Minutes of April 8, 2004 meeting

P. Bellanca, A. Peteet, J. Reinhart, R. Smith, P. Weniger, B. Lipinski, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann, A.Martinez, E. McElroy, J.Gardner, Katie Anderson, Y. Ishii
N. Mukherjee, D. Meister, D. Vorhees


  1. Access Symposium at NYU in March.
  2. U2003: status of reported bugs and U2003.1 enhancements.
  3. RDS Web Delivery WG updates.
  4. Billing WG update.
  5. Borrowers: VALE grad students, UMD
  6. Misc. Updates and Information Sharing.

1) Access Symposium at NYU in March

Katie and Yoshi reported on library as space and e-reserves sessions, and Matthew's written comments were shared. It was interesting for attendees to meet and discuss common problems with colleagues. In general Rutgers is proactive and provides good services in comparison to peer institutions, though our services can be complicated to explain to users. Practices that differ among libraries include copyright, food & drink, and the degree to which self-services are implemented.

2) U2003.

Chris reported on status of reported bugs:

. . . and on a few of the features in U2003.1

ASC didn't think the U2003.1 features are important enough to upgrade in the summer; we would rather wait for the next major release and upgrade during out traditional winter break time. LIS IMP will assess other modules' U2003.1 enhancements.

3) RDS Web Delivery Working Group update

Fliers alerting users to the new web delivery of RDS articles have been mailed to each library and should arrive in a day or two. We reviewed the RDS web document delivery working group's checklist, what's been accomplished and still needs to be done. The Request Article/Other form has been revised in the test system; addresses and school codes are printing on new Requests; new RU-A-PAID status is in the test system; Imaging Services web page and deposit account information/forms have been revised and posted; letters to old Locate & Copy users mailed; publicity fliers and posters created, duplicated, and distributed; communication to rul_everyone, law libraries, off-campus sites, News & Events article; revise user interface pages and email messages in Ariel to accommodate ILL and RDS articles; update RDS/A Team keyboard express macros; revise user instructions and web documentation (RDS, Web Doc Del FAQ, AAL FAQ, IRIS Help, PSPM#4, RDS brochure, RDS PDF forms, other); compose documentation and procedures; plan and deliver training session for RDS and "A" Team staff; statistics and assessment.

Requests for RDS articles from our print collections have decreased since we've acquired more e- journals. Free RDS article delivery among the 3 campuses and from the Annex is straightforward. The fee service is a niche service designed for faculty and graduate students who are doing long-term research and have funds to pay for the added value and convenience of web article delivery from local campus libraries. We will study RDS web article delivery during the fall semester and recommend service changes during the Rt. 18 construction period in NB/P if needed.

4) Billing Working Group update

The group has met and is making progress. The Assumed Lost report has run a couple of times in the test system, changing the status of items a year overdue to ASSUM-LOST and generating First Bill notices. The Longoverdue report will be studied for possible use after an item is 2 years overdue.

In addition, the group is working on notices to send to employees who leave the university, students who withdraw, and new alumni when they have checkouts on their records; adding phone #s to the return address on notices (which are based on the user's check out location); removing paid bills linked to a patron after 2 years and bills not linked to a patron after 1 year; and adapting a claims lost feature to help automate our claims returned process.

5) Borrowers: VALE grad students, UMD

Public Services Council has recommended Rutgers participate in the VALE reciprocal onsite-borrowing program for graduate students, which will be administered along the same lines as the faculty program, probably beginning July 1. We will change the way we register UMD users in New Brunswick/Piscataway when a new institutional agreement is in place, hopefully this summer. Details are being worked out.

6) Announcements and Information sharing

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 13, 2004, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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