Minutes of February 10, 2005 meeting

J.Reinhart, N.Mukherjee, D.Meister, B.Lipinski, B.Warwick, J.Teichmann, J.Gardner, K.Anderson (at Camden), D.Voorhees, P.Weniger, E.McElroy, R.Smith, G. Sandberg, A. Martinez
M.Tokar. We were unable to make a videoconference connection to Dana.


  1. Upgrade to U2003.1.4.
  2. ILL and PALCI Billing Proposal.
  3. Misc. Items.
  4. Announcements and Information Sharing.

1) Upgrade to U2003.1.4

This upgrade primarily fixes bugs, for example User Name browse will be restored, but we still need to test thoroughly. Staff volunteered for the following. Judy will email testers a reminder with test logins, users, the override, and IPs.

User Maintenance- Eugene; Charge and Discharge- Penny; Renew- Glenn; Create and Delete Brief Records-Roger (ILL records-Glenn); Check Item status, Manage Transit, Display Items-Andy; Holds and Recalls- Nita; Requests- Katie; Billing- Jeff; User Functions in Webcat- (unable to test because iLink is installed in the text system); Reserves- Zohreh, Darryl; Bookings- Jan; Reports- Dean

Please email Chris and Judy any problems and observations no later than MARCH 7th. Testers can work in pairs, and involve others. The upgrade will probably start the first Sunday of spring break (March 13) and run into Monday.

2) ILL and PALCI Billing Proposal

ASC made a number of suggestions and corrections to the proposal. Judy will incorporate them into a revised draft for the ILL Committee to review at its meeting next week. We also reviewed the latest Timetable of Notices, Bills, and Item & User Statuses for overdue books.

3) Misc. Items

4) Announcements and Information Sharing

* * * The MARCH 10th ASC meeting is CANCELLED. * * *

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 14, 2005, 9:30 a.m.

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