Minutes of May 12, 2005 meeting

B.Lipinski, D.Voorhees, J.Teichmann, A. Martinez, P.Weniger, T. Meyer, N.Mukherjee, R.Smith, M.Tokar, K.Anderson, T.NcNally, M Harris, D. Meister, J. Reinhart, J. Gardner, C.Foote

1. May 16th downtime for iLink installation

We will use manual book charge forms (no Standalone) during system downtime on Monday while iLink is installed. When the system comes up, we agreed to enter all manual charges, call LSM when done, wait for LSM to start the calling chain before beginning to discharge returned items. We revised the manual book charge form.

2. PALCI logins

Alexander's PALCI login has been changed. All libraries will receive new PALCI logins on June 1st. Let Judy know if you would like more than one login per library.

3. NetIDs, Alumni, Admitted Students, and access to licensed electronic resources

Judy distributed a draft document describing when NetIDs work for remote access. Faculty, staff, and students (including summer, winter, and admit coming students) gain remote access as soon as they are eligible for and create a valid NetID. Students and alumni lose access in mid-August if they are not registered for fall semester. For example, students who graduate in May, do not enroll in summer session but are going to graduate school in the fall, will have access through the summer but will lose it in mid-August if they have not yet registered for fall classes. Admit coming students lose access October 15 if they are not registered. Judy will update the draft document and distribute it to circ_sub.

4. Ereserves Working Group- update

Roger reported highlights from Ereserve Working Group meeting held last week. The syllabus format has problems with NetID remote access. After discussing possible solutions and alternatives the group decided to work further on grouping readings by week on Workflows record. We will link from scanned copies of syllabus in audio reserves only, where passwords are in place. On a trial basis this summer, reserve staff will expand maximum file size to 4 meg. The Eres tutorial developed at Camden will be updated for iLink. Options available with MS Office readers on library PCs was discussed.

5. In Library Use: review of RDS policies, procedures, and patron Notices

We reviewed problems caused by email notices that are sent to patrons with 5-days in-library use items, which states that items will be held for 14 days. The text of these "hold available" email notices cannot be customized. We explored various ideas including-- extend the loan period of in-library materials, don't create holds, don't make holds available, create in-library users for each unit, add language to the email notice, add language to the error message when Recall/Deliver requests are blocked that if Request Article/Other is used to request items the loan period will be 5 days. Staff were encouraged to think of other ideas that might solve this problem.

6. Misc

7. Announcements and Information Sharing

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 9, 2005, 9:30 a.m.

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