Minutes of September 8, 2005 meeting

J. Teichmann, Z. Bonianian, J. Reinhart, R. Barbalace, A. Martinez, R. Smith, P. Weniger, J. Gardner (recorder), C. Sterback, N. Mukherjee, M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, G. Sandberg, Y. Ishii, M. Harris, K. Anderson
D. Meister


  1. Billing Session Follow-up: renewing overdue ILL-PALCI items, other.
  2. Duplicate RUconnection barcodes, Patron Loader questions.
  3. Various PALCI Procedure Updates.
  4. Videoconferencing, GoToMeeting.
  5. Functional Group Reports and Discussion items.
  6. Announcements and Information Sharing.

1) Billing Session Follow-up: renewing overdue ILL-PALCI items, other

When a patron is BARRED due to 7-day overdue Assumed Lost ILL-PALCI items, there are circumstances when circulation desk staff may unbar the user and renew the overdue ILL-PALCI items, or unbar the user to complete a transaction such as a BOOKINGS charge. Staff will use their judgment, but generally we will do this as long as ILL-PALCI items are up to 10 days overdue (we do not unbar users to renew regular Assumed Lost Rutgers STACKS items). Katie drafted instructions, which call for modifying the patron's status to Blocked, then renewing each ILL-PALCI item with the override, or checking out Bookings with the override. A final version of the instructions will be shared.

Other questions from the Billing training session:

-Do ILL-PALCI Assumed Lost items figure in the academic holds process?
Yes, they factor in. We will place Rutgers students on academic hold for overdue items borrowed from other libraries.

-When accepting payment (or a replacement copy) for an Assumed Lost item that belongs to another library is it necessary to receive the item in-transit before charging it to the LOST-PAID or LOST-REPLA user?
YES. As soon as the Bill is paid, the item is automatically discharged from the patron and while the Current Location remains LOST-ASSUM, the item goes in-transit to the owning library. It's important to receive it in-transit before charging it to either the LOST-PAID or LOST- REPLA user.

-When a patron replaces an Assumed Lost item, do we edit the existing bill or create a new bill for the processing fee?
Create a new Bill for the $20 processing fee. When accepting a replacement copy, discharge the item and charge it to LOST-REPLA (receive in-transit if it's owned by another library). The Bill will be cancelled. Then create a new Bill for the processing fee.

-How do I re-process a lost item that is returned and I discharge it and see the 'Not in Catalog" message?
Do not do anything to the item or record. Set all of these items aside for your unit Billing staff to review. Billing staff will update the user's record, delete generic lost item bills if necessary, take care of any academic holds, and arrange to add the item back into the collection.

2) Duplicate RUconnection barcodes, Patron Loader

We discussed the duplicate barcodes issued in error by the RUconnection Office. Chris has changed User IDs to Alt IDs (SSN), added a staff note, and emailed all current patrons who were issued a duplicate barcode by RUconnection. If you replace a barcode for one of these patrons, please remember to DELETE the Staff Note; otherwise we may continue changing the barcode! Chris reviewed all duplicate barcode user records and none have a history of "claims never checked out."

Staff have reported problems with searching SSNs (Alt IDs) on new user records. A search by Alt ID results in a "not found" message, but when attempting to create a new user record with the same Alt ID, an "already exists" message appears. Chris explained that indexing anomalies result when the patron loader runs Monday afternoons and it takes 24 hours before they are cleared up. When this indexing problem occurs, staff at Alexander have registered users with their barcode in the Alt ID field, kept a record of the user's Alt ID, and updated the record the following day. We agreed to follow these steps in order to register patrons right away. Chris will look into loading the patron file at a different time, one that works with Admin Computing's schedule and when full-time Systems staff are available to monitor the process.

3) Various PALCI Procedure Updates

The "Procedures for Processing PALCI Book at RUL" have been revised, with various updates to the sections such as processing multi-volume sets, dealing with "request not found" messages, IDS shipping, the hold on shelf period (14 days), etc. The document has been posted on the Staff Resources website and will be distributed to staff electronically.

How do ILS staff know when Circulation staff accept payment for a lost PALCI-ILL item and marked it LOST-PAID? The ILL-PALCI billing proposal recommends a Report of lost-paid ILL and PALCI brief record items for ILS staff, which we still need to create. In the meantime, please alert Glenn directly if you accept payment for a PALCI or ILL item. Remember, we do NOT accept replacement copies for PALCI or ILL materials.

Old PALCI holds. Chris contacts staff individually when PALCI lending holds linger on a unit's Pull List. It's important to handle (fill or unfill) these holds right away! It's our consortia obligation and agreement with PALCI libraries As an additional reminder for staff, Chris will start to add outgoing (lending) PALCI aged holds to the PALCI Aged (borrowing) Holds Report.

4) Videoconferencing, GoToMeeting

Functional group coordinators are arranging with local technical support for an introduction to the videoconferencing equipment before the beginning of their first group meeting with Camden and Newark staff. The Effective Meetings training session next week has a videoconferencing component.

Judy and Marilyn participated in a demo of GoToMeetings software from their offices, sharing websites, documents, highlighting text, etc, and with audio via telephone conference call. Judy will ask Marilyn to schedule another demo time for the functional group coordinators to try out the software. Tues., Wed., Thurs. between 10-11 a.m. were identified as best days/times for most to attend.

