Minutes of April 14, 2005 meeting

B.Lipinski, G. Sandberg, D.Voorhees, Z. Bonianian, J.Teichmann, A. Martinez, P.Weniger, C. Sterback, N.Mukherjee, R.Smith, M.Tokar, K.Anderson, M Harris, D. Meister, J. Reinhart, J. Gardner

1. Proposed new Current Locations (Statuses) in IRIS GRADCARREL or ART-CARREL, and NEWBKSHELF.

Andy and Kristen have worked on a proposal for automating checkout and inventory of the graduate student carrels in the Art Library. It involves a new Current Location in IRIS. Art is the only library that does not check items to individuals' library records for carrel use; its carrels are open and shared. ASC recommended using ART-CARREL for the new Current Location. Chris will create it, and will also create 34 new ART-CARREL staff users with a new staff profile with term loans and limited to 60 charges (20/each of 3 users sharing a carrel). Books charged to an ART-CARREL will be retrieved by Art Library staff for use by in-library users upon request; they will also be eligible for ILL and RDS to Camden & Newark.

ASC discussed another proposed new Current Location-- NEWBKSHELF. The group's consensus was that the amount of staff time needed to select items, charge, discharge, and maintain accurate checkout statuses is prohibitive. The number of new items, turnover, and limited time items are on new book shelves are factors. It was also thought the probability of double charges occurring would be high, which cause problems with individual borrower records. ASC recommended against implementing a NEWBKSHELF location and for greater user education in this area. Whenever users report a 2005 copyright NOS in a library with a new bookshelf, public services staff should immediately take them to the new bookshelf to look for it. Whenever RDS staffs receive a request for a 2005 copyright book, it should be searched on new book shelves as well as the stacks, and before it is reported MISSING in IRIS.

2. iLink: MY ACCOUNT, error messages, other.

SELF SERVICES becomes MY ACCOUNT in the new IRIS, with links to external sites. Web pages and brochures will be revised to reflect the change. The INTERLIBRARY LOAN button will be removed from IRIS, and RESERVE DESK becomes RESERVES. Access services staff contributed new text for error messages in iLink. Rollout is tentatively scheduled for May 16.

3. Billing issues: diploma holds; ILL/PALCI billing; students view of academic holds in myRutgers, other.

4. A Team Keyboard Express macros, revision to RDS macro suggested.

Suggested changes to the A Team macros will be reviewed again for changes in the new IRIS before they are shared with B. Warwick and the A Team. Misc. changes to the Request/Article Other form and RDS staff macro are pending.

5. Misc.: Missing Book reports, VALE Borrowing staff instructions, 2005 Access Symposium, Systems updates.

6. Announcements and Information Sharing.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 12, 2005, 9:30 a.m. Conference Room, Alexander Library

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