Minutes of June 13, 2002 meeting

Pat Womack was introduced and wished a happy retirement.

1) Goals - review of 2001/02 goals and discussion of goals for 2002/03. 2001/02 Goals:

2002/03 Goals:

2) Unicorn updates and Systems issues

3) Knight Express.

We've received quotes on the Knight Express readers. There is a 3.5% processing fee on all Knight Express transactions. Loss of income may be balanced by user convenience. Users' Knight Express account info is now on RUconnection cards. Judy will continue to investigate Knight Express, along with online credit card payment, for fines and replacement fees.

4) Publications: Recall, Self Services bookmarks.

We decided not to update the Self Services and Recall bookmarks. Bookmarks will be created to highlight new services and timely messages to users; and they will change every 3-6 months. We will begin work on bookmarks for Web doc delivery and how to change your email address. Publications contacts at each library will be asked for the number/title of publications needed for fall.

5) Persistent bad addresses

We discussed Jeff's idea of barring users who do not update their address with the university and libraries, based on returned notices over time. Questions: how would barring users for persistent bad addresses impact efforts to automate barring/unbarring user records for 40-day overdues? how would users barred for bad addresses get "unbarred"? how can we be certain users receive notification about their responsibility to update an address? The User Database Management Team (B.Lipinski, J. Teichman, S.Lewis, M.Harris, T.Meyer, A. Martinez (new), J.Gardner) will meet within the next month and discuss these issues further.

6) Misc. items:

7) Updates and Information Sharing.

New meeting: July 11, 2002, 9:30 a.m., NRUTGERS Conference Rm, Alexander

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