Minutes of August 8, 2002 meeting

1) Bookmarks.

We will have 2 new bookmarks available by the beginning of fall semester, one to publicize email addresses and the other on the new DELIVER/RECALL BOOK feature in IRIS. H. Glazer is revising drafts of text and working on layouts.

2) Missing/Lost-Paid/Lost-Repl and GeacLost lists.

These lists will be available for searching soon, Judy will inform circ_sub. Some problems we experienced with missing books in the past were cleaned up before the final reports were run- items with double charges were discharged and recharged to a MISS-library, and items with Current Location edited to Missing were charged to a MISS-library user. Missing book reports also have an improved, single-record output this year.

3) FY01-02 and FY02-03 Statistics.

We reviewed system wide circulation, reserve circulation, electronic reserve, request service, and interlibrary loan statistics for FY01-02 that are reported to the Budget Office for ARL stats. In most cases these are gathered from Unicorn reports. In FY02-03 RRS staff will continue to report the number of items they send to off- campus sites manually, on spreadsheets on Alexís t:common. And ILL staff will continue to manually count and report the number of items loaned from each RU library, also on Alexís t:common.

4) Rutgers Request Service: user-initiated holds, RRS brochure, RRS/L&C Web Doc Delivery proposal.

5) Other items and Information Sharing.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_02_08_08.shtml
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