Minutes of October 13, 2005 meeting

J. Teichmann, Z. Bonianian, J. Reinhart, R. Barbalace, P. Weniger, J. Gardner (recorder), C. Sterback, N. Mukherjee, M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, G. Sandberg, Y. Ishii, M. Harris, K. Anderson, D. Meister, B. Lipinski
A. Martinez, R. Smith

1) Maggie and Yoshi welcomed the group to Dana Library.

Introductions were made among those who previously knew each other only through videoconferencing.

2) Videoconferencing, Go To Meeting

The group discussed initial experiences using BookRoom and videoconferencing equipment for functional group meetings:

Judy shared the description of a CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration) workshop, "Not Another Meeting!": Using Videoconferencing To Make Your Meetings Work, that Marilyn Wilt is investigating and looks promising. Marilyn also discovered a short program produced by University of Washington TV called the Video Conference Zone, which you can view at your PC with Windows Media Player for a humorous (and familiar) look at videoconferencing pitfalls:

One GoToMeeting demo has been held and staff reported the software might be good for small groups to work on documentation together online, or for training, but it is not conducive to larger group meetings. A second demo is scheduled later this month.

3) GL3.0, and other Systems issues


GL3.0 is a major new release; with it we can use the enhanced J Client. GL3.0 will be loaded in the test system the first week of November and in production during Spring Break. The J Client will be introduced later, probably during the summer. Release Notes for GL3.0 will be posted on the Staff Resources pages by Friday. Chris reviewed some of the major changes for circulation:

Our equipment meets GL3.0 requirements. The University is still planning to introduce new student IDs in February.

Sirsi web forums and listservs

A list of Sirsi web enhancement forums, discussion forums, and list servs was distributed. Functional group coordinators, and other functional group members, were encouraged to join appropriate forums and lists. Coordinators were asked to send the list back to Chris with names indicated; he will issue passwords and sign people up. The web forums require you to login on the Sirsi site under "Clients," and the discussion lists come directly in email. In future, group coordinators will vote on enhancements in their areas for Rutgers, and also post our enhancements requests, after discussion and vetting at ASC. Darryl is looking for a listserv that discusses scanning/imaging services issues.

Available Reports running time

Chris would like to create pockets of time when people with reports training can run reports without asking Systems for time. To do this we need to adjust the time that Request reports are run. We agreed all libraries' request reports would run 2 times each day, at 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Chris will announce available reports running time when they are ready, most likely Tue, Wed., and Thurs. from 2-6. If this works for everyone, Systems will explore opening a morning time period, possibly from 9-11:45 a.m.

A reminder that when you call Systems with a patron address issue that requires investigation and checking the log, please ask for Bob, Tracey, or Chris (not Chad).

4) Functional Group Reports

Collection Management: Judy reported for Andy the completion of "El Tiempo" transfer from Douglass to Annex, and periodicals from Music to Douglass. Preparations are ongoing to transfer volumes from Physics, Math, and Chemistry to the Annex. Periodicals at Douglass will be transferred to the West Room in November, the first phase of the Douglass shift.

Billing: The group has been busy and successfully place over 600 academic holds (on spring registration) in less than a week.

Facilities & Security: First choice for new name is "team," and second is "working group." Almost done with their purpose statement. Working on a food & drink policy proposal. Douglass' campus security officer will conduct 2 security workshops in NB for students assistants, Oct. 19th and 20th. Jan suggested videotaping one, to share at other sites and Penny will investigate. Teresa Macklin and Ann Watkins are new members.

Circulation: Had their first videoconference meeting. Working on name & purpose statement, name tags, customer service training, and studying documentation on RUL and NBL websites.

RDS: Nita described the very successful materials delivery training session, with over 50 attendees. The group will be working on new name & purpose.

Student Assistants: Did not hold a September meeting, will be discussing name and purpose but already decided to use "Student Coordinators" in name. Group orientation sessions for students in NB were well attended; a few sessions will be scheduled later in the semester next year. Monitoring the University's Sakai trial and anticipating a courseware decision in 2006, which may impact the SA WebCT courses and require transfer of pages. Colleagues acknowledged the helpful SA packets, including new deposit account and emergency information added this year. Rose will send a copy to Dana staff.

Reserves: Discussing purpose and new name; first choice of name is RUL Reserve Group. No meeting in September but the group has been working by email and with Reports—removing temporary records and proactively sending assignments directly to staff. Chris agreed reserve staff can place copy level holds in WorkFlows, in order to specify particular volumes in multi-volume sets.

5) Announcements and Information Sharing

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 10, 2005, 9:30 a.m. Alexander Library

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