Minutes of January 9, 2003 meeting

1) Remote Access CD.

Gary Golden and John Gibson described the remote access instructional CD developed at Robeson. This interactive video CD (sound may be added in future) answers questions about proxy configuration. It contains Adobe Acrobat 5.05 and Netscape 4.08 for downloading. The CD has been successfully tested with Camden patrons. Users will be able to burn their own CD copies from the Web in future. In the meantime, it has been suggested we make copies of the CD available at each Reserve Desk for 3 or 7 day checkout and/or at Imaging Services offices for purchase. Users would not be able to write to these copies. A copy of the CD will be made available for staff to review; ASC will then follow PSC’s recommendation for access and distribution.

2) U2002 Update.

As announced, the Unicorn upgrade will take place Tuesday evening, Jan. 14th . First thing Wed. morning staff will need to update the clients on their PCs. A link to instructions on the Systems web page will be provided with an email announcement when the upgrade is completed. Chris also announced that we received a file to fix the problem of placing holds on more than one volume in multiple volume sets.

3) PALCI Pilot Update.

The implementation group meets tomorrow morning to discuss policy, workflow, and web access issues. Dan Iddings, Executive Director of PALCI, is coming to train on Thursday, January 30th (NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED JAN. 22nd TRAINING DATE). Training for RDS and ILS staff will be in the afternoon of the 30th, at an Information Handling Lab at the SCC.

4) Missing Books.

We reviewed access services’ current missing book procedures that cover what to do when books are reported missing at circulation desks and when books are discovered missing by RDS staff. We updated the procedures and then drafted a NEW section, guidelines for how to respond to online reports of missing books received via AAL or on an online request form. Revised guidelines will be distributed to access services staff and shared with PSC for comments. A missing books public information campaign, for public services staff as well as patrons, was also suggested.

5) Library (department) delinquent accounts.

Before billing staff can send Remove Hold slips for names on their pre-Geac libraries’ department lists we need to cross-check the lists against Student Financial Service’s active accounts, and search the lists on IRIS. Judy will arrange for the crosscheck against outstanding accounts, and then communicate specific procedures to billing staff for searching on IRIS and updating holds if a user record is found (which we think is highly unlikely).

6) AAL: “holds” questions, next team meeting.

There have been no concrete suggestions for how to divide “holds” questions. ASC recommended the next AAL access team meeting take place when there is more information about the web software that Natalie is investigating. “Automating PIN Requests” is now an “A” priority on the Systems project list. When will new members will be added to the access services team? --hopefully soon since vacant positions are being filled.

7) Confidentiality of Library Records.

We reviewed the document “The Confidentiality of Library Records,” approved by Cabinet on Tuesday. We went over steps to take when requests for library records are received from law enforcement officials: #1 without paperwork, #2 with a subpoena, and #3 with a warrant. The communication chain that immediately kicks in, and routing plan for legal papers, for both day and night library hours, were discussed. Cabinet has recommended this document replace the current Access Services Policy # 3, “Library Circulation Records: Definition and Confidentiality.” The memo’s current addendum, concrete examples to assist with training new access services staff and student workers, will be retained. We suggested a few minor additions to the addendum, which will be incorporated in the memo’s final version.

8) Announcements/Information Sharing.

Next meeting: FRI., February 21st, 9:30 a.m. Alexander Library, CAC.

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