Minutes of July 8, 2004 meeting

N. Mukherjee, A.Martinez, R.Smith, B.Lipinski, J.Gardner, D.Meister, C. Sterback, J.Reinhart, J.Teichmann, Y.Ishii, C.Foote, P.Cabelli (guest)

1) Proposal for barcoding items with supplementary materials (multi-part items): Dean Meister and Paul Cabelli.

Dean and Paul presented a proposal for processing "2 or more items kept together" on behalf of the Item Standardization Focus Group, a subgroup of the Holdings Working Group. They asked for ASC reaction to the concept, with the understanding that there are details to work out and responsibilities for processing to be assigned before final signoff and implementation would take place. The following steps would be applied to both circulating & noncirculating serials and monographs, and only at those libraries where the policy is to keep multi-part items together on the shelf:

- One barcode will be assigned to the main volume or piece.

- A stamp or label will be affixed below the barcode including this text: Barcode includes ___ pieces. Count pieces on charge and discharge
___printed material
___electronic media
___other (specify):______

- Each accompanying item will have a call number label with the main volume's call number followed by a slash and one-word description. For example: HB138.B5/map, HB138.B5/CD, HB138.B5/guide, etc.

-On the TITLE EDIT screen, the total number of items (including the main volume or piece) will be recorded in the "number of pieces:" field.

-On the TITLE EDIT screen, a STAFF note will be added describing the accompanying items. For example: "Includes 1 booklet, 2 CDS, 1 map."

-During check out and discharge, circulation staff will see the following message: "Item has associated materials" and "number of pieces: {#}" followed by the override.

-The STAFF NOTE will display following an item search and display in WorkFlows. Staff notes do not display in Webcat.

ASC's questions, reactions, suggestions:

2) U2003.1, Workflows 2004.

Workflows 2004.

Plans for beta testing are proceeding and a kickoff meeting was held for the coordinators. Circ/reserve testers will send questions and comments to Dean and Katie. Systems staff will be around to load the client on testers' PCs by early next week. Only the circulation, reserve, and cataloging modules are available. Testers will have 2 simultaneous logons. Online Help for 2004 is not yet available. Testers were cautioned to use 1024x768 screen resolution.

3) Billing: begins this month, bill notice format revised.

Samples of revised bills were distributed. A few bills have gone out and item statuses changed to LOST ASSUM. Tips for identifying users with inactive LOST ASSUME charges: they will be barred, they will have bills for the inactive charges, and the number of their total checkouts will be greater than the number of their current checkouts. We can expect some bills to be returned, bounced from email, and the bad address contacts will begin seeing them along with returned notices.

4) VALE graduate student borrowing.

The VALE web pages are in the process of being revised to include graduate students. An announcement will go out to circ_sub. When someone other than the library's primary contact listed on the web pages signs a form, please call the library to verify. The Borrower's Chart will be updated.

5) Miscellaneous.

6) Announcements and Information Sharing.

NEXT Meeting: Thursday, August 12th. There's interest in traveling to Camden for a meeting, and to see their new desk, but people will be on vacation in August and we will try for a later meeting.

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