Minutes of April 13, 2006 meeting

K. Anderson, R. Barbalace, Z. Bonianian, J. Gardner (chair), A. Martinez, B. Lipinski, D. Meister, N. Mukherjee, G. Sandberg, R. Smith, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann, M. Tokar (recorder), D. Voorhees, A. Watkins, P. Weniger
J. Reinhart


  1. Announcements From Judy
  2. Patron Purge, GL3.0, Director's Station, Other systems reports
  3. Pull List Recommendations
  4. Covered Drink Proposal
  5. Group Reports
  6. Information Sharing

1. Announcements from Judy:

The Public Services Council (PSC) has endorsed the new subgroup purpose statements. These purpose statements are available on the libraries website at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html, Access Services, Committees, and Task Forces. In a collaborative effort between Judy, Sam McDonald, and the subgroup coordinators, the subgroup's membership and minutes will be posted on the webpage referred to above. Judy reviewed the appropriate procedures to be used for the distribution of both the Access Services Committee (ASC) and Subgroup minutes. Judy reminded staff to make sure the minutes reflect key points made and action taken. The distribution procedures are as follows:

All the List-Servs have moved to a new system. Archives are available for e-mails that are sent out through the List-Servs such as the Circ Sub page. Even stack searches are available in the archives.

Judy attended a SAKAI lunchtime seminar. She said the product has a lot of potential. She is thinking about setting up a page for the Customer Service Subgroup using the software.

Judy and Jeanne Boyle met with Sybil James, the new Ombudsman for the University. The objective of the ombudsman position is to "… act as a neutral party between the university administration and students, who encounter difficult issues on campus,…" (http://ur.rutgers.edu/focus/article/New%20ombudsperson%20wades%20into%20uncharted%20waters/1743/). Sybil James will attend the May ASC meeting, so she can learn about problems students may encounter in the libraries. Thus far she is only serving the New Brunswick campuses.

A Vale Meeting entitled "We Are Each Other's Customers: Collaboration & Resource Sharing," will take place on May 25th at Raritan Valley Community College. Katie, Jeff, Michele and Judy will attend.

The Customer Service Training group will hold its second meeting on April 20th 2006. The group is moving ahead in developing training sessions.

The Access Services symposium (Ivy+) held at Yale University last month was educational. Roger is planning a lunchtime seminar to debrief. Rutgers University Libraries will host the symposium next year.

2. Patron Purge, GL3.0, Director's Station

Patron Purge:
Chris reported that the Patron purge had very little fallout this year. The systems department was able to rectify problems they had had in the past with such groups as retirees. Chris reported that it is impossible to purge withdrawn students during the semester they withdraw since their record is automatically loaded for the remainder of the semester.

The test system is up and running; the subgroups can begin their testing. Chris will send out directions on how to log onto the test system. The subgroup coordinators should work with group participants to set up testing. Judy will send out a checklist to the coordinators. The group coordinators should bring their test results to the next ASC meeting in May. The testing should be done with the "C" client and not the "J" client. (Libraries that have an old copy of the "J" client, used during beta testing in the summer of 2004, can update and view the "J" client, if it was configured to connect to the test system; however, they should not perform their testing assignments using it. If they are not sure which server their old copy connects to, they should contact Unicorn support staff in Systems.) The systems department is planning to upgrade the production system during Memorial Day weekend. Once we upgrade to GL3.0 we will plan for our migration from the Workflows "C" client to the Workflows "J" client. The release notes for GL3.0 are available under Staff Resources, Systems, Useful Links, SIRSI's Unicorn Documentation.

Director's station:
Tracey Bob and Chris are working on a training outline for Directors station. The training will entail the following: A two-day commitment from participants and 8-9 participants per session since the libraries only have 10 licenses. Training is slated to begin in the summer. Access is one of many groups to be trained.

RUID Conversion:
There is still a residue of students that have SSN's in the system. Bob Warwick will pass on the lists to be cleaned up. Katie will clean up the 358 Rowan students. The user maintenance group will clean up the remaining users. Judy will work with Bob to determine the appropriate fix for users who do not have an RUID. Judy will work with the RU Connection card office to get barcodes. Chris will most likely run a monthly report to clean up these users. Until we have eliminated SSNs on all patron records, systems cannot present notices from going out that have an SSN in the User ID field. This was discovered when a booking confirmation notice was sent out. Notices of this type should be prevented at the circulation/booking level by manually updating the user record with the patron's barcode.

