Minutes of August 12, 2004 meeting

N. Mukherjee, R. Smith, P. Weniger, D. Meister, E. McElroy, A. Peteet, A.Martinez, M. Tokar, D. Vorhees, C. Sterback, J. Reinhart, J.Gardner, M. Harris, C. Foote, Y. Ishii

Penny Weniger was welcomed back to ASC.

1) Housekeeping

2) WorkFlows 2004 beta testing

Dean has placed Property settings and instructions for uploading toolbars on the TSB server in a Beta 2004 Circulation folder for the beta testers. He is checking circulation desk workstations in NB/P (LSM, Alex) where basic charge/discharge functions will be tested. Systems PC staff will be around to update all beta testers clients to the latest build. Instructions for programming barcode scanners have been shared. Dean has posted two problems to the beta test Web Forum. Chris expects testing to continue beyond mid September. Beta testers, please remember to report questions and problems to Dean & Katie (not Chris).

3) Ereserves Working Group update

The Ereserves Working group (R.Smith, D.Voorhees, J.Reinhardt, S.Rogers, D.Goldberg, D. Meister, D.Sterback, J.Gardner) met with Jeanne Boyle earlier this week.

The group reviewed and discussed copyright. Our policy is based on fair use; the guidelines are open to interpretation. Faculty need to interpret fair use of materials they place on reserve. The libraries do not pay for or seek permissions. We will not burn disk copies of ereserve documents for faculty. We purge ereserve documents each semester, at the advice of and correct policy according to university counsel. Roll-over works OK for re-using documents between semesters, except between spring and fall or when there are gaps in communication with professors. We shared strategies for dealing with faculty who request multiple chapters of a book for ereserve. It was noted that the university's copyright policy draft deals mostly with works produced at Rutgers.

The group agreed that we would begin to provide electronic copies only, unless specifically requested by faculty, and stop processing photocopies for check-out at reserve desks. This decision was based on the % of photocopies with low or no circulations, the libraries overall goal of digital delivery, Route 18 construction in NB/P. This academic year will be a transition period during which staff will work with faculty. We will always respond to special requests and formats (scores, art reproductions). Reserve staff will maintain faculty photocopies in staff areas in case there is a need to re-scan, and return them at the end of the semester. SERC's role in reserve services will be monitored during the transition.

Other items:

4) Billing Working Group updates

The billing working group recommends we remove overdue recall holds 40 days after they become overdue and send a Hold cancellation notice to the patron. Chris has tested creating an overdue recall bill and writing an extended info note with information about recall due date, etc. in the patron record before the Hold is cancelled. ASC agreed with the plan. The billing WG is also interested in integrating billing for lost PALCI and ILL books into billing and collections for lost Rutgers books. A strategy for dealing with bills for patrons with bad addresses, especially old expired patron records is another goal.

5) Misc. Items, Announcements and Information Sharing

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, September 9, 2004, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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