Minutes of June 8, 2006 meeting

K. Anderson, Z. Bonianian, J. Gardner (chair), Y. Ishii, B. Lipinski, A. Martinez, D. Meister, N. Mukherjee, J. Reinhart, G. Sandberg, R. Smith, C. Sterback (recorder), J. Teichmann, D. Voorhees, P. Weniger
R. Barbalace, M. Harris, M. Tokar


  1. Annual Reviews: ASC Goals, Access Services & Systems Calendar, Charges/Fines Schedule.
  2. Food & Drink Update.
  3. Groups next year: organization, coordinators, members, goals.
  4. Systems Issues/Discussion: GL3.0 upgrade; e-commerce, Director's Station, GL3.1 and Jclient; other.
  5. Group Reports.
  6. Announcements and Information Sharing.

1a. ASC Goals - the group reviewed last year's goals, identifying whether it was completed, not completed, or in-progress

Also, ASC held training sessions on RDS, AAL, mold awareness, new billing features, and WebCT quizzes. Andy along with the support of the Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group developed an inventory process using the handheld PocketCirc device.

1b. Goals for 2006/07 - the group brainstormed goals for 2006/07. Judy will review these then identify the top five.

1c. Access Services & Systems Calendar

The group reviewed a draft of the Access Services & Systems Calendar for 2006/2007. Judy asked committee members to continue to review the list and to send her any changes. She noted that that we won't be using Ingenta the next Academic year and all references to it were removed from the calendar. Judy added that faculty and graduate students, that had used Ingenta in the past year, will be notified of its pending cessation. Barry stated that the Billing Group will review the dates relevant to their area and inform Judy of any changes. Zohreh's Reserve Group will also review the dates and report back any changes to Judy if needed.

1d.Fines/fees schedule

The group reviewed the fines/fees schedule found at:
and made suggestions for changes. The suggestions were to 1) remove the reference to a charge for reserve articles, 2) add an ILL and EZ-Borrow flat fee, and 3) confirm with whether any replacement charges should change for PhD. Theses.

Dean asked whether DVD's should be added to the Out-of-Print average replacement cost section.

Andy asked whether we should add a statement about accompanying material and what happens if an item is returned without all of it parts.

Nita asked if the processing fee for Media items remains $20. Judy will confirm with Jane Sloan if this fee should be changed.

Jeff asked whether refunds of replacement charges pertains to ILL's and suggested that, if they do not, it should be noted on this page. Glenn responded that there are no refunds for ILL's.

2. Food & Drink Update

Judy reported that Cabinet approved the new Food & Drink policy and that a new statement will be added to the Public Services policies section of Staff Resources. The Security and Facilities Group would like more prominence on our web pages regarding this revised policy and Jeanne Boyle will go to WAC to request this. Harry Glazer is working on the publicity and possible free gifts to hand out to patrons. The units would like new signs to assist in announcing the policy.

3. Groups next year

Judy reported that the coordinators of the ASC subgroups are not permanent assignments and that she is making changes to take effect the next fiscal year beginning July 1. The changes are:

  1. Dean will co-coordinate the Circulation Group along with existing coordinator Michele Tokar. Dean will initially focus on 1) developing an automated claims returned process and 2) a new method for registering/managing research assistants patron records.
  2. Katie Anderson at Robeson will succeed Nita Mukherjee at Douglass as coordinator of the Resource Sharing Group. Nita and Judy will travel to Robeson for transition activities.
  3. Nita's new assignment will be to work with Judy on the delinquent accounts/collection agency process.

In addition Judy asked the coordinators to start working on their year-end reports and goals for the next year. Based on the success of their recent attendance at the Circulation Group meeting, Chris and/or Bob will, if needed, attend one ASC sub-group meeting annually.

4a. Systems Issues/Discussion: GL3.0 upgrade

Chris reported on the status of bugs/problems reported since the upgrade to Unicorn GL3.0 Memorial Day weekend.

