Minutes of August 11, 2005 meeting

Z. Bonianian, D. Voorhees, A. Martinez, R. Barbalace, D. Meister, C. Sterback, N. Mukherjee, R. Smith, J. Gardner (recorder), T. McNally, M. Tokar, J. Reinhart, Y. Ishii

Rose Barbalace, Coordinator of the NBL Student Assistant Functional Group, was welcomed to ASC.


  1. RUL Group Questionnaire-ASC Draft.
  2. Discussion of access services groups, changes and future
  3. Videoconferencing: best practices, training plans.
  4. Gearing up for Fall.
  5. Updates.

1) RUL Group Questionnaire-ASC Draft

We reviewed the draft questionnaire and Judy will incorporate suggestions made under organizational needs (#5) and skills represented (#6).

2) Discussion of access services groups, changes and future

Camden staff are ready to join the functional groups, Dana has not yet submitted names. We agreed to start with Camden; Judy will inform coordinators of new members. Functional group meeting times and coordinators will not change for now.

Judy asked that each group begin to draft a new purpose statement [try to write them in 3-5 sentences, acknowledge new RUL wide responsibilities/representation and at the same time uniqueness of 3 campuses, incorporate responsibility for testing new releases and implementing new features of Unicorn modules if appropriate (circulation, reserves, holds, requests, etc.)], and suggest a new naming protocol that could apply to all groups. ASC will review the draft purpose statements and new name suggestions at its October meeting.

The Ereserves WG will operate as a special subgroup of the Reserves FG, and continue to draw on members from outside of access services. It is expected that the Billing WG will dissolve soon and that ongoing, system wide billing work continue in the Billing FG. The responsibilities of the User Database Maintenance Team and other patron record maintenance projects will reside with the Circulation FG.

We discussed the AAL Access Services Team and need for a group to coordinate information services. Since we will be studying core competencies, first-level information and reference service, ISSG's report, etc., as part of an information services and standards review this coming year, we decided to look at AAL team as part of that process. The Media WG is not currently meeting but will become active if there are major changes to the Bookings module in GL3.0. It's important for access services staff to continue interacting with collection services staff, and participate in their working groups.

3) Videoconferencing: best practices, training plans

When Camden staff join a working group, the group's meetings will be video conferenced. Coordinators will need to schedule meetings in locations with equipment; Douglass' equipment should be ready soon.

Judy is drafting on a videoconferencing meetings best practices Tip Sheet, incorporating suggestions from Camden and other sources. For example, a common suggestion is that a member of the group (not the meeting chair) be responsible for operating the equipment, monitoring and adjusting for problems as they arise during the meeting. It's important that group leaders and 1-2 group members be able to operate the equipment.

Rather than wait for formal group equipment training, we agreed to try to arrange informal training before the beginning of the next functional group meetings. Coordinators will schedule the rooms and equipment an hour before their next meetings are scheduled to begin. We will then ask local equipment staff to meet with the chair and 1 or 2 group members for informal instruction at that time. Judy and Roger will help with logistics if needed.

4) Gearing up for Fall

Fall hours have been posted on the Libraries web site.

A "Welcome from the Rutgers University Libraries" message was emailed to 9,923 new students (on all campuses) from the university's Admission's server. It mentions stopping by a local campus library in September to register and receive a gift. Access services staff will give an RUL pen and post-it pad to every person they register at a circulation desk during the month of September. Chris will run reports to tell us how many new patrons we registered during September last year, and then Judy will distribute a supply of the pens and pads to contacts at each library.

Robeson is also planning to give copi-cards to new students. Alexander and LSM will open on Saturday, August 28 for Rutgers College tours.

Reserve publications are almost revised; all other publications are current. Order additional copies from Lucye. Judy will check to be sure the list of publications with their current publication dates is available online.

5) Updates. Other announcements and information sharing

Teri: In addition to the copi-cards, Camden may have a raffle for a free flash drive, greet students entering the library during the first two weeks of September, and staff a library info desk at the student center during freshman orientation.

Yoshi: Construction projects have resulted in traffic jams in Newark. Otherwise, things are stable, no staffing changes.

Jan: Chang is now a pickup location for videos. The web form has been updated; there is Unicorn configuration work still to be done. An announcement will be made to Cook faculty. The Media Task Force report has been issued; it recommends more online access to media including possible purchase of access to large collections.

Roger: The Library Associate 2 Reserve position at Kilmer has been posted and includes responsibility for the Media Center desk 4-8 pm 4 days/week. Media staff will reciprocate with circ desk coverage for Kilmer. Resumes are under review for the Library Associate 2 RDS position at Kilmer. Two other vacancies are pending: Stacy's Dematteo's last day at the Annex is August 26th and Rita Post is leaving Kilmer Sept 9th. Nicole Warren is now Associate 2, the RDS position at Alex, leaving an opening at Chang which will be posted. Holly Muller is new Supervisor 2 at LSM.

Nita: The RDS group has postponed its training session until late September, early Oct. Chris arranged for a fix to our PALCI configuration and it is now possible to ship items with accompanying materials. The PALCI multi-volume procedures are under review. Holly received RDS training at Douglass

Chris: There will be no summer downtime this year. System staff will attend system admin training for Director's Station next week. Software patches will be installed next week but won't be noticed by staff. Unicorn staff login changes went smoothly, with a few kinks that were expected. Personal logins will be changed once a year in future (June next); shared logins will change again in January.

Michele: Holly Muller, new Supervisor 2 at LSM, will work on RDS, PALCI, and collection management. A meeting to discuss the LSM weeding project was held with collection services and reference staff; access services staff will start to pull items again. The collection will be shifted next summer, and will be weeded ongoing after that. Art work, images from the Protein Data Bank, may be acquired for LSM. A deep quiet space behind the reference area is planned at LSM. The Circulation Functional group has been discussing customer service, training needs (duplicate users, NetIDs, changing email addresses), and working on a glossary of definitions/links for new employees.

Dean: Reimaging of public access PCs has been completed at Chang. Transfers from other libraries are coming in. Foran Hall was hit by lightening last month and the building evacuated in the rain.

Rose: Final review of the student guide was completed last week, new emergency contacts and direct deposit forms for students were added. 230-250 copies will be printed. Rose will conduct six, 2-hr. group orientations sessions during the first two weeks of the semester for new students. Students from other NLB libraries may attend.

Andy: For the LSM weeding project, access staff will limit pulling to 1000-1500/month so that a processing backlog does not occur again. Collections statistics kept by libraries are under review; call number training guide is being revised; a collection services academic calendar is being prepared. Mike at Chemistry received inventory training and will inventory and prepare Chemical Abstracts for transfer to the Annex. A shift is being planned at Douglass

Darryl: Imaging Services will replace the two most heavily used photocopiers. Year-end statistics show photocopying is down again, and network printing is down for the first time.

Judy for Zohreh: The Reserve FG had file conversion training with Darryl. Temporary brief records created for Spr05 were removed and exceptions distributed to staff at each unit to remove manually. The group discussed a suggestion for the Flash Eres tutorial, to add an example list with more than 20 items and to demonstrate the "NEXT" button (a common question from students is where the rest of reserve items are, not knowing about the next page). Judy will pass this on to Camden.

Judy for Glenn: Kristen Macaluso is new LAII in ILS, starting August 29. ILS staff visited UPenn last week to see their implementation of Rapid.

Judy: The Billing Working Group will offer one training session on August 23, 9:30 in the SCC, and will concentrate on new lost item features implemented last year.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, September 8, 2005, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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