3. Pull List Recommendations:

On behalf of the Resource Sharing Group, Nita had two recommendations.

Chris said he will modify the pull list to include the last discharge date, but will wait at this time to create a new custom report to remove holds for items with same pick-up library locations. Chris provided a spreadsheet from the last two weeks showing that this occurs on approximately 12 requests per day.

4. Covered Drink Proposal:

On behalf of the Security & Facilities Group, Penny shared a draft of the covered drink proposal. In researching the policies of peer institutions, Penny found that many libraries were successful in supporting such a policy. The Kilmer Library has had little, if no problems over the past years with allowing covered beverages into the building. There will be exceptions. For example, libraries such as the Annex and Special Collections with rare and fragile material can be excluded and OIT does not permit beverages or food in the computer labs. Since café's are not foreseeable in the near future, the covered drink policy is a good alternative. The proposal includes recommendations for marketing and promoting the policy with the distribution of travel coffee mugs for new incoming freshman. Judy will forward the proposal to the Public Services Council.

5. Group Reports

As graduation nears, the two phases of placing holds are coming up: the barred user report and the diploma hold placement. This year prior to placing diploma holds, a warning letter is being sent out. Barry spearheaded this new procedure with the registrar.

The group will begin their GL3.0 testing. The group is working on a directory of PUB notes with Barry, a circulation test for students that will be posted to webct, and circulation training guidelines for staff.

Collection Management:
The group is working on revising in-process procedures for items with accompanying material. Andy ran a report of shadowed items; a total of 1,000 items were searched by different libraries. Andy will be running an additional report to catch some items that were missed. The Douglass shift is nearly complete. The bound periodical transfers from the Physics and Chemistry Library to the Annex are almost complete. Andy is working to help resolve the mold problem in the Alex collection.

A subgroup is working on a faculty survey. Zohreh has been testing on Workflows GL3.0. One problem noted so far, is with Alt-Circ rule at closing desk time.

When a reserve item is checked out near closing, the Alt-Circ rule will roll over the item to the next day. This will be resolved in the GL3.2 version.

The ability to search course name by keyword was rejected from Sirsi due to the complexity of the issue.

Security and Facilities:
The Covered Drink Proposal has been completed and is ready for presentation at the next Public Services Council meeting. The video of the student security presentation has been copied onto four separate tapes (thanks to Rich Sandler.) These tapes will be shared with Dana and Camden. A subgroup has been formed to work on the floor plans for LSM, Douglass, and Kilmer. These floor plans will follow the template from the Alexander Library.

Resource Sharing:
Dorothy Grauer from the ILS dept. joined the group. The group reviewed downtime paper forms. The group discussed the guidelines for delivering non-circulating materials.

Problems with the new TimeTrak were forwarded to Nancy Hendrikson. Because of the dire budget situation, the student coordinators are closely examining funding and calculating budget projections and raises. Student appreciation week was successful once again.

6. Information Sharing

ILS: The open house was a success. Lillian Miller retired. Glenn is working with Harry Glazer on an RUL holdings awareness initiative.

Imaging Services: The ASC congratulated Darryl on his new position as Supervisor I. Imaging services took part in the ILS open house. Darryl said this was a success.

NB Access Services: Roger announced that Access services is fully staffed. Will Torres has returned to the libraries as a Library Assistant II at the Alexander Library. He starts Monday, April 17th.

LSM: 135 boxes of books were shipped to Better World Books. Artwork from the Protein Databank has arrived and will be displayed in LSM shortly. The weeding project continues.

Kilmer: Kilmer suffered a flood on their second floor. Fortunately, the flood was controlled, and there was no damage to the collection. Some ceiling tiles fell at Kilmer Reference.

Annex: Dean is proposing to change the Annex codes so they are easier to interpret. As well, Dean is working on serials Recon.

Branches: The next sample inventory will be the Douglass Stacks Collection, some time in June once the shift is completed. A shift is planned for the collections at the Physics Library and Chemistry Library

Alex: Jeff reported on the mold problem in the collection. The Collection Management staff tracked the problem down to the McDonnell donation (8,000 books). So far, staff at Alex have found 500 moldy books in the collection. Approximately 300 of the books were from the McDonnell collection, and 200 are from another source. This will make us examine gift and donations much more closely in the future.

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