Minutes of August 10, 2006 meeting

J. Gardner, P. Weniger, J. Morrow, N. Mukherjee, C. Sterback, R. Barbalace, D. Voorhees, R. Smith, Z. Bonianian, M. Tokar, J. Reinhart, Y. Ishii, M. Harris, G. Sandberg (recording)

Judy Gardner introduced Jill Morrow to the committee as publications coordinator. The request form for publications can now be found under "Public Services/Forms" on the RUL Staff Resources website.

New Signs

The new signs for the Covered Drink Policy and Exceptions to the Covered Drink Policy will also be available for ordering via the web form. Another new sign alerting patrons to new fall semester hours has been created per a request from Jan Reinhart. Penny Weniger asked if this sign could be customized in PDF or Word. Jill Morrow will follow up on Penny's question. Table tents regarding food, theft, and cell phones will also be made available via the web form as well.

Penny Weniger reported that "How to Find a Book" handouts for the Big Four libraries are ready for Judy Gardner's review. Upon approval, this handout will soon be available to request via the web site form.

Judy asked if there were any questions from the committee regarding hours for buildings and service desks as a result of the budget situation. There were none.

Service Desk Standards

The committee reviewed the service desk standards distributed by Judy prior to the meeting, and reviewed staff suggestions captured from break-out sessions at training sessions. Discussion followed. After completing this review, the group moved on to a discussion of information service standards for Access Services staff. To inform this discussion, Judy reported on the work of the Access Services Training subgroup, which includes Jeris Cassel. The Access Services Training subgroup has thus far focused its work on designing workshops for 1) Question clarification and referral and 2) Information Services and Resources.

Customer Service Trainers Debriefing

Roger Smith reported feeling encouraged by the training sessions. Roger also described the format and content of follow-up training sessions. Judy identified the need and desire for training on how to handle difficult patrons.

Delinquent Accounts

Judy and Nita Mukherjee have identified current faculty and staff who are delinquent. "30 Day Letters" are in preparation, to be sent with a printout of individual's borrowing record. The target date for distributing these letters is September 30; by the end of October 2006, names and IDs will be sent to University Delinquent Accounts for collection. More detailed procedures for dealing with delinquent patrons and withdrawn long overdue books will be forthcoming. For now, Judy advised staff to go with what is on the 029 report (i.e. whether to bill delinquent patrons $67 or $102 for long overdue withdrawn books). The committee discussed procedures for handling patrons wishing to pay or supply a replacement copy of a withdrawn long overdue book.

Information Service Skills

Marilyn Wilt led the committee in a brainstorming session on information service skills that Access Services staff should have at the ready. The session focused on knowledge and communication skills. Group members contributed their ideas and suggestions. Judy recorded these contributions:

Group Reports:

Circulation (Michelle Tokar): Dean Meister and Michelle Tokar will serve as co-coordinators of the Circulation Functional Group. Dean will focus on technical issues. The group is working on a searchable borrowers chart as well as an on-line listing of service desk hours.

Reserves (Zohreh Bonianian): Achievements of the previous year: Expedited processing of electronic reserves, Improved routing of on-line form, Increased file size limit, Updating documentation on NBL web site. Goals for this year: Integrate electronic reserves with course management software, Familiarity with J client.

Resource Sharing Group (Nita Mukherjee and Katie Anderson): Achievements: System-wide training, Web CT quiz, Enlargement of group membership, videoconferencing of meetings. Goals: Toolbars for J client, Sakai implementation, Streamlining RDS processing, Consolidating RSG documentation. The group will attempt to videoconference from five different sites for its August 18 meeting.

Security (Penny Weniger): Achievements: Eliminating bag checks, covered drink policy. Goals: Information services training, Personal PC security (in cooperation with RUL Systems staff), Welcome desk/guard desk procedures manual.

Student Coordinators (Rose Barbalace): Achievements: Web CT quiz, Updated job application, Modifying orientation sessions. Goals: Updating student job descriptions, Creating on-line job application, Create job packets, On-line orientation session (using Flash software, etc.), Working with Penny Weniger on communicating security standards.

Booking Working Group (Jan Reinhart): Goals: Implementing undergraduate in-house booking, Adoption of ILS overdue policy for video materials.

General Announcements:

Chris Sterback: Preparing Director Station training. Reinvigorating the loading of RU Connection barcodes into Unicorn patron records. No downtime for rebuilds, but rebuild in backgrounds will continue on a twice-annual basis. Examining support alternatives for emergency response (pager rotation among staff, i.e.). Possible retirements pending at TAS. Air conditioning shutdowns being logged more aggressively.

Darryl Voorhees: New copying machine installations are complete, but training on machines continues. Networking public and staff machines to Imaging Services departmental copiers. Price increase for copies to 15 cents. Advertising of color print service.

Roger Smith: Vacancy at Physics Library created by resignation of Megan Ingegno being covered by Krista Dandurand. Vacancy created by resignation of Dave Warner at LSM being covered by LSM staff. Funding and posting of the LSM vacancy pending at UMDNJ offices. Vacations among Access Services staff being covered by all staff.

Jan Reinhart: Bad HVAC at the Kilmer Library, it has been too warm. The department is considering adding a dehumidifier to their area.

Maggie Harris: Shawn Rogers will be out for a month due to medical reasons.

Katie Anderson: Robeson Library will be closed on Sundays during the fall semester. Robeson staff enjoyed the customer service workshop offered in July.

Michelle Tokar: Weeding continues at LSM. Due to the budget situation, LSM will open at 10 am on Saturdays (instead of 9:00 am) and 12 noon on Sundays (instead of 9:00 am) during the fall semester.

Zohreh Bonianian: Bad leak on the 3rd floor of Alexander Library stacks, related to the mechanical room. Sunday hours will be reduced at Alexander Library in the fall.

Penny Weniger: HVAC problems persist at Douglass Library. Douglass Library will close at 11 pm from Sunday through Thursday during the fall semester. Bill Lynch will be going over to Kilmer Library occasionally to cover for Krista Dandurand while Krista covers at the Physics Library.

Glenn Sandberg: Lending is up in Interlibrary Loan Services while borrowing remains low. Official notification of the NJ State grant is pending following furloughs and floods in Trenton. Will be attending the IDS Board Planning Committee meeting in Bethlehem, PA on August 21 to discuss the service provided by UPS.

Judy Gardner: Canceled the September 14 meeting of the Access Services Committee. There is one more slot available for Director Station training. Jeanne Boyle revised the User Conduct Policy and delivered same to University Counsel. New billing policy is under review by Francoise Puniello. Asked the committee members if they were pleased with the changes to My Account. Suggested that the October meeting of the committee will be held at the Dana Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

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