Minutes of October 9, 2003 meeting

1) U2003 Release: timetable and testing assignments

Chris will load U2003 in the test system during the week of 10/3-10/17/03, testing takes place 10/20-12/3/03 with signoff scheduled for 12/4/03, and U2003 will be loaded in production 1/1/04. Testing assignments were distributed; we ll plan to discuss preliminary results at the next ASC meeting, 11/13/03.

2) RDS: article web deliver update

The working group is revising instructions and composing publicity. Imaging Services staff is offering scanning refreshers. A request to add an account field to the Request Article/Other form was submitted to Systems; and includes patron s Address 1 zip code (campus) and school code if possible. A new RU-A filled status will be used for paid articles and daily reports will be generated and emailed to Imaging Services staff. Account information will then be updated and entered in PUB-NOTES in the patron s WorkFlows user record, following a standard note format and including department (IS) and date. Until Ariel is networked, Imaging Services at Alexander will receive and post to the web all RDS articles for NB campus patrons.

RDS: requests for Special Collections materials.
Alex RDS staff is meeting with Special Collections to firm up procedures. All RDS requests will be checked with SpCol staff and a new Reply macro sent to patrons when requests are denied.

3) Guest Borrower Chart

A revised Guest Borrower Chart was distributed with information about alumni online records and the PALCI reciprocal faculty onsite-borrowing program. We will eliminate reference to fiche/paper and add diplomas for Rutgers alumni validation, and include information about where alumni can get ID cards on the Newark and Camden campuses. An updated version with these changes will be issued.

4) Net ID: implications for email addresses in patron records

Rutgers students, faculty, and staff are now required to have Net IDs and an email address in the RU Online Directory. We can no longer advise patrons to remove their email addresses from the RU Online Directory in order to receive paper notices.

Another address issue: at the present time there is no mechanism for recent alumni with RU-ONLINE data-loaded records to update their addresses in WorkFlows. Systems staff is working on revising the patron loader and will have a solution shortly.

Staff would like to know what students are told about their email addresses and RU Online Directory entries when setting up their accounts, and when do students Net IDs expire (immediately upon separation, graduation or- a year after?).

5) Reserve Items

Recommendations from NB Reserve group were presented: to increase the 20 title limit to 40 titles in electronic format and to 30 titles for courses with books and photocopied materials; to move the Fall faculty submission deadline to August 1st and the Spring deadline to December 1st; to keep summer s May 1st deadline as is. ASC agreed. The reserve web site and brochure (for its next run) will be updated. We emphasized that these are strictly guidelines and reminders to point faculty to, that staff frequently exercise judgment when working with individual faculty on their course reserves.

6) Other misc. items

-Users with expiration dates greater than our new FACSTF expiration date, 12/31/2004, have been identified. Most of these users have an old 2005 expiration date and all are currently not loading. There are approximately 250 FACSTF, 2500 GRAD, and 5000 UGRAD records. We agreed to ask Systems to expire these users with a report and assign an expiry date of 10/15/03. These user records will then be removed in the next annual purge. We ll study UMD and retiree records individually before expiring them.

-Please use preprinted mailing labels with street addresses for the law libraries (request a supply from Lucye if you need some). Campus, not library, mail handlers delivery law library materials and C-LAW and N-LAW are meaningless to them, materials will be delayed or possibly lost. Also, do not address mail PALCI Returns; include the ILS office ( ILS-Alex or ILS-LSM ) where the materials are going for processing.

-Is it OK to manually expire user records that are not currently loading when we come across them in daily work? Yes, and add PUB-NOTE. User expired <insert today s date>; last load date <insert user s last load date>. Initials, etc. Consult the Primary Borrowers Chart for a definition of current status based on last load date.

-The daily barred user report now includes some users who are barred because of persistent bad addresses. We agreed to leave them barred. A final version of Returned Library Notices-Guidelines and Procedures has not yet been released.

7) Information Sharing

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