Minutes of October 12, 2006 meeting

Judy Gardner (chair), Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianan, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee (recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Darryl Voorhees, Bob Warwick, and Penny Weniger.


  1. GL3.1: Testing in C Client and Implementation Schedule. J Client. (Judy)
  2. Patron File Update. (Bob Warwick)
  3. Billing and Delinquent Accounts: A Review of Revised and New Procedures. (Judy, Nita, Barry)
  4. Capital Campaign. (Judy)
  5. Gift Book Policy and Impact on Access Services. (Andy)
  6. Miscellaneous Updates: Eligible Borrower File, User Conduct Policy, Director's Station Training, Adobe 7, Other.
  7. Group Reports.
  8. Announcements and Information Sharing.

1) GL3.1: Testing in C Client and Implementation Schedule. J Client.

The next version of the Unicorn software, known as GL3.1, is available in the test system. The LIS Committee recommends performing this upgrade during the winter break. Systems will be seeking permission from the Cabinet to upgrade from 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 30 through 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 31, 2006.

Judy asked that the Groups start testing. All testers will need to test GL3.1 thoroughly and sign off by the ASC December 14, 2006 meeting. Please email Judy, Chris, Bob, and Tracey with problems and observations by that date. Bob asked that any problems discovered with testing be reported immediately so that problems can be addressed and fixed before we go live with the GL3.1 upgrade. Release notes for GL3.1 are posted to Staff Resources online. All testing will be done in the C client and not in the J client.

Standard testing assignments:

RUL will make the transition from the C client to the Unicorn J Client by June 2007. Judy asked what the staff training needs are in preparation for the transition from the C to J client. Based on the committee's feedback, a short-term J client training subgroup or task force will be created. This task force will examine general circulation issues and will cover functions such as how to look up item holds, pay bills, etc. The individual Groups will develop customized toolbars and set preferences for daily work.

Sirsi Webinar on Property Management in the J Client was made available on September 27, 2006 to the Access Services staff. Sirsi is making an attempt to bring in the good features from the C client to the J client and many fixes are being done. Bob reported that no new developments would take place in the C client. Many committee members voiced a concern about the lag time issue in the J client.

2) Patron File Update.

Bob Warwick, attending for Chris Sterback, shared that he is working on two major issues.

First, he is working on loading the Continuing Education Students in Unicorn. Bob is taking the necessary steps to do the first test with this group load. This is a new category of users who are enrolled in long-term CE programs at the University, and RUL has an obligation to take care of their needs. Richard Novak from the Continuous Education, Outreach and Distance Learning office is working with Systems/Libraries on this file load.

Second, Systems is looking at getting a user barcode file from the RU Connections office. These users are included in the weekly Admin Computing file; but the Admin Computing file does not have the libraries' patron barcodes. Systems department is trying to get the libraries' patron barcode into Unicorn from the RU Connection file.

Bob has received a sample test file from RUconnection that will be used to test the viability of loading RUIDs/SSNs in the UserID field in Unicorn. In the future we may want to look at the possibility of sending a file of changed barcodes back to the RU Connection office.

The committee members raised concerns about who will confirm the addresses, and how would we know when someone is using the card for the first time. Is a bulk email to everyone necessary? Should this be done when users ask for their pin numbers?

Bob also discussed the feature of the last load date in Unicorn. It helps to avoid loading duplicate records. Systems would drop a graduate record if a Faculty/Staff record exists for the same person.

Barry raised his concerns about the last load dates that are not current, e.g., 5/1/06 for patrons who have expiration dates of 11/2/07 and proposed that we expire such users when they come to our attention. Not doing so invites email notification problems. He raised the point because in doing the barred user list each morning, he frequently encountered users who have been BARRED it appears by staff because staff have noted that last load dates are not current for the user. However, there is usually no PUB-NOTE explaining why the user has been BARRED. Judy pointed out that there are concerns with the 10-month employees.

Should we have an automatic removal of expired users a few times a year? Judy liked the idea and will pursue this option in the future.

3) Billing and Delinquent Accounts: A Review of Revised and New Procedures.

Judy, Nita and Barry reported on the new procedures on billing and delinquent accounts. Because these documentations involve other departments, we asked Chris Sterback and Gracemary Smulewitz to review the procedures, and we thank them for their feedback and contributions.

The following new procedures were distributed and made available to all Access staff:

At the meeting, the ASC reviewed the new procedures and had an opportunity to ask questions. More discussions will take place with the billing staff at the next Billing Group meeting on October 25. Judy recommended that the Unit supervisors attend the next billing meeting because they are the back up for the unit's billing staff.

The Libraries have been preparing to send delinquent account letters to current faculty and staff. Sharon Carr of the University Delinquent Accounts Office had suggested that the first group to receive these letters should be current faculty and staff who have been delinquent with outstanding bills since July 2004. Marianne Gaunt will inform Philip Furmanski, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, about this process before the letters are sent out.

A few committee members raised questions about giving amnesty for recall fines. This issue should be discussed further. Another issue for future discussion is whether users should be placed on academic holds for recall fines. The Committee will review the recall and academic holds policies for RUL.

4) Capital Campaign

Judy asked the ASC for ideas for the Capital Campaign. The following ideas were discussed as possible Capital Campaign proposals:

  1. Self-Checkout Machines.
  2. State-of-the-art video conferencing equipment throughout the libraries system.
  3. Compact shelving for the Art Library.
  4. New automatic door at the Annex to the stacks area.
  5. New front doors and entrance at the Kilmer Library.
  6. HVAC system for Alexander Library.
  7. New Furniture Fund for all libraries, to purchase new study tables, chairs, and lounge furniture for public areas.
  8. New 3-M security gates/systems at all libraries.