5) Functional Group Reports and Discussion items

Billing: The group reviewed its annual report and last FY statistics. Monies collected were close to the previous year, with a slight increase in recall fines. The group submitted suggestions for Collection Management's moldy books procedures. Will arrange to run the Report to identify barred users for spring registration holds; last year's deadline was Oct.12th. The group will videoconference its next meeting, Sept. 28th, and work on a new group statement.

Circulation: Did not meet last month. Katie Anderson and Gillian Newton are new members. The Circulation FG will begin to coordinate user maintenance projects, including bad addresses on returned mail and email notices, and will begin to look at customer service issues.

Collection Management: Members are revising proposed shift at Douglass incorporating suggestions from the Douglass Info Services Team, and will begin to pull items for the LSM weeding project the end of September. Inventory of Chem Abstracts at the Chemistry Library is on track and volumes will probably move to the Annex in October, Puerto Rican newspaper is scheduled to move from Douglass into the Annex soon, a few periodical titles are yet to be transferred from Music to Douglass. Andy will begin to test PocketCirc next week, on pre- inventory sampling.

RDS: The group welcomed new members from Newark and Camden: Theresa Macklin, Mary Ann Nesbit and Carolyn Foote. The meeting on 9/13/05 will be teleconference. The group will present a training session from the SCC on October 5, 2005.

Reserves: A reminder went out to update wizard Properties for fall. Control records will be removed this week, brief title records the end of September. The group will review reserve loan periods (the overnight loan period), and is composing a faculty survey to evaluate reserve services. Due to high volume of reserve processing this time of year, the September meeting was cancelled.

Security & Facilities: the group is reviewing its purpose statement. A floor plan subgroup is meeting. A review of emergency procedures for suspicious devices and of designated safe gathering areas is planned. A letter was drafted and adapted by Françoise asking for clarification of fire alarm and all-clear procedures for branches within larger buildings. A consolidated emergency calling chain is being drafted. The group is discussing system-wide food & drink policy, and asked ASC for initial discussion regarding permitting covered drinks (travel mugs) in designated areas of all the libraries.

Student Assistants: 250 student guides were produced and distributed. Student assistant group orientation sessions at Alexander are drawing 10-15 students and some students from other libraries. Rose is incorporating more on emergency procedures, and mentioning dress policy at the sessions. The group is working with the S&F group to arrange for the Douglass community service offices to offer a safety presentation for student assistants. Work-study students are reporting in, numbers vary depending on location and number of returning students to each location.

6) Announcements and Information Sharing

Judy: Reviewed FY2005 statistics. Asked if supply of pens and pads was holding up. staff reported that giving RUL pens & pads to new students at circulation desks was a positive experience. Gulf coast students registering at Rutgers are coded as University College and have off-campus access. Judy will verify if RUconnection is issuing IDs to guest faculty and arrange for access as well.

Roger: NBL access services is working on 5 vacancies, currently interviewing for opening at Kilmer/Media; resumes coming in for 2 other openings, and 2 are to be posted soon. New staff at Kilmer are Priscilla Lee (RDS) and Joe Asaro (Reserves). Roger will schedule an E-Reserves Committee in October and has a growing agenda including linking through Ovid directly to articles, ereserve products such as Reserve Direct developed at Emory.

Barry: The new classroom building on Livingston campus (LCB) is in use.

Jeff: 29 books infested with bed bugs were returned in Alexander's book drop. Community service officers are guarding the back door as HVAC replacement construction continues. Items on Alex's index tables have been integrated into the reference collection and the index tables moved to the other end of the reference room.

Jan: Media Services is now open until 11 pm Mon-Thurs., and until 6 pm on Fri. John Rake now has a day schedule, noon-8pm.

Andy: Meghan Lord has returned to SERC; Jasmine is the Annex contact.

Darryl: A new microfiche duplicator has been installed in Collection Services at Alexander Library; LSM's is beyond repair and has been removed. Two new multifunctional copiers with printing capabilities have been installed in Libraries Administration and Imaging Services. The new copier allows Imaging Services to offer color photocopying at $.60/pg., the same reduced cost as at LSM and Art now.

Michele: LSM's lights timer has been reset. UMDNJ users are asking to register via AAL; they need to register in person at the circulation desk at LSM or Alex.

Katie: Robeson is training new student assistants and conducted group. Treating new students to candy (smarties, nerds, and lifesavers) and a $1 copi-card. Staff rearranged index tables over the summer only to learn they are getting 12 new PCs from the computer lab and now scrambling for space in the reference area.

Penny: Douglass experienced a number of air conditioning failures over the summer. Has a totally new group of work-study students. Opening exhibit on the 22nd for Dalai Lama visit, with music and musical instruments. An article in the Targum featured Douglass and its renovation.


Glenn: ILL staff visited Penn in August to see their implementation of RAPID. Kristin Macaluso is new LA2 in ILL. Holly Muller is new designated PALCI contact for LSM.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, October 13, 2005, 9:30-11:30 a.m. We will meet at Dana Library in Newark. Travel arrangements forthcoming.

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