Minutes of May 13, 2004 meeting

Present: D.Meister, T.Meyer, E.McElroy, A.Peteet, J.Teichmann, B.Lipinski, R.Smith, N.Mukherjee, D.Voorhees, M.Tokar, J.Gardner; and K.Anderson, C. Foote, Y.Ishii, and M.Harris (via telecom)


  1. Systems issues: U2003.1 and U2004, Item Comment field, Keyboard Express macros for Requests, other.
  2. Reserves: spring/summer transition, other.
  3. Diploma Holds update.
  4. Billing Working Group updates, text of new notices.
  5. RDS Web Delivery Working Group update, training May 18th.
  6. Information Sharing and Announcements.

1) Systems issues

2) Reserves: spring/summer transition, other.

Reports and removal of files are on track with minor schedule changes. Messages are sent to circ_sub when action is taken. The "still checked out at closing" report has been suspended for the summer.

3) Diploma Holds update.

Graduating student lists were delivered early this year, and the deadline for holds met. It's been suggested that we ask for an electronic file next year and merge it with a file of barred users to more efficiently identify students who need a diploma hold.

4) Billing Working Group updates, text of new notices

Beginning July 1, we will start to send "Bill for Replacement" notifications," create Bills in users' WorkFlows records, and change the status of items one year overdue to ASSUM LOST, a shadowed location. A summary of these changes will be sent to rul_everyone in June. The billing working groups continues to analyze really long overdue items and develop a strategy for removing them from the catalog. The group has also been working on text of new notices, including courtesy notices to send to new alumni and withdrawn students and Guest, Community, VALE borrowers about to expire. The texts of these notices were shared with ASC and a few suggestions received which will be incorporated in final versions.

5) RDS Web Delivery Working Group update

We are on track to begin RDS web article delivery June 1st. Training will take place next Tues, May 18th, 9:00 a.m. in the Pane Room.

6) Information Sharing and Announcements

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_04_05_13.shtml
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