Minutes of December 8, 2005 meeting

J. Teichmann, Z. Bonianian, R. Barbalace, R. Smith, P. Weniger, J. Gardner (recorder), C. Sterback, N. Mukherjee, M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, G. Sandberg, Y. Ishii, K. Anderson, D. Meister, M.Harris, J. Reinhart, B. Lipinski
A. Martinez

We agreed to rotate minute taking beginning in 2006.


  1. Director's Station.
  2. Montclair's self-checkout.
  3. Misc. updates and discussion items.
  4. Functional group reports.
  5. Announcements and information sharing.

1) Director's Station

Chris presented background information on Director's Station and Judy showed a few representative reports. Training will take place during spring semester. Staff expressed a preference for hands-on training, with concrete examples/practice tasks, and on all 3 campuses.

2) Montclair self-checkout

Judy, Chris, and Roger reported on their site visit to Montclair where they saw a 3-M self-checkout machine in action with WorkFlows (Montclair is a Sirsi site), and talked with circulation and systems staff about its implementation and use. The machine is located on the circulation desk so that staff are always nearby to help. Montclair's patrons like the independence and privacy it provides. While the equipment is still expensive, self-checkout provides patrons an attractive alternative and we were impressed by it's potential. Judy will submit (through PSC) a big-ticket item request for a self-checkout machine for Alexander Library.

3) Misc. Updates and Discussion Items


The RUconnection office will re-assign existing library barcodes when issuing new ID cards to students. New 9-digit RUIDs will be printed on the cards. All students will receive their new RUID numbers in February, but RUconnection anticipates needing the entire spring semester to issue new photo IDs to all students.

We will therefore, see both kinds of ID cards at circulation desks for a while. We'll need to revise our instructions for verifying and registering students who have the new RUID numbers and cards. RUconnection hasn't decided how to handle dual status people during the transition; both student and fac/stf statuses may appear on cards.

029 Distribution

We reviewed the distribution of the 029 (Delinquent Accounts) report and will eliminate Annex, Chemistry, and Physics. Judy will check with Pat and Eugene before eliminating Alcohol and SMLR. A pared down 029 distribution list is in keeping with our new method of placing academic holds, and how the lists are used by billing staff.

UMD-Rutgers reciprocal agreement

Judy reported on meeting she and Jeanne had with UMD librarians. We are working with our respective campus computing staffs to identify students and faculty in joint degree programs, starting with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Public Health on all three campuses. We acknowledged that the current electronic lists in use at LSM and Alex are not comprehensive and up-to-date; referrals to UMD for verification continue to be necessary and are welcomed. The importance of RUL in UMD library orientations was affirmed.

E-ZBorrow user's meeting

FY to-date statistics shared at the E-ZBorrow users meeting indicate RUL is a net borrower, in 4th place. A procedures document was discussed and we are in compliance; Judy will share it with the RDS group for review. The next release of the URSA software was not on the agenda or discussed, therefore there are no immediate plans to upgrade or begin article delivery.

Duplicate Emails

Zohreh noted that duplicate emails result when functional group minutes are distributed to circ_sub and nb access & collection services listservs. However, NBL collection services and administrative staff are not on circ_sub and need the minutes. Since functional groups have system-wide representation now, perhaps minutes should be sent to rul_everyone.

MY ACCOUNT on RUL webpage

On behalf of the Circulation FG and based on patron comments, Michele will recommend to WAC (Web Advisory Committee), that MY ACCOUNT appear in the upper black bar on the RUL home webpage.

Questions for CS

4) Functional Group Reports

Circulation: working on a glossary of terms for web pages, recommendations for merging NBL & Libraries access services staff web pages, and user database maintenance. Holiday lunch meeting is today.

Billing: working with Chris and planning for billing media items; the circ media overdue notices are not working correctly and it's been reported to Sirsi.

Reserves: departmental rci email accounts have been requested for the larger units in NBL (Chang, LSM, Kilmer, Dglss) and will be managed by Zohreh. The spring eres directory is up and letter to faculty has gone out. Zohreh made first posting to Sirsi's Reserve Web Enhancement Forum, describing RUL's method of cross-references for courses with more than one instructor.

RDS: reviewed changes in Reports schedules during break; monitoring enhancements on Sirsi's web forum, Marilyn Wilt reviewed best practices for meetings. Group's lunch meeting is today.

Securities & Facilities: researched and produced document on bag checking, revised Emergency Calling List for NBL which is coming out next week (on pink paper), tabled food & drink policy discussions until next year. Lunch meeting will be over break

Student Coordinators: Chiaki, Rose, and Addie attended a METRO workshop on student assistants at Purchase NY. RUL is ahead of others in developing training tools for student assistants and had much to share; new information gained which will be helpful for our job descriptions, ads, dismissal process, online application form. Rob Krack has developed a call # tutorial and quiz for WebCT that generates different sets of call numbers for each quiz. Group lunch will be Jan. 4th

5) Announcements and Information Sharing

Katie: Camden had a successful program on multicultural children fairy tales; see Robeson's homepage for book covers from exhibit. Scheduling the large classroom for group study when not used for classes.

Maggie: Dana is having a major book sale. Developing name tags and will use staff names or initials. [Camden staff choose to use either their names or a generic access services staff label on tags, and students use first names only. NBL will offer staff a choice.]

Roger: Dean Meister has started at the Annex; Nicole Warren has returned temporarily to fill in at Chang. Alfreda Richardson has started and is training at SERC. The Ereserve Working Group will meet in January.

Chris: working with Dave on the test server to accommodate GL3.0, and on Director's Station. Camden received the first "shelf ready drop ship" books.

Glenn: RUL was a net lender again last month. The Rapid demo has ended; average turnaround time for articles borrowed fell from 2.6 to 1 day during the demo. ILL is working with Imaging Services to develop lending procedures for Rapid.

Jan: received a video from ILL to store and circulate in-house for a patron; this may become a more common way to loan videos on interlibrary loan.

Penny: Linda Mennella has replaced Alfreda Richardson at Douglass' welcome desk

Michele: reported that LSM's doors were open 2 mornings in a row; book sale is overflowing with books, a book buyer is scheduled to come in soon. Weeding is progressing-- 23,850 items have been weeded and LSM is closing in on their 35,000 target. Dave Warner is teaming with Jackie Mardikian to provide orientation to SPH students. Michele and Kristi will be organizing an art exhibit of works from Waxman.

Dean: busy processing transfers to the Annex.

Darryl: Fanny's last day was yesterday, Monday will be Barbara's last day (also Imaging Services' holiday party), and Charlie and Dave are switching locations during the transition.

Barry: staff at Kilmer have been brainstorming about improvements for the building, are getting new carpeting and studying the 1st floor configuration, possible cubicles in staff area.

New Meeting: Thursday, January 12th, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

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