Minutes of June 9, 2005 meeting

P. Bellanca, D. Voorhees, Z. Bonianian, J. Teichmann, R. Barbalace, E. McElroy, D. Meister, A. Martinez, C. Sterback, N. Mukherjee, G. Sandberg, M. Tokar, R. Smith, B. Lipinski, P. Weniger, J. Gardner (recorder), K. Anderson, Y.Ishii, M.Harris, D.Grauer, C.Foote.

Rose Barbalace, Coordinator of the NBL Student Assistant Functional Group, was welcomed to ASC.


  1. Goals. Review of 2004/05 goals and discussion of key goals for 2005/06.
  2. Access Services-Systems Academic Calendar for 2005/06-DRAFT.
  3. Accompanying Materials - A Proposal for RUL Standards.
  4. Billing: Notices schedule and texts; ILL/PALCI notices & bills; training dates.
  5. Rutgers ID#s - Update.
  6. Other items, information sharing.

1) Goals. Review of 2004/05 goals and discussion of key goals for 2005/06

2004/05 Goals:

2005/06 Goals:

2) Access Services-Systems Academic Calendar for 2005/05-DRAFT

ASC agreed to review the draft calendar and submit updates to Judy. Reserve record withdrawal dates will be changed, and new activities related to billing will be added. The draft includes tentative dates for changing various system passwords.

3) Accompanying Materials - A Proposal for RUL Standards

Cataloging and Collection Services staff have started implementing some of the processing recommendations in the proposal and we are beginning to see new labels. However, the item circ note is not yet operational, so access services staff have not seen online messages upon charge and discharge alerting us to the number of accompanying pieces. Tattle tape for individual CDs, in addition to tattle tape on CD packaging, is under investigation and Collection Services is monitoring what's available on the market. Cataloging, Collection Services, and Access Services staff will continue discussions and work on other recommendations.

4) Billing: Notices schedule and texts; ILL/PALCI notices & bills; training dates

5) Rutgers ID#s-Update

Chris, Bob, and Judy attended a meeting held by Enterprise Systems & Services (OIT) about the new Rutgers Id for students. Rutgers Ids will be assigned to every student record on the Student Record Data Base, including historical students (alumni). New students will be assigned a Rutgers Id when they first apply to the University.

The Id will uniquely identify students and will be used by various departments throughout the university. It will contain 9 numeric digits with '00' in the 4th and 5th positions (XXX00XXXX).

February 2006 is the cutover date when Rutgers Ids will replace student SSNs. All departments, including Admissions, will switch over at the same time. Students will need to pickup up a new RUconnection card, which will have their Rutgers Id printed on it. If students forget their Rutgers Id, they can login with their NetId to an online application that will provide it.

Dec. and Jan. will be testing months. Our Systems staff will receive a mapping file and through testing will identify any students in our patron file who won't be updated with a new Rutgers ID. Only Rutgers students will get a new Rutgers Id in Feb. 2006; faculty and staff will not. Our patron file load order will handle dual status people. Communication with students is planned, and we can expect to learn more too as planning proceeds.

6) Other items

7) Information Sharing

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, July 14, 2005, 9:30 a.m.

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