Minutes of June 12, 2003 meeting

Yoshiko Ishii, new committee member from Dana, was introduced.

1) Goals - review of 2002/03 goals and discussion of 4-5 key goals for 2003/04

2002/03 Goals:

Other, completed: PALCI, missing book guidelines and stacks check guidelines, new scanners, ereserve files size, year-round AAL team and blind reply address, automatic 40-day bar report.

2003/04 Goals:

2) Returned library notices guidelines, draft #2

After discussion, the group recommended we include guidelines for staff at desks for dealing with patrons who have been barred because of returned library notices, a strategy for dealing with blank address fields, and a procedure to expire patrons with bad addresses if their record is not currently loading from Admin Computing. Tracey will begin to forward returned notices according to the schedule in the draft guidelines.

3) ILL checkout procedures, July 1

New circulation policies and checkout procedures for interlibrary loan books will begin July 1. Most ILL books will have the traditional white book bands and will receive an automatic 4-week loan from the date of checkout; and patrons can renew them once by for an additional 4-weeks in Self Services (just like E-ZBorrow books). ILL books with special conditions such as a shortened loan, no renewals, or in-library use will have brief records created with a new noncirculating item type (ILLSPECIAL). Staff at desks will need to enter a special due date and use the override. Brief instructions will be included on the yellow book bands for special ILLs. All interlibrary loan materials will be subject to a new 7-day recall period.

The new patron web interface and ILL request forms will be outside of the Unicorn request module. The link in IRIS will remain and there will be additional access to ILL services under Services on the RUL website. Patrons will need their barcode and email address to logon for ILL services.

4) Library payments by credit card at cashiers' offices; Knight Express

We need to determine best location and find an available port at Alex's circulation desk for a Knight Express reader in NB. The cashier offices in NB are prepared to accept miscellaneous bills for patrons, who are not yet on Hold, and would like to pay bills by credit card. Procedures will be shared with the NB billing group. Students who are already on academic hold can currently pay by credit card at cashier offices (the amount of their hold). There are no provisions for students to hand-carry updates to their hold amounts to a cashiers office.

5) Miscellaneous Updates

Other Items, information sharing.

NEXT Meeting: Thurs., July 10, 2003, 9:30-11:30 NRUTGERS, Alexander Library.

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