After the meeting, the list was sent by Judy to Françoise Puniello, who thanked the committee and provided feedback on the proposals.

5) Gift Book Policy and Impact on Access Services.

Andy brought to the committee's attention the following guidelines and policies:

These polices and guidelines state that all book donations should be forwarded to Bob Sewell, the Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management, at 732/932-7505 (rgsewell@rci), for referral to an appropriate librarian. But, Andy said that if books are brought to a library circulation desk in person by a donor, the staff should not turn the donor away, although the donor has not contacted Bob Sewell. Instead, the staff should accept the books and be courteous to the donor.

6) Miscellaneous Updates: Eligible Borrower File, User Conduct Policy, Director's Station Training, Adobe 7, Other.

Eligible Borrowers File: Kudos to the Circulation Group for preparing this file, which we all liked.

User Conduct Policy: Recently, the User Conduct Policy was updated and made available. Staff should be aware that users should be engaged in appropriate use of the library (reading, studying, using library materials) and users should not harass others. Users should not engage in inappropriate behavior. Staff should use sound judgment and a professional approach when approaching a user about inappropriate behavior. If a staff member feels uncomfortable approaching a user engaged in inappropriate behavior, the staff may contact the RUPD and should fill out an incident report.

Director's Station Training: Some members of ASC attended Sirsi's training for Director's Station. The first round of the Director's Station training was a huge success; subsequent sessions are being planned and staff have been contacted by Chris, Bob and Tracey. Judy would like to see a reunion of those who have trained in Director's Station so that we can all stay at the forefront of using the new tool.

Adobe 7: Adobe 7 is available now. Darryl reported that we have the same number of licenses with the release of Adobe 7. He is working with Shevon Jackson on a distribution and implementation plan. The goal is to have the licenses replaced to tie in with the new copier and the U drive before mid-December.

Sakai: WebCT is being replaced with Sakai at RU. Newark users continue to use Blackboard. Everyone is encouraged to attend Sakai training at the University. Sakai will be used for some internal group communications.

7) Group Reports.

Billing: The Billing Group completed placing academic holds to block spring registration. 793 records were examined, and 632 holds were placed on 380 undergraduates, 163 graduates, and 89 alumni. Barry thanked all group members who completed this task in a timely manner. He emphasized that communication with the Delinquent Accounts Office is crucial for RUL staff. Barry always initiates contacts with the Office to make sure that RUL complies with the deadline.

Collection Management: The Collection Management Group is comparing lists of thesis items with last year's report and working with Gracemary Smulewitz. The Group reviewed procedures for in- process materials. The quarterly missing books reports for 7/1/06 – 10/4/06 will be produced and sent out this month. Work continues on transfer projects at Math. The Group had a discussion on items that have been treated for mold.

Reserves: The Reserves Group reported that summer reserves have been removed system-wide. The Group has updated the Reserve Service Guide for Faculty, which now includes an instruction that good quality paper is required for scanning. The permanent reserve at Alexander was removed.

Resource Sharing: The Resource Sharing Group members have joined the available SAKAI site. Any ASC members interested in joining the RSG SAKAI discussion forum should contact Katie. The next Group meeting is on October 24, 2006.

Security and Facilities: Recently, several individuals – both staff and users – were injured in the libraries. The Security and Facilities Group reported that public accidents are Risk Management issues and the Injury report form for students or public should be filled out. If a staff accident occurs, Occupational Safety Treatment forms must be filled by the library staff, and the injured staff member must go to the Hurtado Health Center. A future project is to work with Ann Butman on personal computer security issues.

Student Coordinators: The Student Coordinators Group has a major WebCT site and is discussing the implications for converting that content to SAKAI. Rose plans to meet with Eileen Stec at Douglass Library to see the possibilities for using CAPTIVATE for customer services interactive tutorials. The Group is also working on final versions of student job descriptions, and the Group reviewed manuals for payrolls and paycheck distribution procedures.

Dean: Dean's Circulation Group had its first meeting last month. Members learned about project management. Dean plans to make flow charts for use in the Claims Returns process.

8) Announcements and Information Sharing

Maggie from Dana thanked Barry for his help with placing academic holds. Staff are currently busy with shelf reading the collection at Dana.

Judy reported that there is a vacancy at LSM for Dave Warner's former position, and job applications are being received. In November following the ASC meeting, there will be a "Question Clarification and Referral" training for Dana staff and ASC members. Dean has reserved a van and will be the designated driver of the vanpool for the day.

Jeff from Alex reported that the McDonald books with molds came back. Some books still have an appearance of mold-like staining. This collection will have a note in the book record in IRIS and a stamp close to the barcode noting the condition of the book.

Andy talked about various transfer projects at Chemistry, Physics, Math, and the Annex.

Barry reported that Kilmer's new handicap accessible bathroom was ready last week.

Glenn from ILS informed the committee that a lending assistant position is currently posted. Recently, Glenn attended an ILL Management software demonstration, and he shared his learning experience with the committee. He also said that E-ZBorrow is supplying new PALCI bags for shipping.

Darryl from Imaging Services reminded everyone to check if they have the new network printing instructions. He is working on a promotion on color printing for which each color page costs 33 cents.

NEXT Meeting: Thursday, November 9, at Dana Library, Newark.

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