  1. Many of our email notices contained a duplicate Subject line. One appears where it should and the second appears right above the date listed on the notice. This has been reported to SIRSI tech support. Chris was able to install his own patch while we wait for the official one from Sirsi.
  2. The lastload fields, which formerly stored the last month/year the patron record was updated via the patron loader, did not convert correctly to the new full date field. Bob fixed them right after the upgrade.
  3. When you display a bib record and click on the title glossary, if a library name is longer than 7 characters, such as ALEXANDER, only the first seven characters of the library name will appear on the glossary printout. SIRSI tech support responded that this would not be fixed until GL3.1. Chris is testing his own patch that he hopes will solve this in the interim.
  4. Under certain circumstances you could not create a second order on a title that already had an order. Sirsi tech support supplied a patch for this and the problem is now fixed.
  5. Booking notices contained the patron's User ID in the address section of the notice. Sirsi tech support supplied a patch for this and the problem is now fixed.
  6. Browse result lists in IRIS contain an extra menu bar at the bottom of the screen along with a syntax error. Bob fixed this one.
  7. When limiting a search in Workflows using the Item Search/Display wizard, if no hits are found, the Workflows "C" client responds "Please choose a valid library" when it should have responded "No items found perhaps because of options." Sirsi tech support supplied a patch for this and the problem is now fixed.
  8. For two hours last Sunday Alex and LSM reported that they could not call up patron records with a user keyword search. Instead of producing search results, Workflows responded "Not signed on to database." Sirsi tech support is still investigating this one.

4b. GL3.1

Chris reported on some of the new features/enhancements coming in GL3.1. They are 1) combination (i.e. binocular) search for the J client, 2)support for pipe-delimited output of 75 Unicorn reports suitable for ingest by Excel, 3) the addition of patron privacy reports which will remove patron identification information from log and database files, 4) fine-free discharge for amnesties, 5) browse search results in mixed case instead of all upper case, and 6) support for use of credit cards to pay fines/fees via IRIS.

Chris reported that, in order to take advantage of some of the new products purchased from Sirsi this year, we need to upgrade to GL3.1. This means that we'll need to upgrade over the Winter Break if we wish to stay on track.

4c. E-commerce

Chris reported that there was a preinstallation meeting between Sirsi and key personnel in Systems, Access Services, and Imaging Services to begin the planning process to implement Sirsi's e-commerce solution and 13 new print/copy management stations. The next step is to fill out an as yet unreceived preinstallation questionnaire.

4d. J client

LIS will begin the planning process to migrate to the J client this summer. If anyone wants a copy of the J client now so they can begin to look at it, contact Systems. Dean stated he would like it loaded on his workstation and some other designated workstations in the Library Annex.

5. Group Reports - the coordinators of the ASC subgroups gave their reports.

Collection Management - Andy is running cleanup reports to find items at NBL libraries that are either 1) inappropriately shadowed or 2) inappropriately flagged as non-circulating. Dana and Camden could be added into the selection criteria if they want these reports. Andy also found that a bulk of the shadow problems were theses and maybe an examination of thesis processing is in order.

The shift of the Stacks Collection, Bound Periodical Collection, Current Periodical Collection, and Newspaper Collection of the Douglass Library that started in 2005 has been completed. Before the shift, the Stacks Collection was spread between four rooms located in the Ground Level; the East Room, Tapestry Room, West Room, and Upper Periodical Level. The Current and Bound Periodical Collections were housed in the Lower Periodical Level. The Newspaper Collection was stored on shelving both in the Lower Periodical Level and next to the photocopy machines on the Ground Level. Approximately 130,000 Stacks items and 20,000 bound periodical items were shifted as part of this project. For the Stacks Collection, the completed shift now has the collection located in the East Room and West Room. The collection begins in the East Room and then snakes through three aisles of ranges located in the West Room. The Bound Periodical Collection, Current Periodical Collection, and Newspaper Collection are now housed in the Tapestry Room. The Current Periodical Collection has been consolidated to current periodical shelving located on the wall on the left side of the room. The Newspaper Collection has been stored on wooden shelving located near the entrance to the room. The Bound Periodical Collection has been shelved on the ranges located in the room.

