Minutes of October 10, 2002 meeting

Teri McNally and Judy Odom were welcomed via videoconferencing from Camden.

1) U2002. Testing and Implementation.

U2002 has been loaded in the test system and is scheduled to load in the production system during winter break. We decided to use the same checklist for testing that we used with the last upgrade. Judy will mail individual assignments next week, including relevant pages from the Release notes, test logins, and the test override. Enlist colleagues to help, but ASC members are responsible for reporting back and signing off on their assigned areas. We will report back at the next ASC meeting, re-scheduled for Nov. 21st, TSB Conf. Rm., but Chris has also asked that we not wait until the meeting to report problems. Email Chris and Judy a description of problems (include examples and barcodes) as soon as they are discovered.

2) Email discrepancies—IRIS patron file and the Rutgers Online Directory.

Bob reminded us that we only load records for Type 1 employees in the patron database. Type 4 employees, for example clerical lab staff and TAs, are not included. Type 4 employees who are also students sometimes have two records in the Rutgers Online Directory but we only get their student record. Advise Type 4 employees with RU-ONLINE student records in our database to update their RU Online Directory student record email. We can always edit the email addresses of Type 4 employees who were registered locally at a circulation desk.

Bob also reported that students and employees can hide information from displaying in their Rutgers Online Directory entry and that we sometimes get data that can’t be seen in the directory. At the beginning of the semester we were getting data earlier than it appeared in the online directory.

Do not use the Rutgers Online Directory to authenticate individuals. It’s unclear when records are purged from the directory. To register individuals with the libraries, they must have either a current RU-ONLINE record in our database and verification by SSN, or appropriate ID at a circulation desk. Non-matriculated student records were late getting to the Registrar from some departments and therefore late appearing in our database this fall. Ideally, we should wait for an online record and not register students from “lists” provided by departments.

3) Holds: hold slips, other.

After discussing local shelving practices and the merits of vertical vs. horizontal placement of patron name fields on hold slips, we decided to create double-sided slips with both options that could be used by all libraries. In-transit slips will also be available for use system wide. Judy will arrange to distribute sample copies and masters to all libraries.

Reports of patrons coming with hold available notices for items that aren’t on hold, most around the same date… for holds placed on the Sept. 30th, and patrons notified on the Oct.3rd. Staff also reported seeing books on hold with an “owning library” different from the item in hand. Continue to send examples of holds gone astray or behaving oddly to Systems.

Bob reported that recalls are still appearing on checked out copies when in library copies are available. The decision tree for whether or not an item can have a hold placed on it (we want checked out copies to be included) and the decision tree for which copy to choose for the hold (pickup library’s copy first) work independently of one another in separate reports. Systems staff are continuing to examine this problem and are responding to AAL questions.

4) Overrides

The group affirmed that the lower-level override needs to provide access to “Modify User.” Student use of this powerful wizard should be guided by training and supervision. A more restricted, third-level override is not needed.

5) 40-Day Overdue reports and placing academic holds.

The group decided to stop using the 40-day overdue report to place academic holds. Following the NB billing group’s recommendation, we will begin to place academic holds 3 times/year, timed to correspond with the university’s registration and diploma hold deadlines. We will work with Systems to produce 2 new reports based on the first days of registration. Billing staff will only use their current 40-day overdue reports to change a patron’s status to barred. We will stop adding PUB-NOTEs and placing academic holds. Barry will continue to “unbar” student records when books are returned. We can discuss patrons’ barred status with them and if satisfied that they still have possession of books, unbar them and permit renewals. In future, students with academic holds place on the new cycle will be required to return books to the library for discharge.

Judy is reviewing samples of individual libraries’ old department student delinquent account report summaries, and will have a proposal soon for cleaning these up. The libraries open accounts with Billing and Collections are also under review.

6) Other Items and Information Sharing.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, Nov. 21, 9:30-11:30 a.m., TSB Conference Room, Busch Campus. Videoconferencing will be available.

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