Minutes of February 12, 2004 meeting


  1. Update on U2003 bugs
  2. Feedback on new U2003 options
  3. Preparing for Patron Purge
  4. Questions/comments on item comment conversion
  5. Term Loans for Undergraduates, discussion
  6. Scheduled Withdrawal of Missing Books from IRIS
  7. Update on RDS web document delivery and Billing working group
  8. Misc. Updates and Information Sharing.

ASC wished Mary Gadek a happy retirement; we will miss her.

1) Update on U2003 bugs

Display of reserve brief records in Webcat was reported to various Sirsi listservs, which resulted in supportive responses from peer institutions, and to the president of Sirsi in a letter from M. Gaunt. Chris has been in communication with the academic reserve module product developer. Sirsi now has a fix that will make this feature optional for customers. Chris has agreed to test it next week. When implemented, we will see holding statements on temporary brief reserve records in the Reserve Desk module.

Other reported bugs:

misc. observations:

2) Feedback on new U2003 options

ASC recommended we not implement the new displays of user status header and user transaction lists available in U2003. We will retain display of the alt ID.

3) Preparing for Patron Purge

We will revise the patron purge criteria this year, and Chris will look at proxy logs, to avoid purging records of patrons who only use the library for remote access. We will also investigate sending email courtesy notices to borrowers one month prior to 6/30 and 12/31 expiry dates, informing them their privileges are about to expire and what they need to do to re- qualify. Messages could be customized by user profile.

4) Questions/comments on item comment conversion

All item comments converted to notes in U2003 are shadowed. They need to be evaluated-- some may be deleted, other displayed in Webcat.

5) Term Loans for Undergraduates, discussion

PSC is reviewing services to undergraduates and asked ASC to discuss the pros and cons of extending term loans to undergraduates. In general, ASC does not favor extending term loans to undergraduates. Discussion centered on the following issues:

28-day loans are working OK for undergraduates:

Undergraduates will lose track of their books:

It's important to stay in touch with undergraduates about their library record:

Effect on overall circulation policies and user perceptions:

Information that might help us continue the discussion:

6) Scheduled Withdrawal of Missing Books from IRIS

Chris has automated the withdrawal process for missing items in IRIS, RLIN and OCLC. Currently, after a final stack search, access services staff at each unit send their annual missing book lists to the Database Management Team for manual withdrawal. We can now withdraw all missing items on a regular systemwide schedule. ASC agreed that October 1st would give missing book staff sufficient time to conduct the final stacks search for items on the reports produced in July (items charged to missing before 6/30 of the previous year) before we automatically withdrawn them.

7) Update on RDS web document delivery and Billing working group

The RDS web document delivery working group is reviewing public documentation, testing, and working on staff procedures. The service will probably not be introduced until this summer, allowing plenty of prepublicity lead time for users who may wish to set up deposit accounts and order articles for a fee from their home campus/library. The Billing working group's first meeting is tomorrow.

8) Misc. Updates and Information Sharing

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 11, 2004, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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