at Robeson and Dana.

6) ILL Web Document Delivery

Judy described how ILL articles will be delivered to patrons on the Web using Ariel 3.01 software, scheduled to begin July 1, 2002. The Web Document Delivery Working Group will develop this service for RRS articles next.

7) Announcements, Information Sharing.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, June 13, at DANA LIBRARY, Newark.
A van will be reserved in New Brunswick, watch for a sign-up announcement.

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