The inventory at Art slowed down due to end of year returns but has now resumed its normal pace. Once the Art inventory is done, Chemistry is next.

Billing - Barry reported that he is in the midst of cleaning up the 029 report with a goal of making it pristine for the forthcoming academic year. On a related note he informed Chris that he will be requesting changes to the "unbar user" report so that patrons, that only have recall or reserve overdue fines, are not excluded from the report.

Reserves - Zohreh reported that reserve staff are busy processing reserves for the summer and fall. Systems plans to remove the Spring 2006 reserve control this weekend (i.e. 6/10 to 6/11). A representative from Camden and Dana should be attending June's meeting. Zohreh has been trained by Dean Meister and is now running the reserve preview lists on her own.

Resource Sharing Group - Rae Wong from Chang library is the newest member to the group. Nita invited Katie to attend the next group meeting in person to get to know the group members and set goals for next year. Nita thanked Chris for adding the discharge date to the twice daily pull lists.

Security - Penny has organized a subgroup to standardize a handout for patrons on how to find a book at each branch library.

6. Information sharing, announcements

Judy - Jeanne Boyle is revising the user code of conduct. Judy will be holding a meeting with New brunswick/Piscataway Access Services and ILL staff and Shipping and Receiving staff on 6/29. Judy reported that she has received some claim return responses to the email courtesy notices to Alumni. ASC members raised questions regarding what we will accept as proof when a new Alum wants to register, since we cannot check them in the Rutgers Online directory. Judy will draft a response and send it out via email. There have been some disruptions to the courier service between Camden and New Brunswick.

Darryl - LSM's copy center will be closed on the weekends. Any library that normally calls LSM for service over the weekend should call Alex. There was a flood in the safe room at Alexander causing some humidity issues. Imaging has purchased a thermal binder at a cost cheaper than outsourcing this activity. Darryl is investigating ways to increase the revenue stream.

Glenn - At others request, ILS will host another open-house on July 6 in the morning. More specific details will follow.

Penny - She worked with Andy on completing the Douglass Stacks shift. Inta Sams will temporarily replace Kelly Worth while Kelly is on Medical leave.

Jeff - Over 2000 items with mold have been identified at Alexander and, of these, 800 titles are from the McDonnell collection. The McDonnell titles are being sent out for mold remediation and Jim Niessen is coordinating this activity. There was an extended hours pilot project during the Spring semester at Alexander. Approximately 20 patrons, on average, were in the building from 2-3 a.m and only 8 patrons from 3-4 a.m.

Barry - The Kilmer Library's air conditioning was down for three weeks so that a new hot water pipe line could be installed. Kilmer was without A/C for three weeks but it was only really uncomfortable for the 4 hot days around Memorial Day.

Dean - He served on a subgroup of the Technical Services Core Working Group to help draft procedures for handling the record maintenance issues related to accompanying material, and items charged to LOST-PD and LOST-REPL. Annex staff are working on a serials inventory including the creation of marc holdings statements.

Roger - He looks forward to planning the IVY+ symposium

Andy - New smoke detectors and pull-downs are being installed at the Math Library. Unbeknownst to Rutgers University Libraries, the Art Library was open during commencement and patrons entered and exited the library with no library staff on site.

Chris - Due to the reduction in our voucher budget, Systems will no longer have student assistants working Monday through Friday evenings after June 14. Student assistants will only work Saturday and Sunday beginning June 17.

Jan - Along with Jane, Jennifer, John Shepard and Bob Warwick, Jan met with the Music Librarian at Penn State to review the Unicorn booking module.

Katie - Robeson has resumed their collection inventory in the Q-Z call number range and is revamping their index area.

7. The next Access Services Committee will be held on Thursday, July 13 at 9:30 a.m. at the Robeson Library.

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