Minutes of January 12, 2006 meeting

J. Gardner, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann, D. Meister, R. Barbalace, N. Mukherjee, G. Sandberg, Z. Bonianian, D. Voorhees, A. Martinez, A. Watkins, R. Smith, K. Anderson, T. McNally, J. Reinhardt, P. Weniger (recorder)
M. Wilt


  1. Service quality standards
  2. Student RUIDs
  3. Announcements and Information Sharing

1. Service quality standards

In order to assist in preparing a dynamic customer service training module for access staff, Marilyn Wilt lead the group in identifying quality public service standards for public service access desks. Marilyn cited the useful information received from respondents to the LibQUAL+ survey.

Marilyn prompted the group to share their thoughts on key service quality standards and recorded the following on a flip chart:

These points were then grouped into three main skills categories - Knowledge, Communication and Interactive Skills.

Marilyn also cited the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) web-site (http://www.ala.org/ala/rusa/rusaprotools/referenceguide/) as a good source to refer to for additional information and tips for Information Service providers. The exercise will help in creating service standards and information guidelines for access services desk staff and students. As well, Judy, Katie Anderson, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, and Roger Smith will shape their Customer Service training sessions based on some of the information brought forward.

2. Student RUIDs

The new student identification number will be known as the "RUID". These new student ID's will replace SS#'s and should begin appearing in the Workflow's patron database on or around 2/13/06. They will appear in the ALT ID field and will look like SS #'s but will have 2 zeros in the middle position. For example, xxx00xxxx with no dashes. Students may be notified via e-mail when to update their RUConnection cards. Bob Warwick will be sending a message out with more specifics about the patron load. Judy asked Michele Tokar, Coordinator of the Circulation Group, to review and revise the instructions on registering patrons to reflect the change.

A question was posed from Robeson regarding registering students from other institutions. They are waiting to hear from other institutions on how to handle the ID # situation. Presently they are using the barcode # in the ALT ID field and the only method for verbal verification being used is patron addresses, or possibly telephone number in future. Alumni records should be updated with the new ID #s. Many questions arose regarding this change. Will how registering Alumni patron's change? How will the alum know their ID #s? How will Dual Status (e.g. Fac/Staff – Grad) be affected? How will the change affect punching in TimeTrak?

There will be many changes to the Borrowers chart and Judy charged the group to review the chart and send suggestions for revisions to her. As well, we are hoping to retain the NOTE of previous ID #s, but if it may not be possible and we may have to give that up. We do hope to purge the SS# information in previous ID, but would really like to retain previous barcode information.

The university has provided publicity on the university home page under NEWS. The article states: "Using their netID and password students will be able to look-up their new RUID online at http://my.rutgers.edu. The on-line look-up will be available beginning February 13th, 2006. Students who log-on to 'MyRutgers" as of February 13, 2006 will see their new RUID displayed on their page after log-on”. New RUID cards for Newark students will be ready for distribution on March 6, 2006.

3. Announcements and Information Sharing

Zohreh: Departmental reserves e-mail accounts are all set and messages will be delivered to Supervisors and Reserve staff e-mails. Zohreh has asked Robeson to set up same; Newark is already done. Fall reserve control records have been removed and everyone is busy with spring reserve processing.

Glenn: RU is a net lender again this month. Had a lending training session with Colorado State for RAPID, Alexander's records are completed with the ANNEX is possibly next. There have been several PALCI claims returned complaints. Can we adjust policy and say DON'T return PALCI books to book drops? The group discussed this including the possibility of noting this on the blue bellybands.

