Minutes of February 21, 2003 meeting

Katie Anderson was introduced from Robeson.

1) Access Services Policy Memo #3, The Confidentiality of Library Records

The final version is now available on the Staff Resources WebPages under Access Services/Policies.

2) E-ZBorrow/PALCI

During the first 2 weeks of implementation, we can expect to discover glitches, will learn how the URSA software interacts with Unicorn, and will firm up our local procedures. Chris has already worked with the Epixtech programmer and Dan Iddings to correct email address and patron status issues, and he sent them code last night which fixed the problem the URSA system had with creating temporary brief records in WorkFlows.

We reviewed a step-by-step draft (based on what we know now) of “generic” procedures for processing E-ZBorrow/PALCI requests. ASC members suggested corrections and additions. Judy will distribute a revision on Monday, which we will refine again in a week after we’ve completely worked through the life cycles of both borrowing and lending requests. The responsibility to complete each task varies at the local library, so procedures are “generic” and can be used as needed by appropriate staff (RDS/ILS/Circ Desk/Shipping).

3) American Hungarian Foundation

ILS-Alex has received its first RDS requests for HUNGARIAN materials. Staff are working with Margaret Papai at the American Hungarian Foundation. The collection will also be eligible for interlibrary loan; Hungarian records will be included in RLIN.

4) Friends/Community borrowers

In future, all those who contribute to the Libraries through the Rutgers University Foundation will become Friends. Current Friends borrowing privileges have been extended through June 2003, at which time they will expire and borrowing privileges will be handled separately from the Friends.

A new Community borrower program will soon be introduced, with a web page and application form. Corporate borrowers, whose New Jersey business paid for their borrowing privileges, will become part of the Community program. The fee will be $100/year for Guest privileges. Application forms and fees should be sent to, and will be processed by, University Libraries Administration. Community borrower cards will then be mailed to the applicant’s postal address. As soon as the program is announced, access services staff can refer interested users and expired Friends who want to extend their borrowing privileges to the web page and application. The “Guest Borrower Application” form will be eliminated.

Next year we will have a cleanup project for expired corporate and friends’ borrower records. A new “Stat” is needed in WorkFlows for the new community borrower category. “CB,” “FEEBOR,” and “COMBOR” were suggested.

5) Aged Holds Reports

Dean has been working with Chris on the aged hold reports. We are now running 2 Aged Holds reports for each library: holds in-transit 3 days sent FROM the library, and holds in transit 10 days sent TO the library. We agreed to run the reports 3 times/week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.) and email them to the RDS contact(s). Let Chris know if you want them emailed to a different staff person(s). Work with these reports like you do other “transit” reports: search your Hold Shelf and stacks, if found Discharge or Check item status, analyze the message you receive back on screen, take appropriate steps. Investigate each case! there are a variety of reasons an item may end up on your aged hold report and there are no routine steps to take at this point.

When requesting a stack check via circ_sub for an item that is potentially “on hold,” please include a note in your email message to also check the Hold Shelves. Dean ran a Hold Shelf inventory report for Chang that helped identify items that probably were misshelved because of the new discharge message (route to another Lib with patron’s name). Hold Shelf inventory reports may also be of interest to libraries.

6) Missing Books

We reviewed a draft of missing book guidelines and suggested additional changes and a new report schedule. A draft will be revised and guidelines shared with public services and collection development.

7) Spring Academic Holds, billing reports, timetable, etc.

A report was run to identify users with 40+ day overdue items that we barred during the fall semester and now want to place on academic hold for next fall’s registration. Report criteria were users with a barred status, items due 7/20/02 through 12/27/02, and with no academic hold. The report identified 321 UGRADS, 28 GUEST, 7 GRAD, and 1 FACST. During a trip to SFS, Barry learned that a letter was just about to go out announcing a Feb. 27th deadline to place holds for fall registration. Given the short timeframe, the NB billing functional group will divide the list and place the holds. We also ran a report to identify patrons who are not yet barred and have 40 day overdues, and will need to go back to review and place holds on these patrons.

8) Announcements and Information Sharing.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, March 13, 9:30 am, NRUTGERS Room, Alexander Library, CAC.

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