Minutes of May 11, 2006 meeting

K. Anderson, R. Barbalace, Z. Bonianian, J. Gardner (chair), B. Lipinski, D. Meister, R. Smith, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann (recorder), M. Tokar, D. Voorhees, A. Watkins, P. Weniger.
Sybil James, Ombudsperson for Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus
Y. Ishii, A. Martinez, T. McNally, N. Mukherjee, J. Reinhart, G. Sandberg


  1. Sybil James, Ombudsperson for Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus
  2. GL3.0 - Results of testing, conversion of user records last load dates, other
  3. Group Reports
  4. Announcements and Information Sharing

1. Judy introduced Sybil James to the committee.

Sybil is the Ombudsperson for Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus. Judy asked that each committee member introduce themselves and speak a little about their perceptions of the student users of their respective libraries. Sybil then spoke about herself and her position that becomes full-time July 1, 2006. The position was created in response to student groups requesting someone to work on their behalf in negotiating some areas of University bureaucracy. Sybil explained her office will not act as a student advocate, but will remain a neutral party in all instances. Many large institutions have similar positions, but only a few have a position that is in place solely for the students; most also work with faculty and staff members. At the present time, Sybil's responsibility is working with the New Brunswick Campus students, but may expand to the Newark and Camden campuses. Together we discussed the confidentiality issues we all face and are in agreement on the confidentiality of library records. Sybil recommends informing her office of changes in policy, procedures, and/or services so that she is aware of the current situations.

2. GL 3.0

All groups tested functions and there was only one serious problem to report. If a patron record was modified, you could only find the record for the rest of the day via userID or with the new Browse User helper, but not by a user keyword search. These records were retrievable by keyword the next day, following the run of the nightly indexing report. Chris added that he reported this bug to SIRSI and they already have a patch for it. Chris will install the patch in the next day or two. The minor problems reported will be fixed by systems prior to the upgrade. One instance where GL 3.0 differs from the current client is in the display of the last load date. GL 3.0 will store and display the date in the month/day/year format rather than the year/month format as in the current client. Using May 11, 2006 as an example, Judy explained that newly loaded records would receive a last load date of 5/11/2006 while existing records will be converted as part of the upgrade and receive 1/1/ in front of the existing year/month. Chris explained there were two possible fixes and the committee needed to decide which method to incorporate:

The committee decided that preserving the month and year of a last load date was important, so the fix will be performed after the upgrade. Since there were no problems that were deemed 'show stoppers', the committee signed off on the circulation aspects of GL3.0. Chris indicated the upgrade would be done Sunday evening into Monday of the Memorial Day weekend. Other changes that will occur after/with the upgrade: The last discharge date will be added to the pull list and there is a new field in the location table that may be able to be used to determine the onshelf 'holdability' of the item for patron request.

3. Group Reports

5. Announcements and Information Sharing

The Art Library will be closed May 17and 18 due the commencements on the Voorhees Mall area. Douglass Library will be open on Saturday June 3, for Alumni weekend. Judy and some other Access staff will attend a VALE user group meeting on May 25, 2006 at Raritan Valley Community College.

Katie offered to host the June ASC meeting. The next meeting is June 8, 2006 at the Robeson Library in Camden. Katie also mentioned Robeson staff expressed an interest in traveling to New Brunswick for the group meetings this summer. She asked that the coordinators move the meeting times earlier in the day, where possible to accommodate the travel time needed.

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