Chris S.: Test System - Working with Dave Hoover to identify and migrate the SIRSI test system to new server. This is needed because the next version of Unicorn, GL3.0, requires a server running Solaris 2.9 and the server it currently resides on is running Solaris 2.6. Once the migration is complete, Chris will schedule an upgrade of the test server. Unicorn unattended full backups - Also working with Dave Hoover to implement a daily unattended full backup of the Unicorn database in the middle of the night. (Currently Tracey runs a full backup of the Unicorn database once a week on Friday evenings, with incremental backups run daily.) Once in place, Systems will no longer need to be down for 3 hours each week for full backups and Chris anticipates that this new process will be in place by early February.
Director's Station upgrade - the upgrade to Director's Station is almost complete and should finish Friday, January 13. New features in the upgraded Director's Station include 1) the ability to generate title lists from Acquisitions, Circulation, and Cataloging cubes, 2) the ability to sort on a single column (without the need to export to Excel), 3) support for the Firefox browser, and 4) longer DS business hours because nightly processing has been cut in half.
Shared Login Pins - Chris reported that he was not able to generate new PINS for shared Workflows logins on the date identified in the Access Services/Systems calendar. The current policy is that individual login PINS will change annually, while the PINS of shared Workflows logins, like those used at Circulation desks, will change twice per year. Chris anticipates generating new PINS for these logins by the end of the month.
Recall fines - Chris noted that Jeff recently contacted Systems to report that recall fines were not accruing properly during the holiday period. Essentially, recall fines were including an unintentional grace period. Chris responded that our custom recall solution, developed and implemented over four years ago when Unicorn was not able to generate recalls the way we believed they should work, was causing this problem. Since that time, SIRSI has implemented a better recall solution and we really need to test it and, if successful, implement it later this semester. Rose B: The on-line job applications were reviewed by a sub-group of the Student Coordinator's group. The full group is discussing student evaluations.

Jeff T: Business as usual. Continued roof leaks over the usual 2 sections prompted ordering a water diverter to funnel the leaks away from the stacks and into a receptacle.

Roger S.: Reviewing resumes for the vacant Chang position and will start the interviewing process. Hope to post Matt Spaventa's vacancy shortly. New Brunswick Access staff will begin wearing nametags with the option of having first name only listed on the tag. Student workers will wear a "student assistant" generic tag. The badges will be worn at all public service points. Bag checking will be ceasing at Alex and Douglass but when the gate alarm sounds, the bag will be checked. Tattletale procedures need to be reviewed. Library hours have been extended at Alex and LSM in response to patron requests. Alexander and LSM will open at 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and Alexander's Undergraduate Reading Room will remain open from midnight to 4:00 a.m. in response to patron's requests. Stats will be taken to justify the change.

Ann W.: Finished 1st range of inventory RT – S thanks to the help of Chris Sterback. Looking to do T-Z. Bookdrop items returned over break rendered damaged wet books, mostly were Dana's, but a few from Alex and some from Douglass. One was a PALCI. Will send the Alex & Dglss books to Jeff for decisions.

Katie A.: The two existing study rooms were being occupied by small groups of students (1-2) and staff had requests for specified group study room areas that would accommodate 2 or more students and could be reserved. Staff prepared the two existing larger rooms which are only available when reserved. More impressive Rutgers colors lanyards for nametags were given to staff. They are "Rutgers Camden" and "Rutgers University" lanyards.

Andy M.: Collection Management held their holiday meeting in December. The major shift of the Douglass collection is under way. The standardize LC call number training has been completed.

Dean M.: Humidity problem seems to be O.K. The continuing roof leaks seem to relate to the weather and we placed buckets to avoid items getting wet. Annex has no tattle tape de-sensitizer so Annex items may set off an alarm. Looking into getting one. Projects working on: weeding; serials; Kardex as well as creating brief records. Two new Special Collections staff along with 3 students are making space at the Annex "cozy".

Darryl V.: Imaging Services can now accept Knight Express payments. Using recycled paper from now on after the current supply of virgin paper is used up. Fanny's position has been filled and the new person will start work on Tuesday, 1/17. Also starting on Tuesday will be pulling books for RAPID with Darryl working on it in the mornings and Arden in the afternoon. Looking to improve the offices and in contact with Facilities on it.

Penny W.: Security & Facilities recently had their holiday luncheon and were happy to have Ann Watkins join from Newark. At this brief meeting we reviewed fiscal year accomplishments thus far in anticipation of doing mid-year report and briefly discussed possible future projects. Jan R.: New shelving has allowed for a shift gaining space; scores will be next. Needs to correct the wording (missing the M) on the signage as patrons come down the stairs at Douglass. Meeting with Glenn Sandberg on ILL videos and DVDs, both incoming and outgoing.

Nita M.: All reports ran smoothly over break. Priscilla Lee and Chiaki Yamada have been working on a RDS quiz for student workers in WebCT. Please review and send comments for incorporation and it is anticipated that the quiz will be finalized for use during spring semester. Rebecca Luo and Kristen Macaluso, new ILS staff, came to Douglass to work with Nita on that end of the operation.

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