Minutes of November 9, 2006 meeting

Judy Gardner(chair), Zohreh Bonianan, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister(recorder), Nita Mukherjee , Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Darryl Voorhees, Chris Sterback, Roger Smith, Ann Watkins, Katie Anderson and Penny Weniger.
Holly Muller, Kristen Ko


  1. Billing: additional Updates from the Billing Group Meeting. (Judy, Barry)
  2. Requests and PIN#s. (Katie)
  3. Systems Upgrade, GL3.1 testing, Known Software Issues in Unicorn GL3.1
  4. Access Services Web Pages. Discussion
  5. Training Initiatives: Information Services, J Client
  6. Group Reports
  7. Information Sharing

1) Billing

Additional Updates from the Billing Group Meeting. (Judy, Barry)

Policy Memo- discussion and clarification on: A new Replacement copy from the publisher, Binding/Damage Charge, No refunds on Long Overdue materials.

2) Requests and PIN#s. (Katie)

The group discussed RSG topic of requiring users to enter a Pin when placing Requests in I-Link. The ASC recommends requiring a pin.

3) Systems Upgrade, GL3.1 testing, Known Software Issues in Unicorn GL3.1

Systems Upgrade-starting at 6pm Saturday 12/31/06-Sun 1/1/07

Testing-Known Issues for GL3.1 can be viewed at http://www.iris.rutgers.edu/docs/sirsidoc/relnotes/vgl31rn.pdf

J-Client training, our group will develop training for 3.1 in January with sessions held in February.

The Access Services & Systems Department Academic Calendar was reviewed and discussed

4) Access Services Web Pages.


5) Training Initiatives

Information Services, J Client

6) Group Reports

Circulation Group - Using Sakai to post announcements and email-announcements, although tests/quizzes are still problematic. They're testing GL3.1 and developing a standard toolbar for the access services service points.

Securities and Facilities Group - The November meeting has been cancelled. They're working with Anne Butman on setting up a PC Security Brown Bag Lunch.

Collection Management Group - The November meeting has been cancelled. They're working on procedures for IN-PROCESS/Notify items. They're planning for shifts at both the Chemistry and Physics Libraries.

Resource Sharing Group - The October meeting was held utilizing teleconferencing at 5 sites. They're working on testing GL3.1 and the Holdshelf Inventory reports are now running for most libraries.

Reserve Group - They're now using local Reserve-users for emailing for notification all reserve staff with one single email address. One message from a Faculty member/web page inquiry will get distributed to all Reserve staff at the unit. They tested a new scanner for Imaging Services. They have Sakai training session set up to train staff on how to link to Sakai links directly from E-reserve.

Billing Group-Working on Lost-Paid documentation

Student Supervisor's Group-no report

7) Information Sharing

Judy - Meeting with RU-Student governments.

Michele - (via email) Interviewing for Dave Warner's position. They're sending over 100 boxes out to Better World Books. LSM has now weeded 34,127 items from the LSM collection. A shift in Bound Per is underway. New Stack Guidelines have been posted on the second floor.

Chris - 3 staff retired in TAS, Director's station training is progressing, the 180 day assumed lost notices for items due May 12, 2006 have gone out.

Penny - The Welcome desk is no longer staffed at the Douglass Library

Glenn - Posting on ILLIAD looking at Relay on Sirsi/Dynix

Katie - Shipping update on Camden to NB Campus mail

Jeff - It's been busy. They've been searching the items currently checked out to the CS users, in an attempt to clean up the records.

Roger - LSM UmdNJ line close to being filled. Krista is still covering at Physics.Bill and Kevin are still helping out at Kilmer. Ivy's Plus is scheduled for March 15/16 and RUL is hosting it.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_06_11_09.shtml
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