Minutes of September 11, 2003 meeting

1) Recon without inventory

Ruth Bogan, Linda Turzynski, and Lori Stethers attended the beginning of the meeting to discuss new recon and inventory procedures and their impact on access services. Database Management plans to convert Alexander Library materials by working from shelf list cards and without having items in hand. Online records with system-generated barcodes will be added to IRIS. A percentage of these records will be for items that are missing. Lori is designing a post-recon inventory project that will eventually identify missing items. In the meantime, the new procedures will greatly speed the recon process and provide us with access to materials we own and that are currently not in IRIS.

Within the next month or so we will begin to see records for Alexander materials with system-generated barcodes in IRIS, OCLC, and RLIN. These materials can be requested and checked out. They might appear on Alexander Library s pull lists as RDS and PALCI requests, in Alex ILL as lending requests from libraries outside Rutgers, and at Alex s circulation desk when patrons locate them in the stacks and bring them to the desk to check out.

We agreed to the following access services procedures:

a) Alex RDS and Alex ILS staff who locate an item with an online system-generated barcode while filling an RDS, PALCI, or ILL request, will attach a 390300&& barcode to the item, update the item s barcode in Workflows, and process the request as usual.

b) Alex RDS and Alex ILS staff, who cannot locate a recon item while attempting to fill an RDS, PALCI, or ILL request, will immediately charge its system-generated barcode to MISS-ALEX, following standard missing procedures.

c) Staff and students at the Alex circulation desk who check out an unbarcoded recon book will follow standard circ-on-the-fly procedures: assign a 390300&& barcode and enter a brief circ record. Database Management staff are alerted via Unicorn reports to these items and will consolidate/revise the brief circ and recon records while the item is in circulation.

Hala Issa is the contact for Alex circulation and RDS staff, and Bonnie Spaventa is the contact for Alex ILS lending staff if we have questions or need assistance. It was noted that multi-volume sets might present some challenges. And it was suggested that we consider accelerated withdrawal of recon items on Alex s Missing Book reports in future. Ruth noted that the Itemcat2 field will be RECON for these records, and they will be easy to identify in a report.


The E-ZBorrow pilot is over and Cabinet has agreed that PALCI will become a permanent service. Public Services Council recommended we participate in PALCI s onsite faculty borrowing and no fee photocopy programs. Not all PALCI libraries participate in these programs. Our participation is projected to begin Oct. 15. PALCI s onsite faculty borrowing program is similar to VALE's. Visiting PALCI faculty present a form signed by staff at their home library and we will extend guest borrowing privileges for one year. Likewise, Rutgers faculty needs to take the form to a PALCI library to borrow onsite. The Guest Borrowers chart with a PALCI user category, public services policies, and a list of participating libraries will be available on the web. A new PALCI user status is needed in Workflows. Interlibrary loan staff at participating PALCI libraries handle the no fee photocopy service. Rutgers ILL staff will meet to discuss how to implement this service.

3) RDS Web Document Delivery

A new Web Document Delivery Working Group has been formed to plan the operational and public service rollout of web delivery for RDS and Locate & Copy articles. Donna Cryan is leading the group composed of Barbara Garwood, Carolyn Foote, Yoshiko Ishii, Teri McNally, Andy Martinez, Drue Williamson, Christopher Lee, and Barbara Grau.

4) Borrowers: Primary Borrowers Chart and RUconnection update

We reviewed major updates to the latest Primary Borrowers Chart:

The latest Primary Borrowers Chart, dated 9/15/03, is now available on the web under Staff Resources / Access Services / Procedures/ Registering New Borrowers / Primary Borrowers Chart.

Updates from RUconnection:

5) Process Review

6) Other items and information sharing

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, October 9, 2003, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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